Hearts of Iron IV – Go Ahead, Macau My Day Achievement Guide

guide describes the steps you need to follow to achieve the achievement “Go Ahead, Macau My Day” in Hearts of Iron IV. If you are one of the players who is struggling to get this achievement in Hearts of Iron IV, then this guide is for you.

Before you begin, please note that this guide is based on the author’s experience. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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Go Ahead, Macau My Day performance guide

It is difficult, but not impossible, to achieve this result. After many attempts, we have finally found a way to achieve this performance on the historical AI in a very consistent way and without major achievements.

Becoming a monarchist

Produce guns, artillery and auxiliary equipment for miles around and only for U-boat IIs. Decision on release of Chinese government from cooperation to be taken in 1937. Accept the order. Throw Portugal down the monarchist path. Become a monarchist first and then immediately start a civil war in Brazil. If you strengthen ties with Argentina, you can demand docking rights and organize such raids by the Navy:

And they can surrender almost immediately. Just move a division for their capital as fast as you can, one tile up. Since you won the Civil War quickly join the Civs for 1939.

Try to run the business as well as you can. There are many incentives to build in Portugal. If you have one, you will have a civil industry on par with Italy or the UK in no time.

I am using 7/2 divisions of inf/art and later going to 40 wide. I’ve also paid a lot of attention to CAS. But it’s more of a personal preference.

Expand your empire

As soon as the tension in the world exceeds the 50% mark (late 1939, early 1940 approximately), Francophone Spain is justified. You have to use the arguments you get out of the concentration. Get them out as quickly as possible, this should not be a problem, you should have two complete armies at this stage. Be careful when pursuing a member of the military police or an officer, so as not to be paralyzed by the enemy.

To Hong Kong

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Apologize to Britain or Free France and focus on Hong Kong If you tighten ties, you can ask Germany for military access and docking privileges. Regroup all fleets and submarines into a ruinous pile and position them in port near the British Channel. Declare war and call in your Chinese puppet.

Organize a naval invasion around London or Dover, use marines if you want. Normally I don’t have to do that. Invade England and surround London, but don’t occupy it. Usually the British don’t have many divisions on their island of origin, I used CAS to crush a few divisions on the island and drive them north into Scotland.

Continue to destroy the new divisions that will emerge in London for a high combat ratio (about 30-40%), make sure you are ready for the end of 1941, when Pearl Harbor will be invaded by Japan and the United States will join the Allies.

Bring Hong Kong and the French Chinese states to a peaceful settlement with your Chinese puppet. Then try to conquer the East Indies and take French Indochina. In fact, Japan will attack the Axis powers if you don’t.

Shooting down Japan

At present, Japan is not at war with China Japan has failed to catch up with China since the last adjustment.

Deploy your fleet and increase your air force to support your bombers. Declare war on Japan and use states to bomb Japanese ships in China. Go to Taiwan and continue the conquest of your home islands. The United States will get involved sooner or later, so you don’t have to worry because they will have fewer points in the war than you do.

Surround Tokyo and wait for China to push Japan off the continent. This ensures that China is weak enough to kill quickly and take all of China in the center of the war. You can also crush a military score to make a Japanese puppet.

China out of action

Attack with all your puppets and your now large army and use your air force and navy to conquer China from all sides. There is no need to be so crude. Do not use allies who are not your puppets, or they will take land in China to waste your efforts to succeed.

The war should be easy, because after the war with Japan, China is very small and has little or no air or sea power. Take all the important states of China with your Portuguese puppet.

Hearts of Iron IV

And that’s it for this Heart of Iron IV director’s guide. Good luck in your war and don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have a question.

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