Google Stadia Has Not Been So Convincing in 2019 and 2020 Doesn’t Seem Promising Either

Despite the promise of embodying the future of video games Google Stadia has not been so convincing in 2019. The fault lies with a service that still lacks many of the features promised during its presentation. Let’s take stock of what’s new at Stadia this year!

Credits: Google

Presented with great pomp and circumstance last June, and unveiled in November, Google’s cloud gaming service quickly aroused curiosity, then disappointment. Indeed, Stadia has been stripped of many basic functionalities, in the absence of its free version but also of a greatly reduced catalogue and beta-like performance. However, despite a rather clumsy launch, the Mountain View firm believes strongly in its vision of the future of video games and should greatly improve its service in 2020. Here’s everything that should come to Google this year.

Stadia Base is coming

The first big news at Stadia in 2020: the arrival of the free version of the service. Currently, Stadia remains reserved for players who had pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition, which has long been out of stock, leaving aside many gamers who would like to subscribe to the paid service without purchasing the pack (9.99 euros per month to enjoy the 4K and various discounts on games in the catalog), or Stadia Base the free equivalent of the service to stream games in 1080p. No doubt many curious people should look at the free version in order to test Google’s service, before considering taking out a paid subscription, which could go a long way towards democratising the service. For the moment, Google has not specified when Stadia Base will be launched, although it is known that it should arrive at the beginning of the year.

The joystick will cut the cord

Another big thing to come on Stadia: wireless on the official Google controller. Although Stadia theoretically allows you to stream any AAA title on a screen as small as that of your smartphone, the future is still a long way off when you have to connect the controller with… a cable. Google has promised it for 2020, the official controller should finally go wireless on any device, in addition to the Chromecast Ultra, the only device that offers wireless with this controller currently. Speaking of smartphones, Google should soon make its official Stadia application compatible on most devices available on the market. The service is, for the time being, only accessible on the manufacturer’s mobiles, i.e. Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4. iOS users – and especially iPad users, which is particularly well suited to the service – can rest assured: Google Stadia should also arrive on their devices this year. Finally, Stadia’s web version will also be improved, and in particular will allow streaming in 4K, where it is currently limited to 1080p, regardless of the connection.

Many other functions are also expected to arrive later this year. The 4G (then soon the 5G) will soon be able to stream your favorite titles, we should take advantage of a better integration with YouTube to do live, but also see the arrival of Google Assistant in games. Finally, as far as the Stadia catalogue is concerned, it should gradually expand during the year, and the demos should also arrive on the Store. Ultimately, even if it was launched in 2019, 2020 will clearly mark the debut of Google Stadia.


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