Halo Infinite mid-season updates improve anti-cheat and add LAN feature – full patch notes

Microsoft has released a series of updates for halo infinite since it debuted last month. The most recent update, which is available now on PC and Xbox One, brings with it some much-anticipated changes to the game’s anti-cheat system and adds a LAN mode that allows Players to play together outside their local area networks.

The “halo infinite news ” is a recent update to the game. The updates have improved anti-cheat and added LAN support.

There’s a lot going on in Halo Infinite right now. The co-op mode was pushed back from the start of Season Two, but it’s still coming. Meanwhile, the game won a number of awards at the 2021 video game Accessibility Awards.

343 Industries, the game’s creator, offers a double dose of updates for the newest Halo game today, March 14. The first is a patch that fixes two remaining issues: it improves PC stability and offers a way to connect to LAN servers from the game’s menus. On PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One, the update is merely “600 MB or less.”

The other upgrade, at 1.3 GB, is approximately twice as hefty. This is the mid-season update for Season One, delivering a bevy of new features and bug fixes. Before detailing the patch details, the blog post outlines some of the adjustments, including improved cheat detection and anti-cheat implementation – Easy Anti-Cheat is, in fact, why the game isn’t on Steam Deck Smoother first-person animations and enhancements to Quick Resume are also included. The entire patch notes may be seen below.

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Patch Notes for Halo Infinite Season One’s Mid-Season Update


  • At all frame rates, first-person animations, such as reloading and clambering, now seem smoother.
  • For both Multiplayer and campaign, the following sound effects are amplified in the audio mix:
    • grenade-throwing enemies
    • The supercombine of the Needler
    • The Ravager has completed its charge.
  • Quick Resume for Xbox Series X/S consoles has been improved, including the dependability of reconnecting to Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer and customisation features. After utilizing Quick Resume, players who have bought Halo Infinite’s campaign digitally should see less solicitations to buy Campaign.
  • After upgrading and starting Halo Infinite players who did not earn an Achievement after meeting the conditions should see it unlock.
  • Dolby Vision HDR output on xbox series X/S consoles has been improved.
  • When playing on a PC with an AMD GPU and a FreeSync compatible display, color accuracy improves (s). If you wish to experiment with HDR, make sure it’s turned on in both Windows and the AMD Radeon Software/Settings.
  • Xbox One systems have been given a boost in terms of stability.
  • If you try to play Halo Infinite with an out-of-date PC graphics driver, you’ll be directed to Halo Support’s recommended drivers.
  • Graphics corruption may be less common on PCs using Intel Integrated Graphics.
    • The minimal system requirements for Halo Infinite are not met by Intel Integrated Graphics. On this hardware, gameplay may be functional, but it is unlikely to be performant.


  • Cheat detection has been improved, as well as other anti-cheat enhancements.
  • Damage sounds, as well as opponent footsteps and gunfire, are now stronger in the multiplayer audio mix.
  • In Big Team Battle, the Combat Sensor’s range has been expanded from 18 to 24 meters.
  • New telemetry has been added to aid our developers in gathering additional information about shot registration concerns. The development team’s in-depth investigation of these concerns, as well as their ideas for future mitigations, may be seen here: The Online Experience in Halo Infinite.
  • After obtaining a matchmaking ban, players may check the status of their ban by selecting the Play button on any matching playlist. This expiry date will be in the format MM/DD/YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  • All players that have submitted a valid code on Halo Waypoint may now get the Optimal Polish Initiated armor plating.
  • Stuttering and desyncs will no longer be experienced by players standing atop wrecked vehicles.
  • Estimated Wait times are now shown in matchmaking playlists.
  • After online matches, the Post-Game Carnage Report will now indicate the right winning team.


  • Campaign’s save mechanism has been improved to avoid data loss.
  • After finishing the campaign’s final task, interactive things such as uncollected audio logs and ammunition boxes now have their proper sound and visual effects.
  • When playing in a language other than English, the description of Forerunner Artifacts now shows appropriately.
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