Google Maps: Google Earth’s Satellite Images Now Cover Almost the Entire Earth

Google Maps and Street View

Google unveils for the first time the extent of imagery data from the Earth and Street View projects that are part of Google Maps The inhabited areas of our planet are now 98% covered by satellite images. Google also claims to have already photographed the equivalent of 16 million km of images for Street View.

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Street View cars have been on the road around the world for over 12 years. These vehicles with a camera mounted on their roofs have made it possible to obtain images of many corners of our planet: from the most prominent cities to the least populated hamlets. For the first time, Google has unveiled the breadth of imagery data being collected that allows users to virtually travel to different parts of the world via Google Maps or the Street View application.

The company claims to have already captured more than 16 million kilometres of Street Viewimages. According to Google, the distance would be equivalent to going around the Earth more than 400 times. But Street View is not the only way Google offers to fly over the corners of our planet.

Google Earth covers 98% of the world’s population

In terms of satellite images accessible via Google Earth, the application now covers 58 million km², which is equivalent to 98% of the planet’s inhabited areas. Although Street View and Google Earth aren’t features you use every day, they’re a big part of the Google Maps service. ” Imaging is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the foundation of our entire mapping process,” explains a firm manager in a post on the Google blog.

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Despite the enormous progress made by Google, there is still a lot to be done. Street View cars do indeed have limits. The firm explains that it uses other means to facilitate the process. For example, it uses the “Street View Trekker”, a backpack carried by hikers who are transported by boat, camels and other unconventional means of transport to some hard-to-reach places.





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