Hitman 3 Escalation – The Pasquel Consortium Silent Assassin guide

The Silent Assassin is the first new mission in the game since the introduction of Watch Dogs 2 in 2016. It is also the first mission in the game that can be played co-operatively. This means that there will be two possible playable characters: Agent 47 and a second Agent.

If you’re a fan of Hitman 3 on PS4, you’ll most likely be pleased with the improvements which come with the Escalation DLC, especially since it is the first patch to be released on the game. This guide will give you full access to all the gameplay improvements, and the strategies that you can use to complete the game with a high level of difficulty.

Hitman 3 Escalation – The Pasquel Consortium silent assassin guide. Read more about hitman 3 Silent Assassin suit only and let us know what you think.

Paskel Consortium is the new escalation for Mendoza in Hitman 3. You must complete three levels, each with increasing demands beyond your CIA assassin skills. Some unique aspects of the region are used here, so knowing Mendoza is essential. In this guide, we’ll explain how to complete Escalation as a Silent Assassin and get the highest score possible.


This escalation limits your options, so you’ll have to work with Agent 47’s camera and nothing else to handle the situation. This restriction applies to all levels, so don’t forget to take helpers with you to help you through the next levels.


Screenshot In the first level, your task is to get the receiver, and without the sniper team, pacify or destroy it. These are the guards in the upper left corner of the map, standing on a large metal structure. From the respawn point, go forward and to the right. This will lead you to the metal structure where the sniper team is located. Run to the right of the building and to the right of the guard standing on the stairs. He can’t see you. Sneak behind the container he’s leaning against, lean on the other side, take him down and subdue him. You can leave her body here. Screenshot word-image-12570 Pick up the gun the guard dropped and put on his suit. Now you have to go up the stairs and enter the building at the back of the complex. Watch out for the guard walking around, because he can see your disguise. Use the lying around material as cover as you move around it. You can enter this building through an open window. Screenshot word-image-12571 In this building there is a horn on a table. The image below shows the window at the left side, which you have to pass to enter the building. Screenshot word-image-12572 Run to the door at your right side with the phone in your hand. You now have two targets to destroy, so it’s time to split them up. Each of them appears on your map, so you don’t have to search for them. To do this, you must use Agent 47’s camera to scan the targets, after which he will order the sniper team to kill them. The first target is directly behind the area with a large metal structure. He was leaning against the car. Scan it and you’ll get a prompt to remove it. Screenshot word-image-12573 The second objective is to patrol the upper garden. Wait until he walks left into the area, then walk past him and scan his face. When the scan is complete, Agent 47 will give the kill order. As with the first body, this is considered an accident, so there is no need to hide the body. Screenshot word-image-12574 The plug you need to use is a boat. Here you will return to the point where you started the mission. It’s near the dock and the shack on the water that should be to your left, in the direction your second target went when you scanned it. Go to the boat and you can start the next level.

Level 2

Screenshot word-image-12575 The second stage raises the level considerably. You have to kill four targets, and this time you n’t change disguises – you can’t take out the first guard, who uses his disguise to sneak up on you now. All other things being equal, we must reuse the receiver to eliminate all targets. The main difference in this level is that you start with an earpiece, so you don’t have to run to the building where you found it before to get it. From the spawn, go through the lavender bushes and go to the first target, a guard leaning against a car. You can see his face discreetly from the bushes, so this target is easy to destroy. The second objective is also the same as that of the first phase. Go to the upper garden and stay in the bushes. Scan the guard’s face, give the kill order, and the target is eliminated. The next target is in the residential area. To go upstairs, turn left to avoid the patrolling guards and go up the stairs. There’s a guard at the door here, so wait until he’s gone before you go up. After a while the guard will turn left. If he does, sneak up on him from behind and overpower him. You can pick up his key to open the door to the mansion, but there’s a better way from here. Screenshot word-image-12576 To the right of where the guard was standing when you overpowered him, there are several ledges you can climb up and hang from. Follow them until you have gone through the wall and reached the ground on the other side. This prevents many shifts. Screenshot word-image-12577 Follow the wall to the end and you’ll come to another ledge that you can climb. Climb up, go to the right and climb over the wall. You end up in the bushes, where no one can see you. Try to do it without the guards seeing you. Otherwise, everything can be ruined. The third target is then on the left. Scan his face from the bushes, but wait until the guard on your right passes your position in the bushes before giving the kill order. That way the guard is distracted from the body and won’t get in your way. This makes it much easier to move forward. Screenshot word-image-12578 To reach the final destination go to the stairs leading to the villa and keep right. That way you can stay in the bushes most of the way. To the right of these steps is a drainpipe which you have to climb. Reach it and climb on the roof. Be careful and watch for people leaving the building. If so, you can be seen walking up the stairs. Screenshot word-image-12579 Below is a link to the map of this drain. Screenshot word-image-12580 The last target is on the balcony above this roof. But you can only scan his face when you’re on the balcony with him. Go to the balcony and scan his face, but make sure there are two guards in the room to your right. Stay out of sight. After you scan his face, you can give the kill order and move on. Screenshot word-image-12581 Now, there are two ways out of this. First: You can retrace your steps. It’s safe and simple. However, you can also go through the stairwell door at your right when going down the drainpipe. This is a door you could have used earlier, but instead our path through the wall went over several ledges. If you want to do that, wait until the guards turn around. One will lean on the right wall and the other will patrol the left wall. Then you can move forward and go through the door. Get in the same boat to get out of the level. Screenshot word-image-12582

Level 3

The third step of this escalation changes everything. You now have to hide all the dead bodies before you can complete the mission. They also can’t destroy non-targets, although that hasn’t been a problem yet. There is also an additional target, bringing the total number of targets at this level to five. Screenshot word-image-12583 At the starting point, go to the right side of the hut and take the fish. This will come in handy later. Now go back to the first target, but turn on the radio to the left of the car before repeating the process to kill it. Wait until he’s in the bushes to give the kill order, and his body will automatically be hidden. Screenshot word-image-12584 For the second target in the upper garden, wait until all other NPCs have retreated, then throw a fish to lure him into the bushes. Now you can scan and kill it, just like before. Screenshot word-image-12585 Pick up the fish and the weapon from the second target, then go back to the stairs leading to the mansion. Unfortunately, you can’t take out the guard this time. Wait until he walks away from the door, then sneak up behind him to reach the ledge. From there, walk along the wall again and jump over it like you did on level 2. Scan the target once you get here. Kill this target like you did in level 2. His body automatically disappeared into the puddle of water behind him. Now go back to the drainpipe and climb in when no one is looking. Instead of killing the fourth target on level 2 first, kill a new target – cross the roof to the opposite balcony where the guard is sitting. You need time to see his face before he fully initiates you, so break the line of sight before the yellow indicator is full. Give the order to kill him as soon as possible and leave his body for now. If the projectile hits the target precisely and the body is thrown onto the roof, it is automatically covered. Screenshot word-image-12586 Go back to the opposite balcony. There must be a target and a non-target. Wait for the non-target to come back in, stand on the balcony, follow him and take him out. Hide his body in the closet in this room, then get the body of the fifth target on the balcony and hide it in a drawer. Finally, you can scan the last target and order a shot to kill it. Hide her body in the room and then you can come out. You can go back the way you came, or use the second door we talked about in level 2. When you leave this door, remember that you haven’t mastered the guard outside the door at this level yet, so he may notice you if you leave without thinking. Screenshot word-image-12587You have the entire Hitman franchise at your disposal, but you can only play one at a time. When you start a new game, you choose from a variety of locations and scenarios to play through, and then the Agent chooses their own targets and decides their targets will reply to their requests. The game is tied together through Contracts, which are randomly-generated missions that can take a few seconds to a few hours to complete. These contracts are the bread and butter of the game: they serve to replay levels, but also serve as side missions and extra challenges.. Read more about hitman 3 untouchable sniper assassin and let us know what you think.

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