Guide of Nol 2019 : Our Selection of the Best Games of Socit De Lanne

Are you more of a psychic and telepathic connection or pirates, mafia and ninjas? To help you with your Christmas shopping, the Journal du Geek offers you a catalogue of seven games for different budgets, desires or audiences.


Identity card

Author(s) : Oleg Sidorenko & Oleksandr Nevskiy

Illustrator(s) : Igor Burlakov & Xavier Collette

Published by Libellud

2 to 7 players / 10 years + / 30min – 1h

Suggested price : 35-40€

Extension(s) : Hidden Signs (18€) and Secrets & Lies (18€)

In Mysterium, you play a group of mediums gathered in a mansion to solve the murder of a poor soul who haunts the place and transmits strange visions to you. But here’s the thing: each player will have to interpret specific visions corresponding to a set of person-place-object related to the murder that is always different from the others. Once all the clues have been gathered (because if a single medium fails, the game stops and the mystery remains), each medium must then bet on what he or she thinks is the whole embodying the real murder. Victory is achieved only if the majority of psychics correctly identify the said murder. In addition to its beautifully designed and illustrated packaging , Mysterium is the best example of mind games. Not only does it require a good capacity of imagination, but at the same time it enriches it. Above all, it marvellously summoned the knowledge that players have of each other and, especially in the meticulous choice of visions distributed by the ghost to each player, the way they communicate with each other. A real challenge indeed, but from which the groups – family members or friends – emerge truly grown.

Label - LIBMYST01BNL2 -...

Ninja Academy

Identity card

Author(s) : Corentin Lebrat, Théo Rivière, Antoine Bauza & Ludovic Maublanc

Illustrator(s) : Djib

Published by Iello

3 to 5 players / 8 years + / -30min

Recommended price : 12€

Another universe, another atmosphere and another style. Ninja Academy is a coherent collection of mini-games of skill, speed and intuition. Each player is a ninja who is determined to become a master of shuriken and other tricks. To achieve this, Ninja Academy offers a series of tests, in duel or group, to be completed through meeples (or human-shaped pawns), mini logs and … the game box itself. Examples: balancing the counters on top of each other, improvising a bowling alley with them or finding out how many are hidden under the box just by shaking it.

Ninja Academy is for all fans of Fort Boyard’s Time Masters events in a much more fun atmosphere! The handling is easy, fast and the variety of possible tests offers a good degree of replayability. In addition, the betting system (made by the rest of the players in parallel to a duel) adds a degree of good-natured bad faith to the atmosphere. A treat for all audiences, but especially the most energetic.

IELLO- Ninja Academy (Version...

IELLO- Ninja Academy (Version…

  • Ninja ACADEMY is a multi-test game for 3 to 5 players that challenges reflexes,…
  • Players: 3 – 5, Age: 8 years +.
  • Ideal for family/ friends
  • a crazy Mario Party like board game

The Mind

Identity card

Author(s) : Wolfgang Warsch

Published by the Oya

2 to 4 players / 8+ years / -30min

Suggested price : 10€

Do you really think you are on the same wavelength as your parents, brothers, sisters or friends? Can you form a single connected mind with them? The Mind and its enigmatic rabbit propose to answer these questions. Without making a single glance, gesture or word, players must place numbered cards in ascending order, betting mentally on the play of others. If one of the players gets impatient and gets the wrong cards, breaking the order of the numbers, the game stops and the group loses a life. The goal is to make a succession of cards, always more numerous, without making a mistake and running out of life points. Winner of the 2019 Cannes Award-winning Ace d’Or, The Mind is for everyone. He learns patience and intuition and strengthens group cohesion in an almost transcendental way after several victorious games.

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The Mind Card Game Game De…

  • Merge minds with the other Players to play the cards in order WITHOUT talking.
  • One of the hottest games of 2019.
  • A riot for you and your friends that you’ll never forget.
  • One size: about 13 * 9 * 2cm.

Mafia of Cuba

Identity card

Author(s) : Loïc Lamy & Philippe des Paillères

Published by Himself

5-6 players+ / 8 years+ / 30min

Suggested price : 20€

Extension(s) : Expansion Revolucion (14€)

If you are full of the famous Werewolves of Thiercelieux and are looking for a similar role-playing game to liven up your evenings, go no further: Mafia in Cuba is the solution. The godfather of a Caribbean mafia gang has successfully stolen several diamonds. Rather than celebrate, he decides to test the loyalty and faithfulness of his troops by voluntarily leaving his booty unattended. Once the players have secretly helped themselves, the sponsor seeks to flush out potential thieves. Nevertheless, he must be tactful and secure the support of his loyal right-hand men hidden among them and not provoke the FBI agents undercover in his gang. While it does not capitalize as much on narration and staging as Werewolves, the Mafia of Cuba is armed with more opportunities for improvisation, negotiation and bluffing. Moreover, there is no narrator in this game: the godfather is, on the contrary, the most important player and perhaps the most dangerous role to play. In addition, everything in this game is useful: the game’s fake cigar box and its elegant contents are absolutely necessary for the game but above all for its atmosphere where offers can hardly be refused.


Asmodee - LMMAF01EN - Game...

Asmodee – LMMAF01EN – Game…

  • 2 units of this item sold out from January 8, 2018 8am (only on units…
  • A game of bluff and deduction with an exotic and original atmosphere.
  • Play without moderation
  • Original material

Shit Happens

Identity card

Published by Goliath

2 to 8 players / 18+ / -30min

Recommended price : 15€

The Shit’o’Meter, you know it? It ranks the worst possible experiences, from the smallest concern to the worst moral dilemma. Shit Happens lets you experience this by revealing the tolerance (and weirdness) thresholds of your fellow players. Each in turn, they must correctly evaluate the position of successive cards representing horrible and hilarious scenarios on their shit’o’meter. This one is composed of three initial cards that offer intervals where to place the ones they draw. As they accumulate the cards, it becomes difficult for the player to juggle between the intervals and respond correctly. The first player to correctly place ten cases on his shit’o’meter wins the game.

A combination of the short “Shit Happens” and the absurd deaths of the “Darwin Awards”, Shit Happens is a perfect game to liven up an evening or relax the atmosphere. Nevertheless, it is not meant to be played over and over again with the same people – like a Blanc-Manger Coco, in the same genre – and rather benefits parties between different groups of friends. Versions: Shit Happens: Family Shit Happens (Family, 13+) & Shit Happens: 50 Shades of Shit (Sex Theme)


Goliath - Shit Happens - Game...

Goliath – Shit Happens – Game…

  • As they say, in life, “Shit Happens”.
  • To be the first to win your 10 cards, you will have to place them correctly in front of the…
  • A politically incorrect and impertinent ambience game.
  • Nomadic format easy to take everywhere.


Identity card

Illustrator(s) : Pauline Berdal

Published by Oka Luda Éditions / Art&Bear

2 to 4 players / 8 years+ / 30min+

Suggested price : 15€

Buy Kami

Freely inspired by a traditional Japanese game, the Goïta Shogi or “game of generals”, Kami (“spirit”, in Japanese) is a game destined to pass from generation to generation. Each player presents eight cards in hand and takes turns playing a two-card combination: a defensive one, countering the attacking card of the previous player, and an offensive one, intended to prevent the next player from playing. The first to place his eighth card wins the round and the points given by his card. Therefore, a strong sense of strategy and planning is required to prevail. Even if Kami requires a small number of players, he excels by the finesse and efficiency of his mechanics. Moreover, the game is approached in a completely different way depending on the number: playing in a duel does not involve the same strategy as in a two-on-two team, as in Kem’s. In addition, his tarot cards are a real treat for the eyes. The illustrations of dragons, samurai and characters from Kabuki theatre are simply beautiful!

Earth Pirates

Identity card

Author(s) : Mathieu Roussignol

Published by Roussignol Edition

3 to 6 players / 14 years old + / 1h – 2h

Suggested price : 38€

Extension(s) : Captains (20€)

Finally, if you are a customer of much denser, longer and more complex board games don’t miss this recent French title. In Pirates Land, each player plays a typical ship captain from the golden age of piracy. Each captain has specific abilities, but it is up to the player to take advantage of them, or not, depending on whether he wants to approach his treasure hunt aggressively, diplomatically or cunningly. Like the Railroad Adventurers, players compete with each other to earn the most points, depending on the number of treasures they glean, during a given number of rounds. Each player must also manage the various and varied events in as many obstacles on his course: appearance of the Kraken, diverting the navigational trajectories, intervention of the Royal Navy or boarding by other players… By combining strategy, deck-building and naval battle, Terre Pirates delights by a well-balanced complexity. The result is a real chess game (with more than two players) in the world of piracy.

Pirates Land

Pirates Land

  • Contents : 1 Tray 540x540mm
  • 200 cards
  • 6 double-sided printed boats and their plastic bases
  • 58 tokens
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