GTX 1070 Ti Hashrate

Looking for hashish GTX 1070 ti? See our graphical comparison of GPUs for the reduction of 1070 hash frames and their costs here.

The NVidia 1070 Ti graphics processor is the latest version of NVidia’s high-end graphics cards. And as expected, they are immediately captured by customers for use in GPU mining.

The 1070 Ti is very similar to the GTX 1070, but instead of the 1070 1920 it has 2432 CUDA cores. Since it is about 25% more data processing devices, the developers of the ethereal core have calculated that NVidia GTX 1070 ti-Hashrat will be about 20-25% better than the 1070.

Extracting ZCash or ZenCoin into a comparison algorithm usually requires more CPU on the GPU than on the drum. With the equalizer the chopping speed values of 1070 Ti were comparable to those of GTX 1080 and varied between 550 and 650 salt/sec.

Compared to the hash rate of the GTX 1080, the 1070 Ti is likely to be better or at least compete with the 1080 and perhaps even the GTX 1080 Ti – this is due to the memory type of this mining GPU. Model 1080 comes with GDDR5X memory that was not as fast as GDDR5 memory when the Ethash algorithm was extracted. The GTX 1070 Ti is equipped with a GDDR5 memory, which allows 35 Mh/s or even 40 MH/s for ethanol extraction (the GTX 1080 can be moved up to 35 MH/s and the GTX 1080 Ti up to 37 MH/s).

However, if the production performance of 1070 Ti in the Ethash IS algorithm is 40 MH/s, it costs more than 2 o-o-popular GTX 1060 production GPUs, each of which can reach 23 MH/s, which is very efficient.

Actual production figures for GTX 1070 Ti Hashraat

So how does the performance of GTX 1070 Ti in actual mining compare to all estimates? Not so good.

Aetherium miners, prepare – 1070 Ti etherium hashrate no more than 32 MH/s even with overclocking. The hash rates of the EVGA GTX 1070 Ti SC for Ethereum were the best of all devices we’ve found data on so far, with +200 core settings and +700 memory settings. It is still only comparable to the speed of the GTX 1070 GPU, and Ti is more expensive.

Equihash’s mining industry did a little better. When the reserves were built up, the 1070 Ti hash rate was about 460 sol/s at 170 watts. Overclocking has yielded several results.

A ZenCash miner was able to adjust the speed from 1070 T/s to 515 T/s with about 180 watts. The efficiency is therefore 2.81 Sol/Watt. In general, the salt content is higher but less effective than 3.19 salts/watt up to 1070.

With more aggressive acceleration and a total consumption that has been reduced by 60 to 65%, another miner managed to increase the consumption from 1070 Ti g/s to 495 g/s, at a consumption of only 119 watts! The efficiency of 1070 Ti is 4.22 Sol/Watt – faster production than 1070 and more efficient! In the same way, another user sets the kernel acceleration to +200, the memory acceleration to +700 and the TDP acceleration to 60%. With 107 watts they could reach 461 salts per second, or 4.31 salts per watt. It is more efficient than a GTX 1070 chopping speed or a 1080 Ti chopping speed and more effective!

GTX 1070 Ti Mining industry overview: It may be too early to say. .

GTX 1070 Ti Hashrat does not blow up any other cards, but does seem to show some improvements in production speed above 1070 and some improvements in efficiency above 1080. But it may still be too early to draw definitive conclusions.

As with other mining GPUs, developers can create better mining software and increase productivity over time. I expect Etasha’s level to increase by 10-15% in the coming months as more and more people start plugging in and playing with their mining facility based on Ethereum GPU.

Also important

There are rumours on the network that GTX 1070 Ti is essentially a means for NVidia to exploit the manufacturing errors of the 1080s. While the 1080 has 20 SM, rumour has it that the 1070 Ti has 19 SM (actually 20, but a defective one). Type GDDR5 with less delay than 1080 and you will get a new card!

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