Guild Wars 2’s Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths are free to unlock this week

This week, both Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths are available to unlock for free in the ArenaNet account portal. These two events—which both feature five new dungeons—require the purchase of one of GW2’s two expansion packs, Path of Fire or Heart of Thorns.

This week, ArenaNet is giving away guild wars 2’s Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths free to everyone who owns guild wars 2. This means that if you don’t have a copy yet, now’s your chance to get it for free.

Two brand new patches are here for the game: Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths. These are free to unlock in Guild Wars 2, but they’re not exactly easy to get.

All summer long, ArenaNet is making the old episodes of Guild Wars 2 from the life story of available for free for those who missed them years ago So far, the company has held promotional weeks for Gates of Maguuma, Entanglement and both parts of The Dragon’s Reach. This week’s freebies are Echoes of the Past and Twisted Paths, both released in 2014. They’re pushing players through the Silver Badlands, so even if you’ve already unlocked those episodes, next week is a good time to return to those areas as players gather there. You should be able to check your in-game email to get tokens to unlock the story, but if that n’t work you can go to the story log and click buy on the appropriate episode to buy episodes for 0 gems. Yes, all this also works with a free-to-play account GW2 . Meanwhile, a small balancing update for the game arrived today, making adjustments to the 11 patch. May. We wanted to pay particular attention to the small quality of life issues facing the various professions. To this end, we are implementing changes such as. B. Increase the maximum duration of a speed blessing to 60 seconds and allow the duration to be combined by using the super speed multiple times. Quality of life fixes for individual classes include correct source tracking for the fire mage skill Ashes of the Righteous and a fix for the movement behavior of the thief skill Deathblade Dagger so that it no longer sends you away from your target while you are under the effect of Impetus or Super Speed. In ranged combat, we’re making targeted changes to two hot buttons: the all-too-effective Engineer skill Purity of Intent and the Druid skill Unit Glyph. We’ve long noted that Purity of Intent is a dominant supporting trait when playing large groups in WvW, as it allows you to quickly and consistently stack all the boons in an area. In this update, Target Purity has an internal timeout of 2 seconds for each affected target. This means that it can fire at the same target every two seconds, for example. B. with alternating compensating field pulses, but not at shorter intervals. ViewThe cycle of content drops continues as we enter our second week of Free access to GW2’s Echoes of the Past and the Tangled Paths expansion. The availability of these two campaigns is timed to coincide with the release of GW2’s new update, Heart of Thorns, on October 20th, which is the last content drop before the winter holidays.. Read more about guild wars 2: path of fire key and let us know what you think.

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