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New Discounts:


Bloody Classes by M. Louisa Locke

In Bloody Lessons, it’s the winter of 1880, and the academics of San Francisco are underneath assault: their salaries slashed and their competency and morals questioned in a collection of poison pen letters.

Annie Fuller, the reluctant clairvoyant, has been referred to as into investigate by Nate Dawson, her lawyer beau, and the case turns into private once they discover that Laura, Nate’s sister, could also be one of many academics targeted for attack.

On this third installment in the Victorian San Francisco Thriller collection, readers will find the same mix of a comfortable mystery with romantic suspense, performed out towards the historic backdrop of late 19th century San Francisco, that they present in Maids of Misfortune and Uneasy Spirits.

In case you are new to this collection, you’ll nonetheless take pleasure in spending time with the energetic residents of Annie Fuller’s boarding home and visiting San Francisco when Golden Gate Park was full of horse-drawn carriages, saloon-keepers controlled politics, and kisses have been stolen underneath gaslight.

Free on Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, Nook, GooglePlay 1/24-2/5


Demise by Disputation by Anna Fort

Thomas Clarady is recruited to spy on a gaggle of radical Puritans at Cambridge College. Francis Bacon is his spymaster; his tutor in both tradecraft and non secular politics. Their fee will get off to a lethal start when Tom finds his chief informant hanging from the roof beams. Now he should catch a murderer as well as a seditioner. His first suspect is risky poet Christopher Marlowe, who retains turning up within the flawed places.

Dogged by unreliable assistants, chased by three lusty ladies, and harangued day by day by the exacting Bacon, Tom dangers his very soul to catch the villains and win his reward.

Free in all places 1/23-25


Priestess of Ishana by Judith Starkston

A curse, a conspiracy and the conflict of kingdoms. A defiant priestess confronts her foes, armed solely with ingenuity and forbidden magic.

“Priestess of Ishana evokes everything I love about historically-inspired fantasy with a strong and savvy heroine, a compassionate hero, and a world both blessed and cursed by the oversight of gods. Mystery, romance, action: this has it all.” –Beth Catowriter of The Clockwork Dagger and Breath of Earth

A malignant curse from the Underworld threatens Tesha’s city with fiery devastation. The younger priestess of Ishana, goddess of love and struggle, must overcome this demonic darkness. Charred stays of an enemy of the Hitolian Empire reveal both treason and evil magic. Into this disaster, King Hattu, the younger brother of the Nice King, arrives to make choices to the goddess Ishana, however he conceals his true mission within the metropolis. As a connection sparks between King Hattu and Tesha, the Grand Votary accuses Hattu of murderous sorcery and jails him underneath penalty of dying. Remoted in prison, Hattu’s solely hope lies in Tesha to uncover the conspiracy towards him. Unfortunately, the Grand Votary is Tesha’s father, a rash, unyielding man, and now her worst enemy. To assist Hattu, she should danger destroying her personal father.

Step into this exotic world of historical fantasy, with its richly imagined particulars of the Bronze Age, evocative of the Near East. In a whirlpool of magic, politics, family crisis and love, Tesha pursues justice over the darkish forces arrayed towards her.

$2.99 on Kindle, Nook, Kobo  1/22-2/12


The Ragged Fringe of NIght by Libbie Hawker

For followers of All of the Mild We Can’t See, Beneath a Scarlet Sky, and The Nightingale comes an emotionally gripping, superbly written historical novel about extraordinary hope, redemption, and one man’s seek for mild through the darkest occasions of World Warfare II.

Germany, 1942. Franciscan friar Anton Starzmann is stripped of his place on the earth when his faculty is seized by the Nazis. He relocates to a small German hamlet to wed Elisabeth Herter, a widow who seeks a wedding—in identify only—to a person who may help increase her three youngsters. Anton seeks one thing too—atonement for failing to guard his young students from the wrath of the Nazis. However neither he nor Elisabeth expects their lives to be shaken once again by the inescapable rumble of conflict.

As Anton struggles to adapt to the roles of husband and father, he learns of the Purple Orchestra, an underground network of resisters plotting to assassinate Hitler. Despite Elisabeth’s reservations, Anton joins this army of shadows. However when the SS discovers his schemes, Anton will embark on a ultimate act of defiance which will value him his life—even if it means saying goodbye to the family he has come to love greater than he ever believed potential.

$2.99 on Kindle by way of 1/31


New Publications:


Calamity: a Novel by Libbie Hawker

Her identify is synonymous with the West. Her superstar has spread to the East Coast and California, touring down the new-laid railroads and along the telegraph wire.

However breathless tales of Calamity Jane bear little resemblance to the truth. As she senses demise coming closer, the legendary hellcat longs to set the document straight—to reveal her life story finally, unclouded by legend, each sin and failing laid naked. Solely then can she hope to rest in peace.

In a Deadwood saloon, she finds a writer prepared to hear her out, and recount the reality to a public hungry for more tales of Calamity Jane…

So begins Libbie Hawker’s expansive biographical novel, an intimate portrait of one of many best-known but least-understood ladies of the American frontier. The international bestselling writer of The Ragged Fringe of Night time takes the reader on a heart-rending journey by way of a landscape lost to time, as seen via the eyes of 1 outcast lady. Calamity is a haunting meditation on hardship, unrequited love, and the stark, affecting great thing about the American West.

Now out there on Kindle



Costumed Foolery by Libi Astaire

On this new addition to the Jewish Regency Thriller Collection, London’s Jewish group is getting ready for the Purim vacation—and extra mystery.

When Bashe Bunzel insists on marrying the man she loves, her wealthy father threatens to disinherit her. But the brand new will is quickly stolen, and then Mr. Bunzel additionally disappears. Was he murdered? And what occurred to the desire? The problems multiply with dizzying velocity in this brief thriller the place, in the Purim tradition, nobody is sort of what they seem.


Now out there on Kindle


Jennet by Karen Perkins

JENNET: now she needs the youngsters 

‘Jennet will have your heart and your fear in equal measure’

‘Through Jennet we see how cruelty can drive even the most ordinary people to hatred and, in Jennet’s case, evil’

1936: Ma Ramsgill has suffered too much grief. She knows the eighteenth-century witch, Jennet, cursed her husband’s family to lose all but certainly one of each era, and Ma is decided to stop her – somehow. Her youngsters’s lives rely upon it.

Current Day:Yorkshire is in the grip of a heatwave, and Thruscross Reservoir has dried as much as reveal the stays of the drowned village of Thores-Cross beneath.

Enjoying in the mud which coats the valley flooring, four-year-old Clare Wainwright finds an previous inkpot, and may’t wait to point out it to her greatest pal, Louise. But when Emma sees it, her response is surprising, and each families are plunged into their worst nightmares.

Emma is aware of what the inkpot portends:

Jennet has woken.

Now she needs the youngsters.

Now Out there on Kindle


Uncivil Defense by M. Ruth Myers

On the end of Dayton’s first WWII blackout drill, a murder sufferer is found with personal investigator Maggie Sullivan’s identify and tackle in his pocket. Hours earlier he sat in her office asking for assist – and utilizing a special id.

With the struggle draining males from all walks of life, a homicide detective lengthy dismissive of Maggie’s expertise reaches out to type an eggshell-fragile alliance. Warily they work together to seek out the individual behind two vastly totally different deaths: An ex-con killed neatly outdoors a manufacturing unit and a younger lady left in a blood-soaked house.

Suspects abound. Maggie’s shopper might have links to the killer. A bitter ex-con had loads of cause to want the man who betrayed him lifeless. And a sleazy pulp crime author may be after more than a story.

Maggie works frantically to unmask the murderer earlier than he kills again. However she must additionally bury an previous good friend and watch the person who once swore to love her perpetually flip elsewhere. Alone, she pushes doggedly on by way of a landscape darkened by homefront precautions and human evil.

Now out there on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo


The Viking Prince by Sarah Woodbury

Might 1148. All Dublin is shocked by the homicide of a outstanding service provider, but only Prince Godfrid is aware of that the lifeless man was also a co-conspirator in his brother’s plan to take the throne of Dublin. With dying stalking his every transfer, Godfrid must name upon new associates and previous to seek out the killer–and with their assist uncover a conspiracy stretching beyond Dublin’s walls to every kingdom in Ireland.

Be a part of Godfrid the Dane for murder and mayhem in medieval Dublin in The Viking Prince, the 11th Gareth & Gwen Medieval Thriller.

Now Obtainable on Kindle, iTunes, Kobo, Nook 

Completely Free or Discounted:


Libi Astaire, Tempest in the Tea Room (A Jewish Regency Thriller E-book 1), is Free on Kindle, iTunes, Nook, Kobo

Anna Fort, Murder by Misrule (The Francis Bacon Mystery Collection Ebook 1) is Free on Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook

M. Louisa Locke, Maids of Misfortune: Victorian San Francisco Thriller (Ebook 1) is Free on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo GooglePlay

M. Ruth Myers, No Recreation for a Dame (Maggie Sullivan Mysteries 1) is Free on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo

Sarah Woodbury, The Good Knight (Gwen and Gareth Medieval Thriller Guide 1) is Free on Kindle, iTunes, Nook, Kobo

Sarah Woodbury, The Final Pendragon (The Final Pendragon Saga E-book 1) is Free on Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook, GooglePlay

Sarah Woodbury, Cold My Coronary heart (The Lion in Wales Guide 1), Free in chosen ebookstores.

Sarah Woodbury, Daughter of Time (The After Cilmeri E-book 1) Free on Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook, GooglePlay


Peg Herring, MacBeth’s Niece, 99 cents on Kindle

Cheri Lasota, Artemis Rising, 99 cents on Kindle,  Nook,  Kobo,  iTunes 


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