Highest Paying HostGoi Affiliate Program: Up to $100 per sale.

The HostGoi affiliate program is one of the best paid hosting programs of our time. By 2017, almost all hosting providers will have launched their own affiliate program to increase their traffic and make their customers pay. With HostGoi.com you can earn $100-250 per sale.

Since the minimum commission threshold for processing a payment is $20, you must make at least 2 qualified sales to receive the first payment. As a general rule, payment shall be made from the 16th to the 31st day of each month. So if you want to diversify your income, become a partner of HostGoi.com today.

In this article we will look step by step at how we can join the HostGoi affiliate program.

1. Marketing in collaboration with HostGoi.com

Affiliate marketing is a crazy way for online marketers and bloggers to raise a lot of money. In general, you should place banner ads and third party links on your website, in this case for HostGoi.com. Every time a qualified sale is made through your partner link, you will receive a credit. The amount of the commission depends on the company and the type of products sold. It can start at $100 or more in a sale.

HostGoi.com Affiliate Link uses its advanced tracking tools to monitor your website activity, including link speed, opening speed and conversion rate. In most cases you will receive a unique tracking code or company URL. You can use this link to track site activity, progress and segment traffic.

Remember that no unauthorized actions, PPC or trade, trademark infringement will be accepted and your account may be suspended. It is important that you read all HostGoi.com Affiliate Terms and Conditions before you start to avoid silly mistakes.

2. HostGoi.com Affiliate Program Overview

There are different types of partnership programmes. Among them, web hosting affiliate programs can help you create a huge overview with reasonable effort and minimal investment. You can earn a big salary from your affiliate network simply by promoting their products on their blogs.

Usually the blogs that are most successful with an affiliate program have excellent affiliate marketing content, such as comments, tutorials and video tutorials.

Their content must be thorough and understandable. This should enable your customers to build a relationship of trust with them, because people will buy from sites they consider trustworthy.

Last year alone, HostGoi paid about $1 million in commissions to affiliated traders. Now you have to ask yourself how these companies can afford to pay such a crazy amount of money as commissions. And most of all: Why is that?

Well, hosting companies believe that once someone has subscribed to their package, they can guarantee that they will use their services for many years to come. This way they earn their share by serving these loyal customers, which also allows them to pay you large commissions through their affiliate program.

A hundred dollars is just a small one-time investment they make in exchange for a lifetime customer. The best hosting companies have many trump cards in their hands to ensure that customers use their services again and again. So the commissions they pay are mainly what professionals call the purchase price (CPA).

3. Reasons to participate in the HostGoi.com Partner Programme

In short, there’s a huge market for it. Hundreds of website/blogs appear online every day. Hosting is an integral part of creating and managing a website. Using their blogs on how to build a website or publish articles on web hosting, it is easy to convince readers to buy hosting on your website. With the advent of social networking, it’s even easier to promote your products and distribute information to millions of people with just a few clicks.

To work with an affiliate program, you don’t even need tons of traffic, just destination traffic. With the right content, social networking strategies, coupons and promotional offers you can easily earn good commission per month if you only spend a few hours a day.

Through HostGoi affiliate marketing you will receive a commission of $100-250 for a qualified sale. HostGoi.com is one of the best known hosting companies and domain registries in the world. The study curve of how to make money in the HostGoi affiliate program is quite simple and clear. To enter the program, all you have to do is follow a few steps. Once they have approved your request, you can start placing individual banner ads on your website or blog.

4. How can I participate in the HostGoi.com affiliate program?

Below you will find a step-by-step guide for cooperation with HostGoi.com.

Step one. Visit HostGoi.com, go to a partner site and click on Register.

Step two. You will be redirected to the registration form. You must enter your e-mail address, password, telephone number, company name and address in the form. Fill in the empty areas with the correct parts. Then tick the box next to the I Accept button and click the Register button.

Step three. Here we go. You will now be redirected to the affiliate dashboard. Now click on the Details button in the Partner Program section.

5. HostGoiSales tracking system

HostGoi will give you a special affiliate link when you join their program. This connection is unique for each partner. You must strategically place the link on your website or blog as a link or banner. Each time users click on this link, they will be redirected to the HostGoi website.

As soon as a visitor buys a product via your affiliate link, the sale is registered in your name. HostGoi’s efficient tracking system allows you to view all sales statistics on the dashboard, including conversion rates, CTR, opening rates and sources leading to sales.

After registration you can choose from a wide range of banner ads, text links and individual links. Each ad or link has a unique code. You must copy and paste this code on your website and voilà! The advertisement starts automatically from the place where you enter the code. In the same way, you can use links to affiliated products in your blogs.

Another advantage of this partner program is a 30-day biscuit. This means that even if a visitor buys a hosting package within 30 days of your partner link, you will still receive the payment. And if you manage to sell more than 100 items a month, your commission on sales will increase. The international transaction includes currency conversion and PayPal fees. That’s why you don’t get the exact amount you deserve. You should check it in your panel.

6. Product advertising

There are many ways to promote HostGoi.com services and products. One of the easiest is to place your banners and links on your website in a place where you can easily view them. You can also exchange affiliate links in various social networking forums. HostGoi allows you to customize the banner ads to the theme of your blog. You can also choose from their extensive collection of custom links and banner ads to display on your website.

Many retailers offer a free service, such as creating a website when you buy products on their site. This tactic has proved to be very effective for them. But before using it, you should read the terms and conditions of the HostGoi Partner Program.

Other forms of advertising are also very popular;

Write a detailed, well-documented and above all honest report about the guests you promote. Do not write, but make sure that the information you provide is correct. Research should focus on how the product can create added value for consumers. Make them distinctive and resistant to plagiarism.

This is not a doctoral thesis, so keep your language as simple as possible. Divide long sentences into short ones. Your opinion can help potential buyers choose the right product. If they know what they are buying and why, they will also return to your website for their next purchases.

HostGoi will send you updated offers by e-mail as soon as they have been published for a product. You can also see the discounts offered by other HostGoi partner blogs. You can even set up Google Alert to make sure you never run out of updates. Place an offer on your blog, share it on your social media sites and see your sales increase dramatically.

You can also create a website that compares hosting with authentic reviews from different hosting companies. Compare their offers, packages and general features side by side. This way you can help users choose the best hosting for their online business.

HostGoi’s hosting tutorials not only train newcomers on how this process works, but also double your chances of getting a huge boost in conversion.

    • Advertisements on Facebook and Google AdWords

Paid advertising on Facebook is a tool that allows you to distribute information to millions of users in just a few clicks. Many marketers make millions by promoting their affiliate links through advertising on Facebook, but you have to ask yourself what the right way to do it is. If you do not do this correctly, your website may be blocked.

The development of Google AdWords is relatively more complex and requires keyword research. It’s also more expensive. But if done right, your efforts will certainly be rewarded. Because you can reach the right audience, your return on investment will increase rapidly.


Something like that isn’t easily called money in the world, at least not in the affiliate marketing dictionary. Even the most experienced and skilled marketers of their time failed to find leads in their first attempts. There’s a very good chance that you, too, will engage in this fight.

So take the time to learn how it works, discover the different ways to promote your HostGoi affiliate program and grow with each experience. It takes about 5 minutes to sign up for the HostGoi affiliate program and it will take a little longer to start earning money. But your hard work will pay off eventually.

Join the HostGoi affiliation program

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