Hitman 3 Silent Assassin guide for Colorado

Colorado is a state of the United States It’s divided into 64 counties, and there are over 700 named municipalities in Colorado

The “hitman colorado ” is a guide for the game Hitman 3: Silent Assassin The guide includes maps, tips and tricks along with other helpful information.

The Freedom Fighters task in Colorado is the most difficult of all the locales from the Hitman reboot trilogy’s first game. To escape unharmed, you must kill four targets and utilize a particular exit. This tutorial will show you how to finish the assignment as a silent assassin


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The Colorado map has all of the information you want. It’s also a good idea to pack a quiet handgun, like as the Krugermeier 2-2 Dark, plus some cash in case you speed past anything you need. The basic beginning place outside of the farm is what we’ve utilized.

Step 1: Put on your disguise and plan two assassinations.

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Vault into the farm from your starting point via the opening in the fence. You should notice two soldiers chatting near a generator ahead of you. Turn off the generator to distract a soldier, but then turn it back on before returning to cover. Subdue the soldier, pull him back to the container at the gap you vaulted over, dump his corpse, and steal his disguise when the soldier investigates.

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Then you must dash to the neighboring metal shed, where two NPCs are lazily walking about. In the corner, near the bathroom door, there’s some rat poison. Pick it up and throw it on the table behind you to contaminate the water. Before you poison it, make sure there aren’t any NPCs observing you. This shed’s location may be seen on the map below.

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Run to the top-left corner of the North Orchard region on the map as you wait for the NPC to take the poison. You’ll need to subjugate an NPC in this area. This place is shown on the map below.

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An area with computers and technicians may be found in this corner. A faucet and a container where corpses may be dumped are located behind here, near the gate. Turn on the faucet to get a technician to come over to it and turn it off. Subdue them and toss their corpse in the container when they do. There’s a potential a guard may investigate as well, in which case you’ll have to repeat the process.

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Because they drop an Interpol emblem, you’ll know you’ve subdued the proper NPC. This item is necessary for subsequently murdering one of your targets. The NPC in the shed should be poisoned by the time you finish this. Return to the shed and enter the bathroom, where they should be puking.

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Take the NPC’s disguise and toss their corpse out the window after subduing them. Then chase them down and dump their bodies in a container behind the building. You’ve got everything you’ll need to take out three of your targets.

Step 2: With only one battering ram, you can get two kills.

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The disguise you’re wearing is for a figure named Pointman, and it grants you access to almost every part of the farm. To set off an event, go to the enormous red shed where a training exercise is taking place and talk to one of your targets. She’ll tell you to go to the briefing room and call over another of your targets. This building’s location may be found on the map below.

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Listen to the briefing and participate in the training to see the event through. Your targets will stroll over to the limo after the training to discuss what transpired. Before disarming the battering ram’s safety, wait till they’re not staring at you. This is accomplished by pushing the ram’s button.

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Then, while the training exercise was in progress, walk to the area where your targets were standing. Wait until the targets are standing side by side before pressing the battering ram button. Both of your targets will be killed as a result of this. Before continuing on, pick up the key that the target has dropped.

Step 3: Toss a target into the abyss.

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Penelope Graves is the third person to be killed. She’s escorted by a group of guards around the property. To get her to relocate to the tar pit, approach her wherever she is and chat to her. You should hurry over to meet her and strike up a discussion with her. A map of the tar pit may be seen below.

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You’ll need to talk with the target once more, and after you’re done, she’ll tell her guards to depart. Wait until they’ve reached the outside of the region and no one is paying attention to the target. Push her over the fence and into the tar pit after that.

Step 4: A thrilling conclusion

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The last objective needs considerable preparation, beginning with obtaining a propane flask from the enormous red shed. A geographical reference for the flask may be seen above. Run over to the chemical shed beside the huge house on this map after you have it. This place is shown on the map below.

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Place your propane flask toward the rear of the shed, slightly away from the shed. Your final target will stroll in and out of the shed on patrol, with one guard positioned at the rear window and one inside. Use a diversion to lure the outer guard into the dense grass and overpower him while the target isn’t nearby. Then, using the fusebox as a decoy, lure the guard inside out and overpower him as well.

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Now is the time to transport both corpses to the neighboring container. The target has a proclivity for spotting hidden corpses. It’s time to get the propane flask out of the garage and into the shed. Place the flask beside the trailer, on top of the toolbox, so you can see it from the street. Then take the wrench from the toolbox and tamper with the bigger flask near the chemical apparatus.

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This kill has been initiated, but the victim will take some time to return. So exit the potting shed and make your way around the rear of the farm to the smaller potting shed. This place is shown on the map below.

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A guard will arrive and stand outside this shed at some point. Use the radio to entice them inside, but remain outside the window until they arrive. Subdue them and seize their disguise as they enter and switch off the radio. Dump their corpse out the window and into the neighboring container.

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Using instinct, keep an eye on where your ultimate objective is. You still have time to slip past the camera over the rear entrance of the home and proceed upstairs if they haven’t returned to the chemical shed. Keep an eye out for the guard who can see right through your disguise as you enter the hacker’s chambers. This area has a 3D printer that you must activate. Wait for all of the NPCs to turn away before activating it. This will notify everyone around, so dash downstairs, slip by the front door’s camera, and go for the chemical shed.

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Wait for the target to get close to the equipment before shooting the propane flask twice through the glass of the chemical shed. Although this will kill your last target, it is not yet time to go.

Step 5: Put on a mask and leave.

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Because the explosion will make a lot of disturbance, take your time returning to the main home. Enter the basement via a door directly under the stairs with the key you got from your target earlier. If you want an easy getaway, you’ll need to overpower a guard in the basement, so distract them from behind a corner and throw their corpse in a container.

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Most guards should have returned to their places by the time you finish this. Return upstairs to get the 3D printed mask from the printer you activated earlier. If you don’t want to hurry, you may accomplish all of this after you’ve killed your last target. Return to the basement and use it on the face recognition scan to complete the job.

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