New design of Google Images

Google Images updates and offers a new interface. This is characterized by the display of a new side panel when an image is selected in the search results. This dark background frame also provides access to relevant information about the selected item.

New design of Google Images

Google Images has just been updated on Desktop. The two main changes concern the interface that is displayed when selecting an image. The search engine now has a side panel on a dark background containing the selected image rather than displaying it below the thumbnail in the middle of the screen.

Google Images: interface updates with new side panel

In addition to providing a focus on the selected image, the side frame provides information about the element. If it is a product, you can access information such as its brand, its price, its availability, but also the opinion ofInternet users. This update is designed to make decisions easier, especially for shopping enthusiasts. Google has also added captions to the associated images that appear below the selected image so that the user can get a quick idea of what the image looks like before clicking on it.

A Google spokesperson said that the new descriptions that accompany the images are the result of an organic search performed by the company’s algorithms and are not company paid ads, unlike an option that is being tested in the mobile version of Google Imgaes.

Another important change is the ability to scroll the screen vertically without losing sight of the selected image. This is because the side flap remains frozen despite scrolling, which was not previously the case with the central image display. This new version of Google Images that was announced some time ago is already online. You can test it now from a browser on the desktop. Smartphones are not affected.