Google Maps: New Logo, New Identity, New Features, the App is 15 Years Old!

The evolution of the Google Maps logo over the last few years (© Google)

The world’s most famous mapping service celebrates its 15th anniversary this Saturday. It now guides more than a billion users on their journeys. The perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a real rejuvenation.

Google Maps is one of the symbols of the success of the Moutain View firm over the last fifteen years. The service will have “Country View” as they say, literally and figuratively speaking, and it is by unveiling a new skin that Maps begins this new decade. New logo, renewed user navigation… When Google celebrates a birthday, things aren’t half done!

Maps, a more participatory application than ever

A new version of the Google Maps application is available since February 6, 2020 on iOS and Android. This one marks us from the very beginning since it has a brand new logo, simplified as much as possible with the disappearance of the map effect, which only leaves room for the famous pin-shaped marker, present in the app since its debut, but this time in the colors of Google.

In addition to a new logo, Maps celebrates the arrival of five new easy-to-access tabs: “Discover”, “Routes”, “Registered”, “Contribute” and “News”.

In detail, the “Discover” tab provides information and advice on places close to your location, such as restaurants. The ” Routes ” tab offers the possibility to optimize each user’s multi-modal routes. The “Saved” tab allows you to sort, arrange and organize in one place all the places previously visited, shared with the community or recommended by the community.

A fourth tab, “Contribute”, invites, as its name suggests, each Maps user to share his or her favorites and opinions on places he or she may have visited. Finally, the “News” tab lists the places not to be missed, spotted by what Google calls its “local experts”, who are users who have been transformed into real guides by contributing to the service. And it’s all shareable with his network.

Google’s focus on public transit

Last year, Google Maps broke new ground by deploying bus, subway and train traffic information functionality in more than 200 cities, providing users with real-time traffic information. The firm has just announced the addition, starting in March 2020, of new data that will allow motorists to plan their trips even more precisely.

Among the information provided, you can, for example, check the temperature in advance, thanks to previous passengers who will have indicated whether it was rather cold or rather hot on board the evening train, for example. Information on accessibility for people with reduced mobility can also be uploaded, i.e. whether their bus is equipped with a seat, adapted access or specific stop buttons.

And that’s not all, since Maps can also tell you whether there is monitoring (automated or physical) on board the means of transport, as well as the number of wagons available. But this last feature will only be deployed in Japan in the first instance.

Source: Google

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