Google Has Decided to Temporarily Cut Off Links With Xiaomi’s Ecosystem

If your Xiaomi connected devices no longer work on GOOGLE HOME this is normal. The Mountain View firm has decided to temporarily cut off links with Xiaomi’s ecosystem after a user demonstrated a safety problem. He managed to connect to Xiaomi security cameras that did not belong to him.

Credits : @u/Dio-V via Reddit

UPDATE: Xiaomi responded to Engadget about the security issue of its ecosystem on Google Home/Assistant, indicating that it has fixed the flaw. Here is the full trademark statement:

“Xiaomi has always made the privacy and security of its users’ information a priority. We know that there was a problem receiving images when connecting the Mi Home Basic 1080p security camera to the Google Home hub. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team has since acted immediately to resolve the problem and it is now fixed. After investigation, we discovered that the problem was due to a cache update on December 26, 2019, designed to improve the quality of camera streaming. This has only happened under extremely rare conditions. In this case, this happened during the integration between the Mi home security camera Basic 1080p and the Google Home Hub with a bad network connection. We also found that 1044 users were using such integrations and that only a few with extremely poor network conditions could be affected. This problem will not occur if the camera is linked to Xiaomi’s Mi Home application. Xiaomi has communicated and resolved this issue with Google, and has also suspended this service until the root cause is completely resolved, to ensure that such problems will not recur. »

Original article: Yesterday, a Reddit user posted a video in which he revealed a major security issue on Xiaomi’s security cameras connected to Google Home/Assistant via the Chinese manufacturer’s Mi Home application. From his Google Nest Home Max, this Internet user managed, very easily, to connect to security cameras of the Chinese brand… except that they were not his. He could watch videos captured in real time by other users’ Xiaomi cameras in other homes from his camera. The user doesn’t give much details about the manipulation that allowed him to retrieve the video stream from these remote cameras, even if he says he bought his Xiaomi Mijia 1080p on a new Aliexpress, and that it works under version 3.5.1_00.66 of the manufacturer’s firmware.

Neither one nor two, Google was alerted to the problem and acted accordingly by simply blocking any connection between Xiaomi’s connected objects and Google’s services. Since 2 January, it has been impossible to connect, via Google Home to all the products of the Chinese firm, whether it be its security cameras, but also its light bulbs, and even its Roborock vacuum cleaners This situation should, fortunately, remain temporary. After immediately cutting the integration between Xiaomi’s connected products and Google Home/Assistant, a spokesperson for the Mountain View firm told Android Police “we are aware of the problem and are in contact with Xiaomi to work on a solution. In the meantime, we’re disabling Xiaomi’s integrations on our devices. “For her part, Xiaomi hasn’t reacted yet.





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