Gran Turismo 7 Now Has the Lowest Metacritic User Score (2.2) of Any Sony Game in History

Electronic Arts’ Gran Turismo 7 is the lowest rated game in Sony’s history. It has been met with criticism from fans and critics alike since its release.
The Metacritic score of 2.2, however, may be something that keeps some people playing religiously- low enough to stay at the bottom of their pile for a while before picking up another title.- meaning it might not be so bad after all.
You can find out what others have thought about the game here:

Forza Horizon 5 has a metacritic score of 84, while Gran Turismo 7’s is 2.2. This is the lowest metascore any game in history for a Sony game.

Gran-Turismo-7s-25th-Anniversary-Edition-and-Pre-Order-Items-DetailedPolyphony Digital (photo credit: Polyphony Digital)

Is Gran Turismo 5 complete? That’s unlikely given the franchise’s track record of critical acclaim, but the recent controversy surrounding Gran Turismo 7’s microtransactions and other flaws isn’t helping the series’ cause, as evidenced by the latest Metacritic numbers derived from players who have complained about the game’s microtransactions and other flaws.

On Metacritic, Gran Turismo 7 presently has a startlingly low user score of 2.2/10, the lowest for a game from PlayStation Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment SCEA, or SCEJ in the site’s decades-long history. Gran Turismo 7 has a respectable Metascore of 87 from reviewers on PlayStation 5, but consumers are clearly divided, with reviews that rank the game below prior disappointments such as World of Warriors (2.9) and NBA 10 The Inside (2.9). (3.0).

Gran-Turismo-7-Now-Has-the-Lowest-Metacritic-User-ScoreMetacritic image

Gran Turismo 7 went out for almost 24 hours last week, leaving it practically unplayable owing to the quantity of material that required an online connection to access. In a recent blog post Gran Turismo 7 producer Kazunori Yamauchi promises that the game will be improved with new material, racing events, and features.

“In GT7, I’d prefer for customers to be able to enjoy a large number of vehicles and races without having to resort to microtransactions,” Yamauchi wrote. “At the same time, automotive pricing is an essential part in conveying their worth and uniqueness, thus I believe it is critical that it be tied to real-world values.” I want GT7 to be a game where you can enjoy a variety of vehicles in a number of ways, and I’d want to prevent a scenario where a player is forced to mechanically reproduce similar events over and over again.”

“In due course, we will notify you of our update plans for more content, racing events, and features that will constructively remedy this,” he said. “It bothers me that I can’t go into more detail about this right now, but we want to keep revising GT7 so that as many gamers as possible may enjoy it.” We’d be grateful if everyone could keep an eye on the development of Gran Turismo 7 over a longer period of time.”

Gran Turismo 7 currently has the lowest Metacritic (VGC) user score ever for Sony (via Eurogamer)

Following recent downtime and criticism about the game’s microtransactions, Gran Turismo 7 currently has Sony’s lowest user score ever on review aggregation site Metacritic.

The PS4 and PS5 racer currently has a user score of 2.5/10, which looks to place it behind every game from PlayStation Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment SCEA, SCEE, and SCEJ in Metacritic’s 27-year database.

The great majority of GT7 user evaluations were written on or after March 17, when developer Polyphony Digital published a content patch that reduced race payouts, making it more difficult to unlock new cars without spending money on microtransactions.

Between the 17th and 18th, GT7 was also unavailable for more than 24 hours, rendering it almost unplayable owing to the large quantity of material that required an internet connection to access.

Even before the recent patch, VGC claimed that some of Gran Turismo 7’s automobiles cost up to eight times as much in real money as they did in Gran Turismo Sport

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Gran Turismo 7 is a racing video game developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment The game was released on December 6, 2015 for PlayStation 4. It has the lowest Metacritic user score (2.2) of any Sony Game in history. Reference: gran turismo 7 release date .

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