Hitman 3: How to complete Black Gold Eye on Dubai

are fifteen different assassination attempts in Dubai in Hitman 3, and Carl Ingram’s punch to the face of his tanker model is one of the best. The process is long, because there is a lot of waiting, but in the end it is worth it. If you want to take on this challenge quickly, here’s how to take on the Kill Shellac in Dubai challenge in Hitman 3.

You can start at any level of complexity in the atrium lobby. No additional equipment is required. Watch the video below for a visual inspection or scroll down for written instructions.

Hitman 3: How to make the black golden eye in Dubai

  • Dressed up as a killer.
  • Talk to Omar’s assistant and meet Carl Ingram.
  • Destroy Hans Sky and photograph his body.
  • Show the photo to Omar’s assistant.
  • Destroy Karl in his room while he sits at his desk.

Acquire killer camouflage

Starting in the Atrium lobby, go up the stairs and turn right. Keep going until you get to the killer who refuses to be searched. The reason is he’s hiding a gun. When the mission progress bar is near zero, go to the garden on the other side of the room.

The killer’s coming your way. At this point you should drop a coin on the ground and check it. Take his disguise, but don’t forget to take off your weapon if you have to go through the search process. Don’t worry about hiding the body, nobody’s going in there.

Talk to Omar’s assistant and meet Carl.

Then go back to the place where the man refused to be searched. Take the tap down, then go up the stairs and talk to the woman. She thanks you for accepting the minutes and asks you to follow her. She takes you to the briefing room where you have a short conversation with Carl and are given a short assignment. Karl wants you to take out a reporter named Hans Lucht who is too curious for his own good.

Destroy Hans Lücht and photograph his body

Go back to the atrium lobby and you should see a man with a burgundy coat and glasses. Talk to Mr. Air and he’ll start following you. Take him to a secluded place for submission and take a picture of his body. I chose a bathroom nearby, it’s a safe place where no one goes.

Show photo for Omar’s assistant

Now go back to the reception near the meeting room and show the woman the photo. She’s taking you to Carl’s room, which takes a long time so be patient. When you get up there, talk to Carl and he will clear the room. At this point, go to the next room and toss a coin in the corner to get the keeper’s attention. Submit Carl’s guards and then quickly return to him.

Carl Ingram eliminate and full black eye

While Carl is at his desk, you can approach him from behind and smash his face into his dummy oiler. The clue must be that you have taken up the challenge of killing Shellac in Dubai.

You can hide the two bodies in the closet behind Carl to maintain your status as a secret assassin. Feel free to disguise Carl’s bodyguard if you need him to summon the chameleon. That’s all there is. Have fun!

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