Hitman 3 Season of Lust Roadmap – Elusive Targets, Featured Contracts, and more

Hitman 3 is the latest installment in the Hitman franchise and the tenth game in the series. The game is scheduled for release in early November 2018 and will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game will feature an immersive story, a wide range of targets and assassination methods, and a lot of player choice.

Agent 47 is on the hunt again! After the events of Hitman 2, 47 is forced to take on his most dangerous targets as the game shifts into its second season. This guide will give you an idea of the new contracts that will be available to you.

The Hitman 3 Season of Lust Roadmap is an ongoing Hitman community project to create an expansive roadmap for Hitman 3: HITMAN™ and its future content. Because of the game’s episodic nature, this roadmap was created to help players plan their playtime, with each episode of the roadmap representing a significant period of time in the overall narrative.. Read more about hitman 3 elusive targets and let us know what you think.

The Hitman 3 Season of Lust trailer shows a familiar array of new and returning Hitman 3 content coming in the coming weeks. It is, however, much bigger than the previous two seasons, with a new permanent objective and more interesting randomized material.

July 27th is the start of the Lust Season.

The fourth act in the Season of Sin Collection is Season of Lust. The Scarlet Suit, The Serpent’s Bite remote explosive, and The Serpent’s Tongue Crossbow are among the new prizes in Hitman 3: The Lust Assignation. Players will need to follow clues throughout the redesigned version of Berlin to locate them and destroy their secrets, which are hidden away in safes, in this expansion’s Escalation.

From July 27 to August 8, you may play for free in Marrakech.

Owners of Hitman 3 or the free starter edition will be able to play the main mission and its related tasks in the Marrakech setting from Hitman 2016 for around two weeks. With hundreds of NPCs on-screen and some of the most famous disguises in the whole Hitman reboot trilogy, this location is one of the most spectacular from the original Hitman reboot game.

The Heartbreaker is an Elusive Target that runs from July 30 to August 9.

Image courtesy of IO Interactive

This season’s first Elusive Target is a brand-new one for Hitman 3. Players will be entrusted with assassinating The Heartbreaker, a guy who has built a career by marrying and murdering very rich ladies, in Mendoza. Agent 47’s mission is to keep him from adding another unfortunate person to his to-do list.

The Dartmoor Garden Show will take place on August 5th.

hitman-3-july-patch-notesImage courtesy of IO Interactive

The Dartmoor Garden Show is a new permanent event that will be available in Hitman 3. It will begin as an Escalation, in which players must locate and assassinate randomized targets during the exhibition who are caring for their world-class gardens. The Summer Sightseeing Suit is unlocked after completing the Escalation once. But there’s more to this story.

In Deterministic Mode, you may reset the event and resume it from a fresh beginning point after it’s finished. This option disables the game’s randomness, allowing you complete control over who survives and dies throughout the garden display.

Finally, the event will introduce gamers to a fresh new area where they may create their own Contracts. These will be added to the Contracts menu as distinct missions on the unique map, increasing the season’s new mission’s potential replayability.

A House Built on Sand is available for free from August 12 to 22.

In Hitman 3, the second play for free phase of the season, players return to Marrakech, but this time at night. A House Built on Sand is a Hitman 2016 bonus task that radically alters the setting. Despite the fact that everything seems to be familiar, there is a new main objective and set of options to accomplish here. It also corresponds to the season’s second Elusive Target.

Shack News has produced the first set of Featured Contracrs for this season. Expect the unexpected with these assignments, which are all centered on desire but up to interpretation.

The Perplexing Target The Entertainer runs from August 20 through August 30.

hitman-3-entertainerImage courtesy of IO Interactive

The Entertainer is a resurrected Elusive Target from Hitman 2016’s Marrakech bonus mission. The target may be seen roaming the streets of Marrakech and is very difficult to locate. You’ll have to track him down, murder him, and steal his customer list. For those playing for free, the objective will be accessible for a two-day period.

The Hitman player base is once again selecting the second round of Featured Contracts from a pool of submissions. These Contracts will all be based on the subject of desire, and anybody is welcome to create a mission and submit it to IO Interactive for consideration by August 26.

RubyRube’s SMG Raptor and ICA 19 Goldballer

This season, two new weapons have been introduced to Hitman 3: the RubyRube SMG Raptor and the ICA 19 Goldballer. Each has its unique set of unlocking criteria, and both are worth pursuing this season for any die-hard Hitman 3 enthusiast.


Hitman 3 is out, and we have a couple of new details to share with you regarding the upcoming title and Season of Lust. A few weeks ago we shared the exact Release Date for the game, alongside our first trailer, which you can check out above. Today, we also have some additional details regarding the game’s story, the Contracts system, Elusive Targets, Agent 47’s costumes, and more.. Read more about hitman 3 may roadmap 2021 and let us know what you think.

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