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New Discounts:


The Wedding ceremony Shroud by Elisabeth Storrs

In 406 BC, to seal a tenuous truce, the young Roman Caecilia is wedded to Vel Mastarna, an Etruscan nobleman from Veii. Leaving her militaristic homeland, Caecilia is decided to stay true to Roman virtues while dwelling among the sinful Etruscans. However, regardless of her greatest intentions, she is seduced by a culture which presents ladies schooling, independence, sexual freedom and an empowering faith. Enchanted by Veii, but fearful of dropping ties to Rome, Caecilia performs rites to delay turning into a mom, thereby postponing true entanglement. Yet as she develops an sudden love for Mastarna, she is torn between her birthplace and the town by which she now lives.

The Wedding ceremony Shroud is the first ebook within the Tales of Historic Rome collection and was judged runner-up in the 2012 Sharp Writ Books Award for common fiction.

99 cents on Kindle via 5/31


The Golden Dice by Elisabeth Storrs

Throughout a bitter siege between Rome and the Etruscan metropolis of Veii, three ladies comply with very totally different paths to survive.

Caecilia,  Roman born but Etruscan wed, forsakes Rome to return to her Etruscan husband, Vel Mastarna, exposing herself to the enmity of his individuals while figuring out the Romans will give her a traitor’s dying if Veii falls. Semni, a reckless Etruscan servant within the Home of Mastarna, embroils herself in schemes that threaten Caecilia’s son and Semni’s own probability for love. Pinna, a destitute Roman prostitute, makes use of coercion to realize the attention of Rome’s biggest common on the danger of betraying Caecilia’s cousin.

Each lady struggles to protect herself and people whom she loves in a darkish cycle of struggle. What should they do to challenge Destiny? And can they ever stay in peace again?

99 cents on Kindle via 5/31


Name to Juno by Elisabeth Storrs

4 unforgettable characters are tested during a conflict between Rome and Etruscan Veii.

Caecilia has long been torn between her birthplace of Rome and her adopted city of Veii. But confronted with mounting hazard to her husband, youngsters, and Etruscan freedoms, will her name to destroy Rome succeed?

Pinna has clawed her means from prostitute to the concubine of the Roman basic Camillus. Deeply in love, can she exert her own power to outlive the threat of publicity by those that know her sordid previous?

Semni, a servant, seeks forgiveness for a past betrayal. Will she redeem herself so she will marry the person she loves?

Marcus, a Roman tribune, is stricken by unrequited love for an additional soldier. Can he find power to decide on between his cousin Caecilia and his constancy to Rome?
Who will overcome the treachery of mortals and gods?

99 cents on Kindle via 5/31


Daughter of Sand and Stone by Libbie Hawker

When Zenobia takes control of her personal fate, will the gods punish her audacity?

Zenobia, the proud daughter of a Syrian sheikh, refuses to marry towards her will. She gained’t submit to a lifetime of subservience. When her father dies, she units out on her own, pursuing the facility she believes to be her birthright, dreaming of the Roman Empire’s downfall and her ascendance to the throne.

Defying her family, Zenobia arranges her own marriage to probably the most influential man in the city of Palmyra. However their union is something but peaceable—his different wife begrudges the marriage and the delivery of Zenobia’s son, and Zenobia finds herself ever extra drawn to her guardsman, Zabdas. As warfare breaks out, she’s confronted with terrible decisions.

From the decadent halls of Rome to the golden sands of Egypt, Zenobia fights for energy, for love, and for her son. However will her hubris draw the wrath of the gods? Will she study a “woman’s place,” or can she finally stake her claim as Empress of the East?

99 cents on Kindle by means of 5/ 31


Tidewater by Libbie Hawker

A clash of want and hatred, of friendship and worry, of stark ambition and determined survival.

In 1607, three ships arrive on the coast of Virginia to determine Jamestown Colony. Their solely hope of survival lies with the Powhatan tribe. John Smith is aware of this. He is aware of, too, that the Powhatans would quite see the English starve to demise than yield their homeland to invaders. In the midst of this wrestle, Pocahontas, the daughter of the good chief, forges an unlikely friendship with Smith. Their bond preserves a cautious peace—however as each seeks to satisfy their own ambitions, their delicate truce begins to crack. Soon the colonists and Powhatans are locked in battle, and Pocahontas should select between power and servitude—between self and sacrifice—for the sake of her individuals and her land.

99 cents on UK Kindle by way of 5/31


The Ragged Fringe of Night time by Olivia Hawker (Libbie Hawker)

For fans of All of the Mild We Can’t See, Beneath a Scarlet Sky, and The Nightingale comes an emotionally gripping, superbly written historical novel about extraordinary hope, redemption, and one man’s search for mild in the course of the darkest occasions of World Struggle II.

Germany, 1942. Franciscan friar Anton Starzmann is stripped of his place on the planet when his faculty is seized by the Nazis. He relocates to a small German hamlet to wed Elisabeth Herter, a widow who seeks a marriage—in identify only—to a person who may help increase her three youngsters. Anton seeks one thing too—atonement for failing to guard his younger students from the wrath of the Nazis. However neither he nor Elisabeth expects their lives to be shaken once once more by the inescapable rumble of warfare.

As Anton struggles to adapt to the roles of husband and father, he learns of the Purple Orchestra, an underground community of resisters plotting to assassinate Hitler. Despite Elisabeth’s reservations, Anton joins this military of shadows. But when the SS discovers his schemes, Anton will embark on a last act of defiance which will value him his life—even when it means saying goodbye to the household he has come to love greater than he ever believed potential.

1.99 on Kindle via 5/31


Petra by Cheri Lasota

I’m the Prima Vita, the only true immortal.

But the darker the present, the higher the blood worth—and I’ve paid it all.

In the meanwhile of my making, at the turn of the primary millennium amid the glories and horrors of Historic Rome, two males died with me. Each reborn in my immortal blood, one turned my lover and the opposite my enemy. I promised the unspeakable to save lots of Lucius from Clarius.

The discount, once struck, was easy: die with Clarius every year to maintain Lucius protected for an eternity.

* For many who love stories within the vein of Anne Rice, this can be a recent and weird twist on vampire lore.

99 cents on Kindle 5/2-31


New Publications:


The Nuns of Nara by I.J. Parker

The nuns of one of the Nara temples have misplaced an imperial concubine. Concerned about her well-being, the emperor dispatches Akitada to seek out her. Akitada decides to take along his new wife, hoping to mix a trivial matter with a belated honeymoon. Alas, murder intervenes. An previous man dies within the snow. A nun is fished out of an icy river. One other nun is bludgeoned to dying. What had appeared like a pleasing tour shortly turns into one in every of Akitada’s most surprising and dangerous instances.

Now obtainable on Kindle


The Driver by Steve Bartholomew

Typically a murder occurs in broad daylight. In 1877 a man is stabbed on a San Francisco streetcar, however no one sees it happen.

Georg Vintner is the Driver. He finds himself suspected of the crime as a result of there’s nobody else to pin it on. The sufferer is from a wealthy household, and the DA needs a conviction. The Driver needs to seek out the killer and prove his personal innocence. It’s either that or grasp.

Genevieve Sutliff is the only different recognized witness, however she didn’t see the killer. The Driver finds himself personally involved together with her, to his personal shock and confusion. Mrs. Sutliff, a current widow, discovers herself equally confused. She is going to do something to save lots of her Driver, even when it means telling him some dark secrets and techniques.

The Driver should unravel this net of deception and crime earlier than it’s too late. His different decisions are to run, leaving all behind, or to let them hold him. Now learn the tale and journey to a time that haunts us but at present.

Now obtainable on Kindle


Life in 19th Century Paris by Iva Polansky

The Victorian Paris weblog has informed and entertained readers since 2011. The illustrated posts collected within the e-book cope with each facet of life within the French capital in the course of the rise and fall of the Second Empire as well as the Belle Époque. Meet the movers and the shakers, discover the darkish alleys of Paris the place sin lured and gangs dominated, study concerning the food (not all the time good). Comply with the odd Parisian bourgeois in his day by day routine and meet colorful Bohemian characters. Read what the wide-eyed British and American vacationers considered the town and its special inhabitants: the romantic grisettes, the predatory gigolettes, the formidable Apaches, and other Parisian fauna. People began to go to Paris within the mid-century, when sea-travel turned more snug and, after absorbing the inevitable culture shock, many fell in love with the town. They’ll inform you about it on this guide.

Out there on Kindle


Refuge in Time by Sarah Woodbury

April 2022. When an unknown gunman sends David and William back to Earth Two, Michael and Livia are left gasping together with the remainder of their universe. Accepting that their respective employers are potential suspects, not to mention untrustworthy, the pair band together within the capturing’s quick aftermath, in an try and put the first few items of the puzzle together. But when an sudden bout of time travel upends everyone but again, Michael and Livia understand they’re on their own, and that this specific puzzle is one that they–and solely they–can remedy.

Refuge in Time takes place instantly following the events of Champions of Time, the earlier ebook within the After Cilmeri collection.

Now out there on Kindle  Kobo  Apple  Nook


Scholarly Pursuits by M. Louisa Locke

“Something is rotten in the state of Berkeley” –1881 Blue and Gold Yearbook, University of California: Berkeley 

In Scholarly Pursuits, the sixth full-length novel within the USA Todaybest-selling Victorian San Francisco mystery collection, Locke explores life on the College of California: Berkeley campus in 1881, the place Laura and her buddies face the remarkably trendy issues of fraternity hazings, fraught romantic relationships, and fractious school politics.

While Annie and Nate Dawson and friends and family in the O’Farrell Road boardinghouse await a blessed event, Laura Dawson finds herself investigating why a younger Berkeley scholar dropped out of faculty within the fall of 1880.

Nobody, including her good friend Seth Timmons, thinks this can be a good concept, since she is juggling a full course load with a part-time job, however she will’t let the query of what happened to her pal go unanswered. Not when it signifies that different young ladies could be in peril.

This cozy historic thriller of romantic suspense is about in the period immediately after the fifth guide in the collection, Pilfered Guarantees, and two novellas, Kathleen Catches a Killer and Dandy Delivers.  Nevertheless, it can be read as a stand-alone.

Now obtainable on Kindle  Kobo  Apple  Nook  GooglePlay


A Homicide Unmentioned by Sulari Gentill

The gun used in Rowland Sinclair’s father’s dying some thirteen years earlier has turned up in a drained dam at the family’s country homestead in Yass. And when Rowland offends right-wing New Guard chief Eric Campbell, Campbell uses his affect to set the police to renew their inquiries into Henry Sinclair’s demise.

Henry’s associates had all been led to consider that the rich landowner had died in a much more respectable approach. Rowland and his elder brother, Wil, had prevented any dialogue of the event ever since—actually the entire household had ducked the difficulty for over a decade, preserving secret that Sinclair senior was murdered. The attainable involvement of the teenage Rowly and his older brother’s intervention has been underneath the radar as properly.

However now the finger of blame is pointing squarely at the Sinclair black sheep, a man careless of what society and the authorities consider him. So he and the trio of artist buddies who stay in his Sydney suburban mansion, and usually have his again, avail themselves of a racing green Gypsy Moth (Rowland is a pioneer in air journey) and a yellow Mercedes sports automotive (one other scary mode of transport) to arrive in New South Wales’ Southern Tablelands, bent on clearing Rowly’s identify.

With cameo appearances from historic figures—Bob Menzies in the Sinclair kitchen, Edna Walling in the garden, and Kate Leigh grinning lasciviously at Rowly in a jailhouse crowd—and an actual sense of fun contrasting with the fairly genuine pressure, that is historical crime for these in the know and people who can barely keep in mind what happened final weekend, a narrative of household secrets and fraternal loyalty. Regardless of the humor, the Rowland Sinclair Mysteries take a lethal critical take a look at the 1930s, reflecting our own tumultuous occasions.

Now out there on US Kindle


Sweet Bitter Cane by G. S. Johnston

Twenty-year-old Amelia marries Italo, a man she’s never met. To escape an Italy reeling from the Nice Warfare, she sails to him in Far North Queensland to farm sugarcane. However earlier than she meets her husband, she’s thrown into the path of Fergus, a man who’ll mark the remainder of her life.

Confronted with a scarcity of English and hostility from established cane growers, caught between warring unions and fascists, Amelia’s steady hand grows Italo’s enterprise to nice success, just for previous grudges to interrupt into new revenge. She is tested by forces she couldn’t foresee and should face her biggest challenge: studying to stay once more

Sweeping in its outlook, Sweet Bitter Cane is a household saga but in addition an untold story of migrant ladies – intelligent, courageous and enduring ladies who have been the spine of the sugarcane business and who need to be remembered.

Now obtainable on Kindle 

Permanently Free or Discounted:


Libi Astaire, Tempest in the Tea Room (A Jewish Regency Thriller E-book 1), is Free on Kindle, iTunes, Nook, Kobo

Anna Citadel, Homicide by Misrule (The Francis Bacon Mystery Collection E-book 1) is Free on Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook

M. Louisa Locke, Maids of Misfortune: Victorian San Francisco Thriller (Guide 1) is Free on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo GooglePlay

M. Ruth Myers, No Recreation for a Dame (Maggie Sullivan Mysteries 1) is Free on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo

Sarah Woodbury, The Good Knight (Gwen and Gareth Medieval Thriller Guide 1) is Free on Kindle, iTunes, Nook, Kobo

Sarah Woodbury, The Last Pendragon (The Final Pendragon Saga Ebook 1) is Free on Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook, GooglePlay

Sarah Woodbury, Cold My Heart (The Lion in Wales Ebook 1), Free in chosen ebookstores.

Sarah Woodbury, Daughter of Time (The After Cilmeri Guide 1) Free on Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook, GooglePlay


Peg Herring, MacBeth’s Niece, 99 cents on Kindle

Cheri Lasota, Artemis Rising, 99 cents on Kindle,  Nook,  Kobo,  iTunes 


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