Halloween: 15 Horror Movies to See or Watch Again on Netflix

In this Halloween season, we all like to make a little money watching a good horror movie. To help you find your way around, we’ve made a selection of the best horror movies on Netlix.

In this period ofHalloween, we all like to scare ourselves by watching a good horror movie. This genre has been so popular and represented for almost a century that we generally don’t know what to think about it anymore. And if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ve probably found that there’s no shortage of choices in this area. Horror movies, there are several tens on the streaming service.

To help you find your way around, we’ve made aselection of the top 15 horror movies on Netlix. Of course, the selection process is only binding on us and you may find it difficult to accept. If so, please feel free to leave a short comment below and tell us which film(s) would have deserved its presence here. Ready to quiver with fear and pleasure?

Chucky: The Blood Doll

  • Year: 1990
  • Type: Slasher
  • Director: John Lafia
  • Pitch: After the disappearance of the Chucky puppet, Andy Barclay is taken in by an adoptive family. If the first months go smoothly, employees of the Chucky manufacturer decide to repair the puppet which will then come back to life and will do everything to take possession of Andy’s body again.
  • Why it’s scary: If the script doesn’t really hold any surprises, the gory aspect, the original murder scenes and the slasher inspirations of the film still make it an interesting horror movie to watch with friends for fun.

The Blair Witch Project

  • Year : 1999
  • Genre : Thriller
  • Directors : Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez
  • Pitch : In 1994, three film students went to the Black Hills Forest to make a documentary. Their goal: to gather as much information as possible about a witch who allegedly perpetrated a series of murders a century earlier. One year later, only their camera and the disturbing footage they filmed during their stay in the witch’s forest remain…
  • Why It’s Scary : Shot entirely on camera in hand, The Blair Witch Project has launched a veritable fashion for “fake” horror documentaries. Lovers of excessive haemoglobin will be disappointed, as the film focuses mainly on the growing tension and the vision in the foreground of the camera. Nevertheless, this is a real reference in horror films, despite a very small budget ($60,000) and a very simple script.

Shaun of the Dead

  • Year: 2004
  • Type: Comedy, zombies
  • Director: Edgar Wright
  • Pitch: On the outskirts of London, Shaun doesn’t know what to do with his dull, gloomy life. One day, however, he will take his courage in both hands and find a vocation when the city’s population is gradually replaced by zombies. He’ll do anything to survive with his friends.
  • Why it’s scary: Shaun of the Dead is not scary, it’s actually a parody of classic zombie movies like the ones George Romero directed. It is also the first film of Edgar Wright’s “Cornetto Trilogy” , starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Afterwards, the three friends worked together on Hot Fuzz then on The Last Pub Before the End of the World.

High Voltage

  • Year : 2003
  • Genre : Gore Horror
  • Director : Alexander Aja
  • Pitch : In order to prepare for her exams, Marie isolates herself on her best friend’s farm. One night, a killer manages to break into the house and one by one eradicates all the family members. If Marie and her friend Alex manage to survive, a frantic race begins to escape from this dangerous psychopath.
  • Why it’s scary : this French film takes up all the clichés of the classic horror movie (an isolated corner, two young women chased by a serial killer, blood is coming out of it…). But we strongly encourage you to stay until the end, as the outcome may well hold a surprising surprise for you.

Remember… Last Summer

  • Year: 1997
  • Genre: slasher
  • Director: Jim Gillespie
  • Pitch: Driving home from a drunken party, a group of young high school students are about to hit and kill a man on the road. After hiding her body and ignoring the event for a year, they will realize that the victim is still there, and that she is seeking revenge.
  • Why it’s scary: With Scream, Remember Last Summer marked the return of the slasher in the late 1990s after a 10-year absence of the genre in the cinema. The film plays a lot on high school clichés and is clearly inspired by the clichés of the genre, with suspense, jumps and Sarah Michelle Gellar as a scream queen.

Freddy Les Griffes de la Nuit

  • Year : 2010
  • Genre : Gore Horror
  • Director : Samuel Bayer
  • Pitch : Five people living in the same neighbourhood are haunted each night by the vision of horror. A disfigured killer armed with four steel claws comes after them. And if the dreadful Freddy Krueger were one day able to cross the world of dreams to materialize in our reality, how would you react?
  • Why it’s scary : Modernizing Wes Craven’s famous 80s franchise, this feature film doesn’t pretend to match his model. But Freddy Krueger is such an emblematic character in horror films, that it is with a certain delight that we find him here. A film that can be watched without any displeasure.


  • Year: 2006
  • Genre: slasher
  • Director: Kim Chapiron
  • Pitch: After a night out at a nightclub, a group of suburban youths drive a young woman home to the country. There they will meet Joseph, a man who is violent to say the least. 
  • Why it’s scary: Sheitan resumes the slasher tradition, with a group of isolated young people who will disappear one after the other. To this, he also adds a social dimension and innovative staging effects to surprise the spectator.

The Babysitter

  • Year : 2017
  • Genre : Horror Comedy
  • Director : Joseph McGinty Nichol (McG)
  • Pitch : While his parents are away, Cole is given a babysitter for the night. Since he can’t sleep, he’s going to spy on her in the living room. Except that the young woman is actually part of a strange satanic sect and is engaged in a murderous ritual with some of her friends. Once her sacrifice is made, she decides to go after poor Cole. A bloody lawsuit ensues…
  • Why it’s scary : Underneath her sexy young lady exterior, the babysitter hides her game well. If the film takes up all the slasher codes, it is to better divert them to his account in a wild and unbridled story. Funny, sometimes hilarious, this is a perfect film for those who want to be afraid, but not too much anyway.

Scary Movie

  • Year: 2000
  • Type: Slasher, parody
  • Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans
  • Pitch: One night, an American teenager receives an anonymous phone call and is killed. In high school, his classmates are convinced that the killer is hiding among them and suspicion grows between the different characters.
  • Why it’s scary: Largely inspired by Scream, Scary Movie is not scary at all. It is not, however, to be put in front of everyone’s eyes. While it is a parody, and therefore above all a comedy with many influences, the film also includes scenes of sex, drugs and other elements that are not suitable for a young audience. 
  • Link: Netflix


  • Year : 2017
  • Genre : Horror Thriller
  • Director : Zak Hilditch
  • Pitch : In 1922, a farmer comes to kill his wife whom he suspects of adultery. But it seems that this one has not said its last word, since it will come back to haunt him, assisted by an army of rats, and will not stop chasing him everywhere.
  • Why It’s Scary : adapted from a short story by Stephen King, this film is before and above all a psychological thriller. Has the main character totally lost his marbles or is the “ghost” of his wife real? Hang on, because you won’t have the answer until the very last minutes.

The Thing

  • Year: 2011
  • Genre: slasher, gore
  • Director: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.
  • Pitch: On a mission to Antarctica, a group of scientists discovered what appears to be an alien wreck. Little by little they will discover that the organism contained in it does not seek to do only good and can take possession of the bodies of the different members of the mission and turn them against each other.
  • Why it’s scary: Both a remake and a prelude to John Carpenter’s 1982 film, the 2011 version is less psychologically charged but much more gory in its visual effects. It’s better to have your heart on the line, as some shots can make you think of a sequence of bloody minced meat trying to parasitize a human being.


  • Year : 1984
  • Genre : family horror
  • Director : Joe Dante
  • Pitch : In the 1980s, young Rand receives an adorable little creature from his father. This “mogwai” must not be in contact with water, must not be exposed to bright light and above all… Under no circumstances should it be fed after midnight! But one night these recommendations are not followed, and the horror begins for the peaceful little town of Kingston Falls.
  • Why it’s scary : If you are easily moved by the nice little mogwai, their antagonists are the worst creatures around. Cruel and unethical, the Gremlins will make your Halloween party fun and enjoyable. We love it, and we can’t wait to see what the third part, currently in preparation, will look like.

Evil Dead 3: The Army of Darkness

  • Year: 1992
  • Type: Zombies, comedy, adventure
  • Director: Sam Raimi
  • Pitch: Having managed to escape the zombie apocalypse caused by reading an old grimoire, Ash is finally transported to the middle ages in 1300. He will then do everything he can to find the evil book, including facing an army of the undead led by a necromancer.
  • Why it’s scary: Actually, if the first two Evil Dead were scary, the third one was much less so. Like the first two parts, this is a comedy playing on the codes of horror, but with a dose of fantasy and adventure. 

Not a Noise

  • Year : 2016
  • Genre : Horror Thriller
  • Director : Mike Flanagan
  • Pitch : Deaf and dumb, a writer is sequestered in her home by a sadistic killer. But the young woman is determined to stay alive and will do everything in her power to try to get rid of this intruder.
  • Why It’s Scary : Directed by Mike Flanagan, who is not at his first attempt at a thriller, this film plunges us into a cleverly conducted and most oppressive closed-door session.

The Human Centipede

  • Year: 2009
  • Type: Gore
  • Director: Tom Six
  • Pitch: On a trip to Europe, two American tourists break down after a flat tire. They will then take refuge in the home of former surgeon Josef Heiter. He’s going to sequester them and then use them for these crazy experiments. It seeks to create a human centipede by connecting the mouths and digestive tracts of several individuals.
  • Why it’s scary: This is not about psychological tension or jump scares, but simply gore in what he believed. The film has acquired cult status since its release, mainly based on its initial idea and some particularly graphic shots.   

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