Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Black Hat Silent Assassin guide

It is normal for a game to have more than one Silent Assassin target, but which is the best target to go after in the 3rd Hitman game? We have looked into what targets are available, how they differ from each other, and what you can do to score yourself some sweet points!

Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Black Hat silent assassin guide: Following the successful release of Hitman 3 elusive target the media is in a frenzy to understand how to complete the elusive target. And for the most part, the guides are inaccurate, leaving the reader unable to understand the mission or successfully complete it.

The Hitman series has always been about stealth and, often, spectacular assassinations. But, after years in the making, Hitman 3: Elusive Targets (or HITMAN 3: BHSA for short) is almost a completely different game. If you’re a fan of the series, this might not be a good thing. But, for newcomers and those who haven’t experienced the brilliance of the series, it’s time to get to know this new HITMAN, which is almost a game of it’s own.

Hat is an elusive target that first appeared in Hitman 2. The mission is now available in Hitman 3, and takes place in the same location as the original game namely Paris. In this mission you have to take down a hacker who is responsible for committing a high-profile hack during a fashion show. No image of the target is known, making this elusive target much more difficult than previous projects like Iconoclast. In this guide, you will learn how to kill your target and complete a mission with the rank of Silent Assassin

Fugitive target warning

Before we go any further, it is important to remember that you only have one chance to complete this task. Once you start the game, you will be warned that you cannot restart the game once you start performing tasks, such as B. Kill a target. We recommend that you take our route a few times without killing the target. Reach each point and then move to the exit to get a feel for the more challenging areas of the map. Once you feel comfortable, you can begin.


Screenshot This road has a certain charge. First of all: Don’t arm yourself with a weapon. There is a reason for this, which you will understand later. The only items you need to bring are a briefcase, a coin and a modern lethal syringe. Once you have them equipped, you can begin the task. The starting point is on the red carpet for the event.

Step 1: Receiving an invitation

Run from the starting position to the main entrance. Take a modern lethal syringe out of your briefcase for the road, it will save you time later. When you enter, you have to go through the opening on the right side of the stairs. Once through, turn right and go through the door, then right again and go through the first door as if you had turned your back. If you go through the second door, you’ll see the only door to the bathroom. Screenshot word-image-1569 Go to the bathroom and let yourself in. That’s what we need to get to the top without raising suspicion.

Step 2: Top floor

If you have the invitation in your hand, you should go outside. Exit the bathroom to the right, turn right again and go through the door on your left at the end of the corridor. This leads to the bar, from where you can enter the terrace. Screenshot word-image-1570 Step off the terrace and walk across the property until you reach the door leading in. This door is guarded, but you can walk through it with an invitation in your hand. Screenshot word-image-1571 Once inside, turn right when you reach the guard at the end of the corridor. You will see a ladder with two other guards on it. You have to show your invitation again to go upstairs. Screenshot word-image-1572 If you go up the stairs, you’ll see another staircase. Yeah, that’s where we’re going. However, this is a test area. If you pick up anything that may arouse the suspicion of security personnel, drop it before you are searched. This is also where the guards will check your suitcase, so make sure you take out a lethal syringe. Screenshot word-image-1573

Step 3: Top floor

At the top of the stairs, go through the door behind the NPC staff on your left. This is a burglary area, so try not to be seen or caught. Go through the attic to the first guard standing by the window. Screenshot word-image-1574 This area is a maze, so below is a link to a map for this guard. Screenshot word-image-1575 Eliminate the guard with the briefcase. Get the disguise and the gun from the guard, then get the suitcase. Now you need to go to a nearby table and get a wrench. Screenshot word-image-1576 Go through the door to the right and once in the next room to the left. You pass several leaves hanging down and obstructing your view. Screenshot word-image-1577 In the next room, there are two lunatics. If you’re not careful, those guards will see through your disguise. You must hide in this area by the statue and wait for the bald NPC to leave. Move around the statue without being seen. When the bald cop leaves, wait for the other guard to turn around. If he does, throw a suitcase or a key at him to subdue him. Leave his body and everything else where it fell. Screenshot word-image-1578 When the bald NPC enters the room, he stares at the nearby window for a moment. It’s a chance to clean up. Calm him down, then drag his body to the back corner, by the statue. Do the same with the first overpowered guard and pick up what he dropped. Screenshot word-image-1579 You now have to go through the door at the end of this room, but it is guarded by a camera. Run to him, but wait until he goes all the way to the left. You can sneak to the door through the room on the right. You might notice the camera, but we’ll talk about that later. Go below the line of sight. If you stay there too long, you’ll stand out, and nobody wants that. Make sure you stand to the right of the door, so no one in the next room will see you when the door opens. Screenshot word-image-1580 When you’re in the right place, unlock the door, open it and toss a coin into the corner of the room to your left. This will expose the enforcer. However, the camera remains a problem. Stand around the line of sight, to the right of the camera. There are several chairs here, and if you sit down among them, you can do so without being caught by an NPC or a camera. Screenshot word-image-1582 When the guard passes, throw the suitcase on his head to subdue him. Pick up everything he drops, and then get his body out of sight of the camera. Make sure she doesn’t see it, even if she turns both ways. If you’re lucky, it always falls out of sight. Screenshot word-image-1584

Step 4: Target

Fortunately, the target is in the next room. He’s the NPC with the white shirt. He has a taste for a certain kind of jam, and we’re going to use it against him. He comes up to her and stays there for a while. If he is near you, with his back to you, and the other NPC is near you, with his back to you, use the advanced kill shot to kill him. NPCs shouldn’t behave like this. When this happens, wait until the target is distracted, then overpower the other NPCs in the room and kill the target with whatever means you have. Screenshot word-image-1586 Then use the wrench to shoot the other NPC in the room. We don’t need him to see the body and cause trouble. The monitoring equipment is kept in the same room. Destroy the system and your rank as an assassin will be restored. Screenshot word-image-1587

Step 5: Output

Leaving the mission is easy enough. You have to go back the way you came in. The only difference is that when you leave the loft, you have to put your Agent 47 suit back on. You need this suit to get through all the areas you passed through on the way out. Screenshot word-image-1588 Exit every exit. The main entrance is a good option, but there are many others if you want variety.Games like Hitman 3: Elusive Target are difficult, if not impossible, to master. However, the game gives you the opportunity to actually learn by example. This guide will show you how to use the game’s tutorial to master the basics of the game.. Read more about hitman 3 levels and let us know what you think.

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