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Matthieu David: Whats up everybody, I am Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue consulting and its China advertising podcast: China paradigm. In the present day I am with Pauline Lahary, I met the primary time Pauline in Beijing, I feel it was 5 years ago, and at that time you have been in between – I consider this digital agency referred to as Zem at the time or Altima, I don’t know, it’s in all probability changed the identify and building your enterprise.

And I keep in mind we talked about commerce and there was Thomas Graziani. Truly we interviewed on this
China podcast – yourself and me speaking to you about
beginning your enterprise. And a few weeks in the past, you sent me a message on LinkedIn
asking me questions or telling me I’m going to start out in China. And I stated yes
that’s fascinating, let’s verify what it has develop into, and I checked on-line with SEMrush, and I
see that you’ve 70,000 unique visitors or visitors. I imply it should have
grow to be quite large when it comes to visitors.

I don’t know if the numbers are right, however that’s what I obtained from Comparable net. I was very all for what you’ve gotten finished in
simply 5 years. And why you launch in
China, what you need to do in China and your perspective on additionally the CV in China and
the West and the differences. Thanks very much, Pauline, for being with us
in this new episode of China
Paradigm. I consider it will be a really
fascinating speak.

Pauline Lahary: Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure for me to see you once more. And I really am glad to be right here. It’s true. Truly I feel we saw one another 5 years in the past once I simply launched my CVFactory, and that point I was working for Altima, that’s true, and I finally determined to be 100% targeted on myCVFactory and I began to work with this, in all probability right after we noticed each other, I feel. So, I labored for my CV, and I then got here back to France a number of years later because we chose to go back to Paris after which I made a decision to develop the enterprise, not only B2C but in addition B2B which was pretty new to me. And properly we’ll speak about it collectively in all probability later, however that’s the primary story, 5 years in China and came back to Paris a number of years later.

Matthieu David: I see so you’re based mostly in Paris as a result of I noticed a video of you talking to somebody from Amiens on France three, however you’re based mostly in Paris?

Pauline Lahary: Sure, nicely, Amiens is actually near Paris.

Matthieu David: Okay. Yes, you’ll be able to go by practice simply. That’s an fascinating point about B2B and B2C, however first I want to understand the dimensions of your small business. I checked on your net; I’ve an concept of your visitors quantity. Might you share about some metrics about what number of shoppers in a yr or during the last five years – we noticed on your LinkedIn, that you simply talked about 100 thousand individuals you’ve gotten helped or you had as shoppers for the CV, I don’t if they’re shoppers or they’re individuals who used your assets online. So, in case you might give us an concept of revenues, a lot of shoppers, the dimensions of the workforce, the dimensions of the individuals who work with you. And about 50,000 to 80,000 guests on your web site each month.

Pauline Lahary: Sure, precisely that’s proper.

Matthieu David: Okay. When do you say 100 thousand individuals utilizing your web site, you imply paying clients or people who truly use your assets?

Pauline Lahary: No, they’re 100,000 shoppers we had truly paid for the service.

Matthieu David:         Okay,
nice. Fairly good truly. And about your shopper acquisition, I appeared a
little bit on the internet; you’re fairly
badass when it comes to search engine marketing – I mean
search referrals and direct. Individuals return in your website in the event you like. I obtained
about 30% of individuals going again to your web site, 32% referrals, and 45% search. Might you clarify to us about
what you did and what worked and what didn’t work when it comes to shopper
acquisition or visitors acquisition a minimum of?

Pauline Lahary: Yes. Truly,
we was very nicely ranked on Google before, having a lot more visitors than
we now have in the present day. I might say I ended
creating CV because before we have been putting one CV per day on the website, to actually develop the web site.
I’ve required lots of endurance which
introduced us loads of pages and visitors. So, it was really working nicely, but then
I began B2B business, I was nonetheless alone to handle issues, so I ended truly
putting a new CV per day. That really
was a very good thing for B2B as a result of I received numerous time to deal with other
issues, but then on Google, we truly
didn’t rank so properly after that.

Matthieu David:         When
was it?

Pauline Lahary:           Perhaps
two years in the past. Sure, two years in the past and so this is
I feel a mistake we should always have put nonetheless one CV per day on-line or deliver
visitors with new pages all the time, but it is numerous time and work additionally, and typically you simply can’t do every little thing. In order that’s one recommendation perhaps having quite a bit
of pages on your web site. I needed to stand out on Google. Something that didn’t
work for us is PPC – Ppc on Google Advert phrases.
 I never succeeded in being worthwhile on this
software, regardless that I obtained help with SEM brokers or consultants. I don’t know; we in all probability didn’t have loads of budgets to
be doing this, so it was not likely efficient. This manner of getting visitors
didn’t work for us, I’d say.

Matthieu David:         Who
is buying it? As a result of should you say you didn’t have enough price range which is paying for it, because when you don’t
have enough price range meaning individuals are bidding at a better worth. Who’s
interested in the word CV, within the word
resume? Is it like an internet site like indi.com or inchina.in?

Pauline Lahary:           It’s
other rivals, I might say. Rivals are also huge, huge job boards web sites like Monster or Certainly they need increasingly visitors about CV,
career, scholar, jobs this type of requests so sure rivals and job boards.

Matthieu David:         I
see. So, you stated that you simply went massive on search by publishing lots of resumes,
this I might guess through the use of Comparable net. But I see that you’ve little or no
visitors on Social, and I feel that constructing your resume might be truly one thing you need to – you possibly can
share on Facebook and create some quizzes and engagement with individuals particularly
with students. Perhaps as a result of your enterprise is more B2B now, however why do you are feeling
that social has not labored?

Pauline Lahary:           Social
– I imply we’re on Facebook quite a bit truly.
We put a variety of articles and stuff to interact our group. We also are quite a bit
on YouTube making movies about CV, but in addition with webinars that now are personal
for our universities and faculties. These type of media are excellent, and
I am positive we should always focus our power on this. But again, it’s plenty of time, a
lot of investments and for now Google has been fairly comfortable with us and I do know we
might do higher on YouTube and Fb, however
it’s loads of time again.

Instagram is a very good
media, and I’m making an attempt now to be very,
very on prime of the whole lot on Instagram and getting
a new viewers. Because of the collaboration with influencers and stuff like
that. So, for now, Fb is a bit off I might say and Instagram is one of the best to
focus, for now, I have an intern taking good care of it, so we do every part we will
for Instagram for now.

Matthieu David:         Fascinating
I saw by googling MyCVFactory I noticed that you simply have been lively on Pinterest. What do
you are feeling about Pinterest and Instagram, I do know the uses are very totally different, however still, it’s about footage?

Pauline Lahary:           Yes, precisely, it’s about footage we promote
resumes. We sell footage, we sell attractiveness, and I feel that Pinterest and Instagram are excellent media to share footage
in-universe. Pinterest is excellent for
gross sales as a result of there’s lots of people happening Pinterest getting inspiration, and they’re creating boards or CV’s like per colour
or per sector. So truly, Pinterest is a really
good media to concentrate on, and we
still are very lively in Pinterest, and in addition displaying our events, what we do. I
imply it’s more than only CVs it’s also my life, the occasions we are going to, and
the brand new deal we signal with universities or faculties for example.

Matthieu David:         I
see. I understand, so you’re utilizing Instagram to average and have interaction together with your
group and to offer the information to individuals. It’s a bit like a feed.

Pauline Lahary:           Sure.

Matthieu David:         Okay,
and to return again in your website and statistics your bounce fee is 55%, I
don’t know if it’s the actual price, nevertheless it’s fairly low. You will have an excellent bounce fee, as a result of the decrease it’s, the
better it is for the bounce price. How do you clarify it, individuals truly are
utilizing loads of your content going from one page to another and really might not truly
pay on your providers? How do you are feeling about having such an excellent bounce price?

Pauline Lahary:           Properly,
it’s mainly as a result of it’s very focused.
Someone who is on the lookout for a CV on-line often is able to pay for it. He’s
going to sort and Google CV or design CV or engaging CV design or a request
like this, and often, he’s able to pay for it before even looking at
our web site. So often we’ve got a low
bounce price because he is ready to do, he
is able to activate his credit card. So,
this can be a good factor for us because it’s a very
specific key phrase.

Matthieu David:         I
see, so that you’re saying there is a low bounce price which is sweet which means that folks go on multiple
page on your web site because they go through the registration web page which is
counting as the second web page. And furthermore, individuals come back by writing instantly
MyCVFactory. You have got so plenty of retention, I consider. I perceive.

Pauline Lahary:           Yes, precisely.

Matthieu David:         Good.
Talking about what you might have completed and tried prior to now, we’ve got seen movies; you shot lots of videos like three years
ago, what’s your experience of using videos to make individuals find out about your

Pauline Lahary:           Truly,
the videos have been for each product page to point out the CV in detail. Methods to edit the
CV? The best way to change the colour? Easy methods to change the picture. The primary concept was extra
tutorial of the product page to point out the shopper how the CV is in actuality. I
assume the videos are excellent, a consumer
experience viewpoint on the product web page, they convey lots of reality, lots of detail also. So, I feel it’s
an excellent concept. For SU I feel it’s additionally very nice because on each YouTube video you had a hyperlink and you have a singular
text which is not a replica content material of the course
and is bringing a variety of visitors additionally to the website. But for this, you also have to have a Youtube group that’s
partaking also with you, and that is exhausting
I feel to create. Even when it have to be entertaining and these sorts of videos
will not be. They’re simply to point out the
product, extra like a tutorial. So, I might say the videos which are working greatest
they are more like profession movies, advice on your CV, advice on your image,
advice on every part about profession tools and stuff like that. So, there are two
sorts of videos for me, associated to profession videos after which UX experience on the
web site.

Matthieu David:         I
noticed these two movies. I noticed this video where you have been asking your shoppers to
speak, especially a graduate from ENS ULM, which is
a very proficient faculty – university in France. It was somebody who’s in the HR in China like Human
Useful resource director or headhunter in China or Asia. I can’t keep in mind precisely,
but so I noticed this type of video, and
there was a video which is about how are you going to adapt the CV you will in a position
to obtain in the event you pay for it, in case you subscribe to your providers. I understand
now; your strategies are very clear. And the movies are getting used very
typically of brief with the objective of doing Fb
advertisements or to go huge on social. Have you tried to use the videos on social
as a result of we know those platforms attempt to push movies?

Pauline Lahary:           Yes,
Fb Advertisements works very properly, truly. I
might say it brings visitors, it brings gross sales, nevertheless it doesn’t convey too many
sales. I mean it’s profitable however not
enough, and I do know that we stopped a
video a couple of months ago additionally because I needed the finances, and I wanted time for
China and my launch in China. So, we stopped these sorts of system. However I feel Facebook
advertisements are good for junior packages, it really works very properly from 18 to 24 years previous
and a really good factor about Fb advertisements is like you possibly can actually target the audience, the curiosity of
your viewers in class and stuff. So, I feel it’s a good way, but in addition you actually need to focus your power on one thing,
and I choose to focus some place else.

Matthieu David:         I
see. I understand. So that’s an excellent
transition to give attention to China, what you’re going to do in China, I’d wish to
concentrate on one particular facet which is widespread
between the west and China as a result of once we speak about looking, we speak about
Google, you can’t scale on Google in China. You can’t use the same techniques, you can’t use the identical search in
China, and you already know it very properly because
you used to stay in China. However LinkedIn is a platform which can be used each in
the West and in China and you’ve got a
service which is the optimization of your profile for LinkedIn. I consider this
service may also be provided in China, as
Chinese CVs
optimization, I can’t examine right now. I
don’t really feel you’re already providing it. I don’t know if I am incorrect or I’m
right, but might you tell us extra about
what you do on LinkedIn on your shopper, and
how do you optimize the LinkedIn profile?

Pauline Lahary:           Positive.
The LinkedIn profile optimization is absolutely for people who need to get a job
and get an edge; you already know a fame on-line.
So, we try to concentrate on the content, that brings visitors on key phrases. So,
we optimize those key phrases, we re-write the resume, summary, we remark lots
of things, and I mean, we type teams or
debates or forum for you to integrate. We do pretty much the whole lot for you
since you as a candidate – you don’t have time, the place you will have youngsters or I mean
there’s all the time a purpose, not to do it. So, we’re right here to absorb charge, this

Matthieu David:         So,
you do it on your shoppers?

Pauline Lahary:           Yes

Matthieu David:         Your
shoppers give entry to – okay, they provide the password, and then you definitely change the LinkedIn profile. Okay,
I see.

Pauline Lahary:           And
after our intervention, we all the time ask them to vary the password, so we don’t access anymore to the knowledge.
That’s safer, however sure, he needs to provide us his ID, and we go into the software, and
we do the whole lot for him.

Matthieu David:         Okay.

Pauline Lahary:           And
to answer your query, for now for the Chinese market, for the HR in China aspect, we solely
put downloadable products, only the Chinese CV templates and a couple letter templates, and assessment –
I mean we do the CV audits, that signifies that we verify your Chinese CV, and we are saying if
it’s good or not and we give advice about it, however for now I chose to not put
LinkedIn optimization or Chinese
CV writing service for now, because I really needed to give attention to this
type of merchandise and see the way it goes after which perhaps add the writing service

Matthieu David:         I
see. So, what’s your strategy when it comes to getting into the Chinese market, in phrases
of selling CVs in China,
because will probably be very totally different, doing search engine marketing on Baidu could be very nicely seen on search, could be very
totally different in China. And perhaps truly far more troublesome to manage from Paris, from outdoors of China. What’s your
technique, are you going to rely extra on KOL? And what about search engine optimization on Baidu? Are you
going to rely extra on networks on B2B perhaps?

Pauline Lahary:           To begin with, B2B will probably be later. I actually need to do as I did in France meaning
B2C first B2B then.
For the strategy, I would love to
give attention to WeChat, which would be our first method to promote. For instance, affiliation,
alumni of faculties that I have in my network, a whole lot of associations like Beijing
Ladies in China. This type of issues, so extra like individuals in my community to ensure My CVFactory gets observed
and gets to be recognized by individuals and boards, occasions – I want to do and of
course search engine marketing on Baidu,
I have someone who will assist me do it. I know it won’t be straightforward, however – and it’s also a very competitive market.
I feel there is a place for everybody, and
I’m looking for the suitable aspect, right expertise to assist me do it.

Matthieu David:         Talking about search,
I really feel that your supply might truly
rank on English keywords on
and Bing. Have you thought about it this
risk and truly pushing the CV
in English inside the Chinese market?

Pauline Lahary:           Sure, why not, I imply each
risk must be thought-about, and of
course it might be an excellent concept, however perhaps step by step – I mean if we need to
concentrate on WeChat, then concentrate on search engine optimization on Baidu and then perhaps
a concentrate on Bing. I am positive search engine marketing
on Baidu I will, however together I’d blow every little thing. So, I’m making an attempt
to be organized perhaps, but you might have an
professional eye, perhaps you’ll be able to add your advice
on this and recommend how I can do it.

Matthieu David:         I feel there’s all the time a bit of a niche to advertise your
product in English in China because you’ve much less competitors and truly you’ll be able to even emphasize extra the asset
you need to be international, and also you
have already got a service working very properly. In order that’s why we are considering of it
as a simple go, a simple approach to get the primary batch of consumers.

is a very fascinating method of penetrating
the Chinese market as a result of it’s very social, you’ll get individuals
following you. And the alumni or let’s say the enterprise faculties, the faculties
which could possibly be truly a overseas faculty which might be like French
faculty the US faculties, they need to help the Chinese students to discover a job in
China, to improve their Chinese
CVs, and they are poor doing that.
I really feel there’s a excellent match between
your service and people faculties who have difficulties in positioning their alumni, younger alumni simply graduated into these
very massive Chinese companies. So, I feel you
might help quite a bit. Is it something you’ve gotten explored and tried to speak to some
individuals in the subject, HR in

Pauline Lahary:           Exactly. Truly, all our faculties in France have – I don’t know why, but they all have a campus in China. In
Shanghai in Wuhan in Beijing, in all places, and
I’m making an attempt to collect all my community in France, those faculties and universities
who will help us develop and broaden in China. So, for example, Skema
business faculty, which is my faculty, here is a shopper mix they usually have a great campus in Suzhou, New Shanghai, they usually clearly will assist me develop and
manage things, stuff like that. So in fact, the buyers that I’ve here shall be very
necessary and even key to my enlargement in China.

Matthieu David:         When you’re working B2B, do you signal a unique contract?
I mean, I assume the business faculties will not be asking the students to pay for it.
So, I consider that you simply sell a sure
quantity of shoppers – how do you -what is the B2B contract?

Pauline Lahary:           Yes, the enterprise model with B2B is
quite straightforward truly. The university pays MyCVFactory for the service, nevertheless it’s free for the students. So, they’ve
entry to CV templates and CV audits, all yr lengthy when they want, anytime,
anyplace. So that’s in all probability the primary asset of the deal because it’s in all places
and anyplace and often the schools now have lots of students overseas and
in change packages and stuff like that. They usually need to fulfill

Matthieu:        I see. So, do you have got access to them? Did you develop an ERP or for them to
get – to have particular entry? After which each scholar has access, or they go through your platform mycvfactory.com?

Pauline Lahary:           No, they have access, personal entry
for every college in SSO, they usually
join from their intranet to our platform, which
is integrated.

Matthieu David:         Inside their intranet, right?

Pauline Lahary:           Yes.

Matthieu David:         So, you need to be on the campus to make use of the service?

Pauline Lahary:           No. However this technique has hyperlinks with
their intranet. There’s a nice connection
between them. An SSO join.

Matthieu David:         Okay. The question I forgot to ask you truly to go back
in your current website – I mean the website
you’re initially mycvfactory.com. The software program’s which you’re utilizing for
partaking together with your shoppers for constructing this web site, I saw on the Chinese web site
that you’ve a chat box, and I might go
again on this, what you anticipate from it? However what software program’s have you used? I saw
that you simply used Trust Pilot. I
would be interested to know what you employ when it comes to CRM, when it comes to
advertising alternation for those who use Upstart or different software’s?

Pauline Lahary:           Positive. So, for emailing and advertising,
it’s Mailchimp I
assume it’s very common and it’s working
properly all over the place. I am utilizing Zoho as a CRM; I feel it’s good – plenty of totally different options and stuff.

subsequent query, for the web site I exploit a selected code it’s Django in Python, nothing specific
however it works. My staff is in Grenoble in France, and
they are specialists in that language. So, it’s good.
What can I add?

Matthieu David:         You
don’t do advertising automation like you don’t have like lively campaign or off
spot pushing some messages relying on where individuals are?

Pauline Lahary:           Truly,
that’s humorous you asked because we just launched this advertising info
company a number of days ago. We thank new clients for their chase, and we put a video of me telling them how I am
glad to help them in their employability. So sure, it’s certainly one of our priority
right now to do this advertising info, giving videos also about how we
work, how we are, but a bit more like an organization on what are our values, what we
are in search of with MyCVFactory. It’s
not only about French or Chinese
CVs, you recognize it’s really about your character, private branding, how
to pitch your self in the interviews.

Matthieu David:         I
perceive. I watched a video on in French on
France 3, and you talked about that, that CV’s should characterize your
character, and that’s why you even designed a CV and I might perhaps would
might finish with that after a few of the questions about a CV in a box with
inside some chocolate – so I can’t keep in mind precisely what it was nevertheless it was
one thing to eat, and this individual was sending it to some potential employers,
and she or he was on this business of meals. But perhaps we’ll return on this
afterward if it’s actually a development or if
it’s simply an anecdote and some examples which I’ve not seen truly, I’d like
to have your view on that. But earlier than I might be very interested to know why
you didn’t choose WordPress, so many web sites are
made on WordPress.

Pauline Lahary:           Yes.
So, if there’s one factor, I discovered in Altima isn’t use WordPress for an e-commerce website, that’s the very first thing, and
the second factor is my builders have been creating a pattern, so I had little interest in getting a factor at WordPress. However with that being stated, WordPress could be very good that’s for positive. We use it for my weblog, and it’s good for running a blog I might say and
may be less intelligent for e-commerce website
I might say.

Matthieu David:         I
see, so you have got WordPress on your weblog and Django Python in your

Pauline Lahary:           Yes

Matthieu David:         I
see. I perceive. Okay, talking about localization of your web site, the
website in Chinese, have been you cautious not to put Facebook font, Google font
anything linked to Facebook or Google or anything which is forbidden, what did
you need to adapt?

Pauline Lahary:           First thing to adapt was the brand, MyCVFactory, to
translate it in a nice means that we will entertain and skim easily, so that was
the first thing, and I knew a designer that used to work with us in Altima and
now he is dwelling in Canada so I contacted him, and we did the brand together and
trying to find out one of the simplest ways to place issues. So that was the primary
step. Then perhaps the second step was to know the place to place the servers. So, we
put it in Hong Kong as a result of I don’t have a mainland company in China perhaps
later, however for now, it’s not there yet. So,
we are in Hong Kong near China, so we still must be working nicely, I’d say.

Matthieu David:         It
works. I can inform you.

Pauline Lahary:           Of
course. Facebook, Google, and stuff like
that we erase it from the Chinese website. Even the Chatbot you mentioned it,
we’ve got a Zoho chatbox linked to the CRM on the French website, however it didn’t show up on the Chinese website. So, we
decided to utterly erase it and take
one thing else. That’s the primary thing. And of course, the CV’s we adapted the Chinese CVs. They don’t seem to be actually local, however they still
have in fact, Chinese language. But the
type isn’t actually Chinese. I feel it’s
essential to say that this market
evolves very fast and I’m positive the Chinese market at this time, HR in China, they don’t
have a variety of lovely Chinese
CV’s, however later they’ll buy these
sorts of CVs I am positive. The infographic, the digital, the icons, and mascots.

Matthieu David:         The
resumes are still very, very traditional in China. The Chinese CVs we acquired last yr was very conventional, with very old style footage, the place is an image that they took from highschool, or I don’t know universities. There was a blue
background, and then I don’t even know if
it’s good to put footage truly. However
it’s very, very conventional in that, historically in the Chinese method.

I have a query concerning the pricing; I really feel you don’t have the identical pricing between the west and
China, there is a type of arbitrage between the two websites. Do you – did
you research the pricing before setting it up or is it your feeling you needed to be
extra aggressive in pricing in China.

Pauline Lahary:           Truly,
there are each, each solutions are good.
The first one is – I did a survey with the Chinese individuals I know, and often they don’t seem to be really ready to pay an excessive amount of for these kinds of
service, that’s the primary one.

The second one is my rivals are very low cost, even free. So,
I have to be competitive on my costs to get sales and make sure individuals come and
buy on mycvfactory.com.

And the third one can also be a feeling as you mentioned. I feel
this can be a truthful worth, the appropriate worth for the Chinese market but in fact its
inexpensive than in France. Nicely, I am actually within the mood of check and study
we’ll see how it goes like this

Matthieu David:         I
see because you are principally half of the
worth in China.

Pauline Lahary:           Sure.

Matthieu David:         I
see. Okay

Pauline Lahary:           And
then the last difference is in fact cost. Cost means, we’ve Alipay and WeChat pay that we’re going to add in a few
months. So, these have been additionally quite a bit affecting, as a result of it’s not straightforward to
open a non-pay account with out dwelling in China and all that administration

Matthieu David:         So,
have you been capable of open a what we name it a cross border WeChat pay account?

Pauline Lahary:           Sure,
I’m into it.

Matthieu David:         Okay.

Pauline Lahary:           So,
the WeChat pay just isn’t reside on the website, but
it ought to be in a number of months. However it takes numerous time truly to do.

Matthieu David:         So,
once we speak about WeChat, what’s the standing now on WeChat? I am checking my
telephone as properly.

Pauline Lahary:           Yeah,
It’s not stay but.

Matthieu David:         Okay, it’s not reside but.

Pauline Lahary:           The
funny thing is, it’s my checking account in France who was getting hassle making
this cost switch to Tencent, and
that’s because of them that we’re still low and so sluggish on WeChat launch. It’s
not even an alternate for French individuals.

Matthieu David:         I
see as a result of if the cost could be very excessive, it shouldn’t be an issue with the amount
of money to send. It’s more about sending it to the fitting account in Chinese
characters, and so forth, I consider.

Pauline Lahary:           Precisely.
It’s a mistake within the identify of the financial institution.

Matthieu David:         I
obtained the identical drawback in Beijing. Speaking about innovation in your business, the
CV resume business, and HR in China. What I see
from once I graduated from enterprise faculty 10
years ago and what I see now in resumes – I might say good resumes – individuals have
made an effort on resumes. They’re much more colourful; it’s far more nontraditional, you might have the image even for
western resumes which something all my professors in business faculty have been
saying don’t put an image.

I consider once I was within the US,
you shouldn’t put image not to show where you’re from in case you are from a minority
or else, and I feel there’s plenty of innovation right here. Then there’s one other
innovation which is to send as a product of what you do is a box and so on, and
there’s another innovation what you probably did is my job field a couple of years ago for example.
I consider it received to obtain some resumes each month, potential alternatives
and so forth. A bit like Birch field… 
Do you affirm those innovation and then what are the other improvements?

Pauline Lahary:           Positive,
first indeed our CV in the present day are really extra
colorful and extra engaging I’d say. But watch out because on this state it’s
nonetheless forbidden to put a picture on the CV they usually still have very straight
guidelines about this.

Globally I’d say at this time the innovation in
CV’s is like the digitization of the CV, that signifies that we still print the CV –
it’s nonetheless a paper that we learn in an interview, but in addition, we like placing a
digital touch on it like a QR code redirecting it to your WeChat account or a
QR code directing it to your LinkedIn account. That’s very nice to do. So, once we learn your French or Chinese CV within the pdf, we
can click on it and go directly to your universe on-line… and I feel both universes can go collectively, the paper CV and the
digital touch we will add to it.

That’s the first thing. And I feel I can speak about CVs in China and France for
hours and colours and meanings in colors. These are the primary new things like
icons, being artistic in case you are working in advertising or communications and
stuff like that.

Matthieu David:         Have
you thought about the variations between Cvs in China and the west? The great issues to do – I wouldn’t say what shouldn’t be good in China, what’s
good in the west or this or that, however what you are feeling needs to be carried out on the Chinese CV that isn’t
finished and needs to be as a result of that is the means it works, and it’s the best way the
Chinese corporations expect the CV in China to be, and the difference between the west.

Pauline Lahary:           I
assume to begin with it is going to be the design. Often, all of the Chinese CV that I’ve
seen are very, very unhappy and really black and white and we couldn’t tell the
expertise of the candidate. Often, the design was unhappy and the content, really
lengthy with no synthetic facet. So, often,
one page ought to be good with a concentrate on expertise and skills. And often Chinese individuals actually love placing educations and faculties at
first, I imply it’s an excellent thing to have a great
diploma. But if you end up a senior, perhaps your expertise and skills are higher
than your university.

So, I actually, I might say that European and Chinese have a
lot in widespread truly. We receive rather a lot
of people, plenty of profiles from French and Chinese network and often, we
might say virtually the same things on it. Footage are professional, content material too
long; these aren’t engaging enough. So,
I’d say individuals are not that misplaced on their Chinese Cvs; they
just need assistance as we did to French.

Matthieu David:         That’s
the factor I feel there are lot factors in widespread between truly French individuals
and Chinese individuals when it’s associated to learn how to present your self, what to do,
what to not do and more differences could also be with People and Chinese as much
as more differences between American and French individuals. Your response to the
variations between a Chinese
CV and a western CV have been to say they are very
unhappy; they should adapt extra to
what we do. But have you found some patterns that work in China and wouldn’t
work within the west? There’s one which appears apparent for me, the image, the
picture is forbidden in the U.S, but truly, most Chinese students are going
to put their picture on their resume. That’s one factor, for example, which is not
dangerous or good however is just the best way it works in China. Do you might have all the
feedbacks about that is just the best way it really works and the best way you’re anticipated to
write a resume?

Pauline Lahary:           Very
lately in China, I noticed a candidate placing his political beliefs or sexual
orientation, this type of stuff on CVs in China. Very very intimate and in France we might never
see that on a CV. In order that could possibly be the primary distinction, or a can do in China, and a
don’t do in France. Sure, the image also, in fact, numerous Chinese put an
unprofessional image but in addition in
France. So, it’s not likely a case.

Matthieu David:         Okay.
Also, within the video you posted on YouTube you say that one among your providers is
to offer capturing of photograph and to do rather more than simply writing, I mean it’s
not robust but just writing the resume and so capturing the image
and finding the suitable wording and talking concerning the character and so forth. Is
it something you are feeling can be crucial for China as properly?

Pauline Lahary:           It
might be essential, and I feel it’s a very good asset on a Chinese CV to have a very good picture additionally to take care of a really, very nice picture. However you need a associate a companion’s
community to have photographers in all places in China, and China could be very huge, so it won’t be our priority for
now, but if we now have many, many candidates
asking us for this we’d manage occasions where we photograph and stuff like
that, however for now it’s not a priority.

Matthieu David:         Speaking concerning the new sort of resume, you mentioned it in the video. The video I saw on your YouTube channel, Job-box, is it something that folks speak about as a result of it’s unique, or is it one thing which is efficient?

Chinese CV podcast

Pauline Lahary:           Properly
my Job-box was a very nice undertaking with
my two associates, they have been doing a CV video and CV capturing, and I used to be offered
with the CV templates and all in a box that we might supply to someone. The
pitch provided a job for Christmas or supply a job
to your mom or supply a job. So, I feel the thought was unique, and that’s why we acquired various press
release and stuff like that, however in actuality, the field was not expensive sufficient, and it was not profitable, so we stopped.

Matthieu David:         I
misunderstood truly what was my
job-box? Was it that you simply ship a box to some employers or you have been sending
alternatives to individuals?

Pauline Lahary:           You
send a box to someone you need to help to get a job. Like your greatest good friend is
an employer. You will supply him the box. It’s like a package, a package deal to
get a job – like an image, CV, CV video and an internet page about your self
and you just supply the job package.

Matthieu David:         Okay
so by sending the box you ship a service
and you then have been offering the service as a result of in the field you didn’t have but
the photographs and videos as a result of it’s a must to shoot proper?

Pauline Lahary:           Precisely.
In the box, you have been having a bit of booklet about profession tools, methods to pitch
yourself, find out how to sell yourself, and
stuffs like that.

Matthieu David:         I
see, however do you are feeling individuals would supply this type of present? You don’t have a job then I allow you to to get a

Pauline Lahary:           Properly, no,
because we stopped it. Truly, we
thought perhaps 50 bins, in order that’s what individuals will buy in a number of months, 50 bins, however more in B2B truly, we bought these
bins to Allo Cadeau or Groupon these sorts of internet sites the place you
can purchase presents to individuals. Additionally, to corporations who have been organizing a licensing, I
imply if you hearth individuals, they have been providing these packing containers to the individuals they’re
going to fireside, to help them get a new

Matthieu David:         I
see. I see. That might be a bit sensitive proper.

Pauline Lahary:           Precisely,
very sensitive. Nicely, the thought is good however
fairly robust truly to do an excellent business mannequin about it.

Matthieu David:         I
feel this idea might be an excellent device
to get backlinked, to get PR, to get individuals talking about you and I feel that

Pauline Lahary:           Yeah, true.

Matthieu David:         Okay.
Truly once I was asking you concerning the field, I was not asking about this
specific enterprise, I was asking about another sort of box you showed in the video, which is somebody working within the food
business, creating the box with a number of the food
she designed or she produced, to ship to a potential employer. Did you
feel like sending something which is a sizeable
product to a possible employer goes
to actually make someone excellent and
distinctive, or it’s going to look a bit like – let’s say a bit joke, what’s your
feeling on it?

Pauline Lahary:           I
assume if it’s nicely finished it could possibly be very nice.
This candidate needed to work within the food business, so we created her Chinese CV in chamallow in the box you can simply supply to the employers with their espresso
or something. Also whenever you go to the interview
you possibly can supply this box, they usually can just eat you, you already know, that was fairly
humorous to do, nevertheless it worked because she had an interview after which a job and I
assume if its meaningful, then it’s good because there’s the food business,
you need to work in that sector, every part’s linked collectively, then it really works.
In fact, if it’s out of nowhere like you don’t need to work within the meals or something
in finance and also you just ship this field of chamallow then I don’t understand the which means so that it gained’t work, and it might be thought-about as
a joke. So it needs to make sense within the moment challenge of the candidate.

Matthieu David:         I
see, I see. Okay. Thank you very a lot for
being with us, we’re about 45 minutes. How
did you are feeling concerning the interview?

Pauline Lahary:           Very nice. Very detailed, I need to

Matthieu David:         Yeah we like to enter particulars in
order to make individuals perceive how enterprise is run and what can we do, so thank
you very much for sharing it in this episode of our China enterprise podcast and we can be
displaying you your video I assume in two weeks, amongst our audience mainly in China,
so hopefully it may be useful as nicely on your launch in China.

Pauline Lahary:           Thank

Matthieu David:         Thank you and thanks, everybody, for listening to China Paradigm, the China vlog the place we interview entrepreneurs in China.

China paradigm is a China business podcast sponsored by Daxue Consulting where we interview profitable entrepreneurs about their companies in China. You’ll be able to access all obtainable episodes from the China paradigm Youtube page.

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