Google Chrome: a Security Flaw Puts Your Pc in Danger, Install the Emergency Update

Google has identified a critical security flaw within Chrome. Through this breach, hackers are able to take control of your computer remotely to deploy malware. In order to protect its users, Google is currently deploying an update containing a patch on Windows, MacOS and Linux. You are therefore invited to install it on your web browser without further delay.

” A vulnerability has been discovered in Google Chrome announces the Center for Internet Security, a non-profit organization dedicated to computer security, in a report on its website. Google quickly confirmed the existence of a flaw on its official blog. The flaw only concerns the desktop versions of Chrome. Android and iOS are therefore not affected.

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Chrome: Google deploys security update on Windows, MacOS and Linux

According to the report, the flaw could theoretically allow an attacker from to take control of your PC in order to install malware. “An attacker could install programs, view, modify or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights” specifies the Center for Internet Security.

Contrary to the flaw spotted in March on Chrome, there is no indication that hackers have already relied on this vulnerability to set up a computer attack. Theoretically, the vulnerability would mainly allow penetration into the computer systems of companies, SMEs or government agencies, says the Center for Internet Security.

Specifically, all users ofa version of Chrome prior to 76.0.3809.132 must ensure to install the update on their web browser. We advise you to schedule automatic updates by going to “About Google Chrome” and check “Update Chrome automatically for all users”.

Source : Center for Internet Security





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