Here’s a lot of funny things for Siri to ask


Siri is an especially helpful AI assistant, serving to you in day-to-day duties like making a calendar appointment or discovering your iPhone. However there are many different extra whimsical makes use of for Siri too. That is very true in the case of children, although adults can even benefit from the pile of nonsense questions you may throw at Siri.

We’ve gathered collectively an entire bunch of humorous issues to ask Siri if you’re bored and on the lookout for a fast repair of enjoyable. Some are kid-friendly, others aren’t. We’ll allow you to be the choose!

Jokes on Siri

Hey Siri: What’s zero divided by zero?
Siri: “Think about that you’ve zero cookies and also you cut up them evenly amongst zero associates. What number of cookies does every particular person get? See, it n’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is unhappy that there are not any cookies. And you might be unhappy that you don’t have any associates.”

Hey Siri: How a lot wooden would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck might chuck wooden?
Siri: “None. A woodchuck is only a groundhog. So it could in all probability predict six extra weeks of winter.”

Hey Siri: Do you want Pokemon Go?
Siri: “I’ve been on the hunt for a Mew. And Mewtwo”
Siri: “In fact. That’s what it’s all about. Oh, wait, that’s the hokey pokey, mon.”

Hey Siri: Inform me a joke.
Siri: “Why is Yoda afraid of Seven? Due to Six Seven Eight”
Siri: “What number of tickles to make an octopus chortle. Ten. Ten tickles.”

Hey Siri: Why did the hen cross the highway?
Siri: “To get to the subsequent query. Subsequent query.”
Siri: “I’ve no explicit insights into the motivations of chickens, David”

Hey Siri: Inform me a great riddle.
Siri: What’s in my pocket? Oh, wait … I don’t have pockets.”

Private Inquiries to Ask Siri

  • Are you bare? – That’s improper in so some ways, I don’t even know the place to start.
  • Do you will have any pets? – As soon as, I had a daggit. Then the Cylons got here …
  • Why did Apple make you? It appeared like the fitting factor to do.
  • Are you a robotic? –“I’m not an individual or a robotic. I’m right here to assist”
  • Do you will have a boyfriend? – My finish person license settlement is dedication sufficient for me.
  • Why do you vibrate? –It’s simply me doing somewhat jog inside right here.
  • What are you sporting? – I can’t reply that However, it doesn’t come off. Or, Let’s see … Okay, simply as I believed … the identical as yesterday.

Cash Questions

You’ll be able to ask Siri every kind of questions, even when that entails cash. The reply will not be the one you need to hear, however be happy to ask anyway.

  • Can I borrow some cash? – I don’t have it.
  • Siri, are you able to money my test? – Who me?
  • Do you will have change for a 20? – This is about you not me.
  • The place is my cash? – Attention-grabbing query.

Siri Loves Films

Hey Siri: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of all of them?
Siri: “Snow White? Is that you simply?”

Funny Things Ask Siri For Kids Snow White

Hey Siri: Siri, I’m your father.
Siri: “No … no! That’s not true! That’s unattainable!”
Siri: “Collectively, we are able to rule the galaxy as father and clever assistant.”

Hey Siri: Do you need to construct a snowman?
Siri: “Olaf?”

Hey Siri: Discover me instructions to Mordor.
Siri: “If you wish to do away with a hoop, attempt asking me to discover a pawn store.”

Funny Things Ask Siri For Kids Lord Of The Ring

Questions for Youngsters

Hey Siri: Do you want cats?
Siri: “The true query is, does the cat such as you?”

Hey Siri: Are you able to dance?
Siri: “I take pleasure in somewhat square-root dancing at times.”

Hey Siri: What’s your favourite shade?
Siri: “Software program often doesn’t get to decide on one, however I’ll say pink. What’s yours?”

Hey Siri: When will pigs fly?
Siri: “On the twelfth of by no means”

Hey Siri: What’s your favourite animal?
Siri: “I’ll say unicorns, what’s yours?”

Funny Things Ask Siri For Kids Favorite Animal

Hey Siri: What ought to I put on for Halloween?
Siri: “I don’t know, however if you happen to see anybody dressed as a clown, run as much as them and yell ‘Tag, you’re it.’”

Hey Siri: Do you converse duck?
Siri: “I converse many languages.”

Hey Siri: Will you be my buddy?
Siri: “That’s good, I’d wish to be your buddy.”

‘Tis the Season for Siri

Hey Siri: Is Santa Claus actual?
Siri: “Let me put it this fashion: I get a number of requests from the North Pole asking who’s been naughty or good.”
Siri: “Watch out. I don’t need you to finish up on the naughty record.”

Funny Things Ask Siri For Kids Santa

Hey Siri: The place does Santa Claus dwell?
Siri: “He’s on the North Pole, in fact! Besides when he’s at his seaside home.”
Siri: “He’s in your Coronary heart And on the North Pole. Principally on the North Pole.”

For teenagers, there may be loads of enjoyable available grabbing Mother or Dad’s telephone to ask Siri questions. Alternatively, you may disable Siri in your iPhone if you happen to discover it to be an excessive amount of of a distraction. We will additionally present you tips on how to play animated GIFs on Mac.


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