Hitman 3 Featured Contract – Free the Stairs! Silent Assassin guide

In this guide, we will teach you how to complete the silent assassin contract “Free the Stairs!” in Hitman 3.

The “hitman 2: Silent Assassin walkthrough” is a guide that includes the entire path of the game. It starts with Agent 47’s first mission and ends with his final hit on an arms dealer

Agent 47 is tasked with assassinating three guards around the Dartmoor location’s three major stairs in the Featured Contract Free the Stairs! While it may seem simple at first, this assignment may be quite difficult without a guide, which is why we’ve put up this one to assist you complete it with a Silent Assassin rating.


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The Coin is the only item in your loadout that is required. We packed the Goldballer silent pistol and Guru’s Emetic Grenade to give a few extra alternatives, but you may want to bring your own for any tricky circumstances. You may start from the library and obtain the disguise along the way, making this job much easier, but you can also start from the main road and collect the disguise along the way for a purist run.

Step 1: Get your first kill by clearing interference.

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Once you’ve entered the mansion, look for the two objectives at the top of the main staircase leading to the upper walkway. One on each side, with one NPC monitoring the balcony and another patrolling the passage behind them from the same room. To make things simpler for you, overpower the guard in the hallway and conceal his corpse in the wardrobe so he doesn’t see you.

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To kill one of these targets, just toss a coin onto the railing above the stairwell. This will attract the guard’s attention, allowing you to shove them over the edge. Make sure the guard patrolling the same room can’t see you, otherwise you’ll end up fighting them. At some time, Alexa Carlisle will patrol the area, so keep an eye out for her as she goes about.

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It doesn’t matter whatever target you start with; nonetheless, you should leave the location as quickly as possible and proceed left to the target on the level above. This is because guards will begin hunting for a murderer around the first corpse, making murdering a second victim more difficult right immediately.

Step 2: Perform the flip technique once more.

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The goal on the level above is also near an edge where you may flip a coin to attract them and push them over. If the diversion isn’t enough to get them near enough to the edge, you may knock them out and murder them by dumping their corpse over it. The kill will still be considered an accident, thus you’ll keep your Silent Assassin rating.

Step 3: Return to the stairwell for your last kill.

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The last objective is located where the previous one was. They’ll be on the other side of the path from you. You should be able to divert their attention to the stairwell’s edge and hurl them over. The patrolling NPC in this chamber, on the other hand, may make things tough. It could be simpler to lead them into the passage behind them and use the silenced handgun to drop a chandelier on their heads. You may also murder them and bury their bodies in this corridor’s wardrobe. You might potentially poison them if you’re not sure. If pushing the victim over the cliff n’t work use the approach that you find easiest to obtain this last kill.

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After you’ve slain this last target, you may utilize any exit to go out. Going to the restroom, vaulting out the window, sliding down to the ground, and walking away is the safest way to depart.

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The “hitman 2: silent assassin missions ” is a guide that offers players an in-depth look at the game’s missions. The mission walkthrough will help players complete the challenging Silent Assassin Contracts.

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