Are you concerned about your loved one’s safety? Do you want to locate them to ensure they’re safe on their own especially when they head out from the safe confines of their homes? Do you want to know whether they have gone to the same place where they said would go? Various websites claim to teach how to find someone’s location by cell phone number while others tell how to find someone’s location with a cell phone tracker. Let’s find out which one’s the most effective way to go about it.

With advanced technologies at our disposal today, it has become easier for people to locate someone they care about. In fact, people have their own set of reasons for finding someone’s cell phone location. A spouse may want to keep tabs on their partner to check which places they visit in their absence and how much time they spend outside. This is done to check if their partner is not cheating on them behind their back.

Other than them, the majority of employers are also making use of cell phone tracking methods to keep a check on their employees whereabouts especially when they’re out on business trips. This is done to ensure the employees are not visiting places other than the ones prescribed to them by the employers. Also, keeping a constant check on employees whereabouts keeps them aware that their movements are being monitored every minute and they do not tend to attend any other place apart from the business meetings.

Finding someone’s cell phone location does not just end on spouses and employers. This method is also equally used by most parents as well. To ensure their kids’ safety, parents are using cell phone tracking methods so they can keep tabs on all the places their kids visit after school. There is no other comforting thought than knowing your kid is safe out there and this sense of comfort is only achieved when you are able to track their location successfully.

Methods Used to Find Someone’s Cell Phone Location

There are definitely several ways to find someone’s cell phone location. However, we will be only discussing the three most commonly used methods in this article and then also give our opinion on which one happens to be the most effective.

Find Location by Using Cell Phone Number

It is possible to find someone’s location by using a cell phone number. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to locate someone’s whereabouts. You must have seen movies where police officials are able to track someone’s location by just using the target’s cell phone number. They have an interconnect system that enables them to track the location.

A red light pops on their computer screen, indicating the exact location of the target person. We are going to tell you how this method works. Using the SS7 interconnect system, this method makes the communication possible between the transistor and the receiver device.

While this method does work effectively and provides you with the accurate location of the target person, we will still not recommend using this method. The reason is the vulnerability that comes with it. When you are set out to use this method, you may be exposing your information to a third-party. This is the reason most of the government authorities use the cell phone number method to track someone’s location.

However, if you want to learn how to tap a cell phone with just the number then you must do it carefully and at your own risk.

Find Location by Using Social Media

Did you know you can also track someone’s location using their social media account? Yes, that’s true. We now move on to our second method to find someone’s cell phone location that involves the use of social media.

You can find someone’s cell phone location by typing the cell phone number in the search bar of social media sites such as Facebook and Google. All you need to do is, type the number of the target person in the search bar of the Facebook app. If the cell phone number is linked with their Facebook account, then their profile will show up, ensuring that you have found the right person.

You can add the person in your account and then see all the locations they have recently visited. Using GPS technology, the Facebook Messenger app will also inform you if the target person is somewhere close by.

The only possible downside to using this method is that in case the cell phone number is not linked with any Facebook account, then you may not be able to locate the person on Facebook. As a result, you won’t be able to track their location. Given the strict policies most social media sites have adopted, it becomes even less likely to find someone’s cell phone location using this method.

Find Location by Cell Phone Tracking App

Using a cell phone tracking application to find someone’s location is the most effective way to do so. Hands down! If you want to track someone’s location effectively and without them knowing, then we would suggest you use a cell phone tracking app.

A cell phone tracking app or a cell phone monitoring app is capable of finding someone’s exact location. With the help of GPS technology, it helps you locate someone’s exact whereabouts. The good thing about a cell phone tracker is that it even works when the traditional GPS app fails to work.

There are many cell phone trackers available on the market but you need to select the one that helps you finding someone’s location secretly. All you need to do is get physical access to the target phone for a few seconds, download the cell phone tracking app from the website and get it installed on the target phone.

Once the cell phone tracker is deployed on the target device, it will keep a check on all the places the target person visits and send you detailed reports of their whereabouts on the app’s dashboard. From the app’s dashboard itself, you will be able to remotely track their cell phone location.

Tracking someone’s cell phone location with the help of a cell phone tracking app has turned out to be effective and successful for the majority of people. Therefore, you should always opt for a cell phone tracker if you wish to locate someone secretly.

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