Harvest Moon: One World Review (Nintendo Switch)

game: Harvest Moon : Genre One World: Farm simulation system
: Nintendo Switch (also on PS4 and Xbox)
Developer/Publisher: Rising Star Games | Age Classification Natsume Incorporated
: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $49.99 | UK £39.99 | EU €49.99 Release date
: 5. March 2021

No evaluation code was used, I bought the game myself.

What’s in a name?

Do you like a good farming simulation game like me? Then you’re probably very familiar with these games, which are called Bokujo Monogatari in Japan and have been marketed in the West under a different name since 1997: Harvest Moon. Marvelous AQL was the developer of the Harvest Moon games until 2014, and the games were localized and distributed by Natsume in the United States and by Rising Star in Europe.

World, with the first parts unlocked.

Because in 2014, Marvelous decided to self-publish the games in the West from then on. The problem was that Natsume owned the rights to the Harvest Moon name. That’s why the next Bokujo Monogatari was called the Story of the Seasons. And Natsume decided to launch his own series of farming simulation games under the old name Harvest Moon.

Are you still with me? I just wanted to make it clear that this review is about Harvest Moon: A world brought to you by Natsume! Let’s look at the game.

Saving the world

The world is a pretty dark place. You live with your mother in a world where growing plants or animals seems like a distant memory. But they have a book with the most amazing pictures of other things you can eat, like potatoes from nature. But can a seed exist?

One day, while harvesting a potato, IvoCaro sees a blue light. Then she finds the bastard of the harvest, who gives her the seed. It’s something she’s never seen… the idea of growing something of her own!

Encounter with the first sprite, the sprite of the Harvest of Life, Vitae.

Anyway, this leads to an encounter with Vitae, the master of the harvest, who gives you the medallion of life. She explains that there are only 6 people in the world and we need to look for them. If you succeed, the goddess of the harvest will return, and with her the fertile soil that makes farming possible.

With this inspiration, YvoCaro packs up his things and leaves the house and mom smiles encouragingly!

Agriculture on the move

Fortunately, you get help from your neighbor Doc Jr. It comes with a very useful device: Expando farm to set up the farm wherever you are. Very practical! The robot that takes care of it is called Sparky, and you can power up this energy source by giving it food. Once you reach the first village, Callison, you can set up your farm and start working.

Expando Farm, invented by Doc Jr.

The Expando farm is the first sign that everything is different in this farming game. There are other things veterans of the farming game can get used to. You can’t buy the seeds in the store. You can find them by clicking on the blue lights you see everywhere. They are numerous and provide an interesting seeding opportunity. No more planting in a grid like I normally do, no choice but to plant them randomly. Because you can’t plant everywhere, the locations are predetermined.

Take your farm and go!

The plot is clear from the start. You’ll be dealing with the main quests, and soon your world will expand to include magically repaired bridges. There are also side missions, and as the world expands, the game shows them on the map.

Stay on the path!

The fast travel system is eventually unlocked, but at first my YvoCaro’s feet hurt from walking many, many miles in a landscape that is not very fun to navigate. Each neighborhood has a different vibe and season, but the paths you can take are predetermined, so don’t stray to keep looking. And apart from the wild animals you can pet, it’s pretty empty. Of course, endurance decreases very quickly, even while walking. The days are very short and, as always, there is a lot to do tending the crops, raising animals, mining, fishing, cooking, etc.

Mining is the same as in the other farming games

Many crops and animals

There are many types of seeds and they come with instructions on when to grow them best. But because I wasn’t paying attention I discovered that they seem to grow in all parts of the world, and it might take me a little longer to harvest them.

Many species of plants from all over the world

There are also many different animals to raise, but they are slow to get going. But I love all the variations and the wide variety, it does something different from what we are used to.

What I also like is the mechanism of farming: You don’t have to search for the right tool. The game will only do this for you if you press A. A patch of unworked soil lifts the hoe, then you can pick your seed. Do you want to add fertilizer? This is the next one, after which you pay automatically. This is also how he works when dealing with animals.

One world, but rather lonely

Like the landscape, the characters we meet are rare. Each town has a few houses and one or two shops. You can buy things here, but the signs have no other rules. Such people exist, but they often have no names, they are just called clumsy men or absent-minded women.

It’s sad that he’s still a bum after fixing the bridge!

Harvest Moon : In One World, there are dates, and the bachelors and bachelorettes have a little more meat on their bones. They stand out in the main story, often distrusting my little YvoCaro at first, but growing towards her when she makes her town generous again.

I played the portable game, which for the most part works well. However, there is some stuttering as you walk down long empty aisles. The music is clearly intended as background music, but is pleasant and relaxing enough. The graphics are decent, but you still look down on the scene and the camera doesn’t move.


Harvest Moon : One World is not part of the long series of games that came out in the West a few years ago under the name Story of Seasons. Yet it is aimed at the same game idea and audience. While I’m not sure it’s a good idea to look for competition when Story of Seasons comes out in the same month, I enjoyed my time in One World.

My first chicken is still called Josefin!

Is it as good as the History of Seasons games? No, it isn’t. In comparison, the world feels empty and the characters are a bit flat. The dating scene could use some help too. But for me, as a fan of farming simulators, I can honestly say I enjoyed it. The developers have tried some new ideas, such as. B. Expando Farm. And you don’t have to dig around in your bag for the right tool: The game always does the right thing at the right time. An excellent assortment of different plants and a new way to get seeds. The agricultural activity itself seemed fresh to me.

However, I wonder if the price isn’t a bit too high and the reviews on the internet about Harvest Moon are very different: I have to say, he had me playing for hours. However, I would add, in light of my comments above, that the game should have been priced significantly lower than the competition.

Final Judgment : I like it.


How do you load…

frequently asked questions

Does the harvest moon change?

We know players will enjoy the new experience it brings! Harvest Moon : One World is scheduled for release on the 2nd. March 2021 expected on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Is Harvest Moon a good game?

The Harvest Moon game series, now called Story of Seasons, is one of the best-selling titles in the world. Players must cultivate land, build social relationships and manage property. … With so many games released on different platforms, there are a lot of choices to make if you’re new to the series.

Can I play as a girl in Harvest Moon?

The characters are the protagonists of some games. … The names of the characters can be changed by the player at the beginning of each game. In some Harvest Moon games, characters can be either male or female – they will never marry (except in IoH/SI).

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