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[GOOGLE HOME] Google Home Google Home Max, Google Home Mini an update on the different models of intelligent speakers in the Google Home range.

On the front of the connected speakers, Google was the first to draw. It will market its Google Home in the United States in 2016. The product is launched in France mid-2017, ten months before the release of Amazon’s Echo smart speakers in France. Powered by Google Assistant the Google Home range is available in four models: the Google Home, the Google Mini, the Google Home Max and the Google Home hub At its last Google I/O conference last May, the group announced that its Home range would be replaced by the Nest brand, like its Nest Hub Max connected screen, which is due to be launched in September.

Like Amazon Echo Google Home is designed to answer users’ questions (by searching for information on the internet) by voice and can be used to perform multiple tasks: play a radio, play a playlist on Spotify, turn on lights, activate or deactivate an alarm… According to the Canalys research firm, Home speakers will have a market share of nearly 30% in the third quarter of 2018, compared with just under 32% for the leader Amazon with its Echo terminals (world figures). 

What is the price of Google Home in France

  • Google Home: 149 euros
  • Google Home Mini: 59 euros
  • Google Home Max: 349 euros

In France, the price of the Google Home, the basic model of Google’s voice speakers, is 149 euros, compared to 59 euros for the Google Home Mini, and 349 euros for the Google Home Max.These are the prices recommended by Google to its resellers.  The Google Home Hub is not currently available in France.

What are the differences between Google Home models?

Google Home: comparison of different models



Availability in France

Google Home

Standard speaker


Google Nest Mini

Miniature speaker


Google Home Max

Large size speaker


Google Home Hub

Voice screen


Google provides a development kit to create Google Assistant voice applications (or skills) that are compatible with its Google Home Speakers. The group calls them Actions.

Google Home applications available in French

In the United States some 4,200 voice applications were available in January 2019 via Google Assistant terminals (and therefore via Google Home), according to the research firm Voicebot. For its part, Amazon claims 80,000 skills developed for its assistant Alexa. 

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Google Home is linked to Spotify. © Capture site Google

In France, Google is highlighting around 30 partner voice services, compared with around a thousand for Amazon. On the programme: radio skills to access Europe 1, the different stations of Radio France, (Fip, France Bleu, France Culture, France Info, France Inter, France Musique, Mouv’ ), or even RMC and RTL. Google also provides access to its own applications such as Google Play Music and Google Calendar, and those of international partners such as Deezer, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Spotify and TuneIn. Thanks to the Chromecast feature, the Home speaker can display the answers provided on a TV. 

At the same time, Google Home allows you to control a series of home automation devices: LIFX, Philips Hue Wemo or Wiz light bulbs, but also Nest thermostats, TP-Link network equipment, or connected objects for the home from Netatmo and Somfy are just a few examples.

Google Home standard

The standard version of Google’s speakerphone is available in France since August 2017 for 149 euros. It is 14 centimetres high and around 10 centimetres wide and is distributed online via the Google Store and on the Darty and Fnac websites in particular.  The speaker competes with Amazon Echo and Apple’s HomePod, both launched in France in June 2018. Powered by Google Assistant the Google Home is equipped with a cylindrical speaker, two microphones and four LEDs. 

Technical specifications of Google Home


9,64 cm


14,28 cm

Weight of the device

477 g

Weight of the adapter

130 g

Supported audio formats

HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV, FLAC, Opus




Dual Passive Collector and Voice Remote Sensing


DC power jack, micro-USB


Android 4.2 and later, iOS 8.0 and later


Remote automatics

Google Nest Mini (ex-Google Home Mini)

The 2nd generation Google Nest Mini (ex-Google Home Mini) is available in France since October 2019. Priced at 59 euros, it is sold by several retailers including Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty.  All the features of Google Assistant Google’s voice AI, are available through the speaker despite its small size: 4 centimetres high by 10 centimetres wide. This new version delivers twice as powerful bass as the Home Mini. Our engineers have developed software that delivers rich, clear and natural sound at any volume, Google says in the post of this ad. In the same logic, the Nest Mini generation 2 automatically adjusts the sound level according to the ambient noise. It is also the subject of a revisited design with rounded corners which is available in two colours (Pebble and Charcoal). Smarter and faster than the original Mini model, the Nest Mini contains a dedicated auto-learning chip with a processing capacity of up to 1 terabyte. Some features of the Wizard will soon be able to run directly on the device without going through our cloud,” adds Google.  

Google Home Max

The Google Home Max aims to challenge Apple’s HomePod, whose sound quality has been repeatedly praised. This large format version of Google Home (33 cm x 19 cm x 15 cm) is equipped with two speakers and delivers sound waves 20 times more powerful than the basic version of Home. This home automation equipment, which is intended to be resolutely top-of-the-range, is priced at 349 euros in France, where it is sold on the Google Store and by Google’s partner sites (,, 

Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub embeds in addition to a speaker a 7-inch touch screen allowing visual access to the contents requested (weather map, video, location of connected objects …).  In competition with the Amazon Echo Show, its date of release in France has not been communicated.

Google Assistant

Google equips its loudspeaker with a conversational AI called Google Assistant With 500 million users worldwide, according to the latest figures, the intelligent assistant uses natural language analysis technology to decipher user requests and respond to them via a synthetic voice. The software is capable of distinguishing up to six different people, storing their personal data separately and responding to them according to their own search history. 

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Google Wizard default team Android since version 6. © Capture / JDN

Alongside its Google Home, Google intends to ensure that its AI is integrated into as many devices as possible. The group delivers it with Android since its version 6, as well as its IoT Android Wear oriented operating system All connected smartphones and wristbands running these OSs have Google Assistant by default, as does Apple’s Siri voice wizard, which is automatically present on all iPhones since the 4S version released in 2011. Alphabet thus hopes to collect as much data as possible on Internet users In addition, the multinational company provides a development kit to integrate its virtual assistant with third-party connected objects. 

What next? While Google Assistant currently supports nearly 20 languages, Google plans to expand to more than 30 in the near future. At the same time, the group is announcing a whole series of functional developments. On the agenda: support for geolocalized reminders and support for multilingualism. 

Set up Google Home

A Google Home application (available for Android and iOS) allows you to configure the speakers. Once associated with a Google Account it manages the settings of Google Home devices, in terms of location and language, and connects them to the internet via the home’s wifi network. It then provides access to the voice applications available in the selected language. Finally, it will be able to detect and network the different compatible connected objects located nearby.  

Okay Google

Google Home does not listen to its users all the time. To wake him up, they will have to pronounce the expression Okay Google or Hey Google (or OK Google in the French version). The device captures the phrase that its owner then utters and analyzes it via its AI in Google Assistant cloud mode. Objective: to provide the most satisfactory response possible. Google, however, equips its smart speakers with a continuous conversation feature.  For the moment available only in English, it allows you to address the speaker by chaining several questions without having to pronounce Hey Google between each one. For example: Hey Google.  What’s the weather like today? What about tomorrow? Can you add an umbrella to my shopping list? And remind me to wear my raincoat tomorrow. Thank you. Thank you. 

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