Hacking: the Extreme Download Site Changes Its Web Address!

Like most illegal download sites, Extreme Download regularly changes its web address. These regular movements are intended to protect against possible blocking measures ordered by the authorities. On September 29th, the site was once again migrated to a new URL, this time ending in .pro.

After the blocking of LibertyLand, StreamComplet and VoirFilms sites by France’s main Internet service providers the managers of the Extreme Download site probably preferred to take the lead and move their platform to a brand new URL. The method is common among hackers: constantly hunted by the authorities, they get used to regularly redirecting their users to a new address. This is the technique that was used by The Pirate Bay website for its return online.

Hacking: Extreme Download migrates to a new URL!

The Extreme Download site managers therefore redirect their users to a .pro address, managed by RegistryPro, owned by an Irish registry. According to Numerama, last May, the site had already migrated to another .one address. Before that, the download platform had already used multiple different URL extensions, located in many countries such as .in (India), .cc (Cocos Islands) or .co (Colombia). The site is also available via generic extensions such as .com or .net. These addresses all redirect to the new .pro address. As you may have guessed, these addresses are ways for hackers to escape from the authorities.

Considered as the worthy successor of Zone-Download, Extreme Download therefore works like a classic link directory. Files that violate the rights holders are stored on external services such as Uploaded or Uptobox. From the point of view of American law, the site managers are therefore safe. Still according to Numerama, the situation is quite different if the French authorities want to attack the platform…

If you use the download site regularly, you won’t see the difference. The initial address will therefore redirect you to the new URL, as it has done in the past. Last I heard, the hackers gave no reason for this umpteenth change of address. After the fall of T411, there is no doubt that the managers of an illegal download site are more vigilant than usual!





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