Here’s How PS5 Controller DualSense Looks in Other Colors

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment officially unveiled the controller for the PlayStation 5, which will be called DualSense. In addition to revealing the design and appearance of the controller, Sony also dropped some details and revealed some new DualSense features. Despite all this juicy information, PlayStation fans can apparently only talk about one thing: the new two-tone controller design. Unlike previous PlayStation controllers, the PS5 controller has two main colours. At this moment it is not known if these two colors can be changed. In both cases, the standard colour of the PlayStation controller for this generation is white and black. In other words, the controller belonging to the PS4 is the one shown below.

At first glance, it seems that most PlayStation fans are happy with the new two-tone design. However, many are already beginning to wonder what the controller will look like in the different colors. As mentioned before, Sony didn’t reveal any extra colors, but this didn’t stop fans from creating their own layouts.

The most popular simulations change not only the colours, but also the PlayStation logo and the buttons on the front panel. In other words, make these aspects of the controller similar to those of the DualShock 4.

(Photo: YOU)

Neon colors

Out of pure curiosity he created in Photoshop with DualSense in single colours some waste formats.

– Balvin | YNW Maui (@LordBalvin) 7. April 2020.

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