Google Assistant: the Complete List of Orders in French

Quick access

  • How to configure the Wizard
  • What to ask Google Wizard

    • Open websites and applications
    • Manage alerts/reminders/events
    • Interact with contacts faster
    • Get itineraries and weather reports
    • Get other useful information
    • Enjoy Google Assistant in your spare time
  • Summary table
  • Google Assistant always more efficient

How to set up Google Assistant

If you haven’t configured Google Assistant you may be able to get Google OK’s out of the way, but it won’t obey you. First of all, make sure you can really use the Wizard on your device: you need at least Android Lollipop. Also make sure you have the Google application and Google Play services up to date by visiting the Play Store and checking for available updates. 

Now you want to set up Google Assistant for the first time? Press and hold down the home button (the Home button, if you prefer) and then start Google Assistant All you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen. If for some reason you want to disable speech recognition of the famous Google OK, just launch the Google application, press the vertical lines in the top left corner and then press Settings. Then in Settings > Phone > Google OK Detection you can enable or disable speech recognition.

What to ask Google Wizard

Open websites and/or applications

Instead of opening your browser and typing the URL, you can simply use your voice. Just say Go to or Open, then the name of the site. For example, Ok Google, open

If instead you want to launch an application (say, the calendar), just tell Google to launch the application. For example, OK Google, launch the calendar. Note that variants such as starts or opens instead of launches also work without problems.

Websites and applications launch with a single sentence. © ANDROIDPIT

Manage alerts, reminders and other events

As its name suggests, it is first and foremost an Assistant who wants to help you manage your schedule, reminders and much more. Here again, everything is possible with the help of voice commands.

Define alarms

You no longer have to open the Clock application to set your alarm clock: just tell it when it should wake you up. You can also specify the frequency: is it every day? Only on Mondays? Only tomorrow? If nothing is specified, he will assume it is an occasional alarm and it will not be available until tomorrow. For the curious, know that you can also open the clock application directly on the timer with Google Assistant but this does not seem to be possible with the timer refuses to open. 

  • OK Google, set an alarm [when]
  • Example : OK Google, put an alarm on Sunday at 6:00 AM

Create reminders

Forgot to pay your rent and need a reminder? It can be done in a few taps. Are you lazy? Use the voice interface (but still get a little motivated too). The sentence is relatively simple to say:

  • OK Google, remind me of [what] [when] [where]
  • Example : OK Google, remind me to pay my rent on Friday at 8:00am

Note that in some situations, it may be helpful to tell Google where you live and work so that it can respond to certain commands. This is easy to do in the Google Maps settings, My Addresses category.


This will prevent problems. © ANDROIDPIT

Create and manage calendar events

Be careful, these are not reminders but events stored in the Calendar application. You can easily add them to your calendar application, so you shouldn’t forget to pick up your mother-in-law at the train station. You can of course ask the Assistant to give you a report or simply to tell you what time you have an appointment.

  • Creates an event [what] [when] [where]
  • What do I have to do [when]
  • When is [what]
  • Example : what do I have to do today?

Create notes on Evernote or Google Keep

You prefer to write everything down because your memory plays tricks on you? You can then record notes by simply saying Add a note. You will then need to specify the application for registration. 

Interact with contacts faster

Calling a contact

You can call a contact very easily by simply saying call and then their name as recorded on your phone. If you have several numbers associated with the same contact, specify whether it is work, home, mobile, etc.

  • OK Google, call [who] [details]
  • Example : Okay, Google, call Pierre

Sending a message in instant messaging

For many, many reasons, you may want to send a message on WhatsApp or other type of messaging (instant or otherwise) without using your fingers. Google makes this possible in the easiest way in the world: just say send a message to XXX on WhatsApp. Of course, you replace XXX with the name of your contact as stored on your smartphone. Then you will have to confirm the sending by simply saying send.

Note that if you forget to say the last name, Google Assistant can get lost if you have several people with the same first name in your directory. You will then need to specify which contact it is.


Quickly done, well done. © ANDROIDPIT

Send an email

Of course, this works with other messaging applications and even email. For example, you can say OK Google, send On en a gros en a gros to Arthur by email, and a window will appear asking for confirmation. However, I advise you to keep your messages short.

Send SMS

In the same way, you can send a simple text message. Just say to send a message to this or that contact and then give the content of the message. For example, OK Google, send to Fiorella: I won’t be late. You can also switch the completes: Okay Google, send me back to Fiorella early.

Get itineraries and weather reports

Whether you are on foot, by bike, by car or with any means of locomotion, your smartphone allows you to get all the information you might need. With Google Assistant, you don’t even have to search for anything, just talk.

  • Looking for a good GPS app? This way!
  • Forget about the weather app pre-installed on your smartphone.

Getting directions

Just say go to [location] or directions to [location] and you’ll see the information appear, you can then click to get it on Google Maps For example, say go to the Capitol Square and it will give you a lot of information, then you can go through Google Maps to get more. You can also give more precision, for example walking away. 

Note that if you just want to see/know where a particular place is, just ask where [place/monument] is and you’re done. 


On foot, it’s a bit far. © ANDROIDPIT

Note that when you are in navigation mode you can use Google Assistant to use many functions, for example to show or hide items on the map or to find out the Estimated time of arrival. You can also get traffic information (OK Google, traffic info). 

Getting information about the surroundings

You just got here and are looking for the good spots? No problem, just ask Google.

  • OK Google, find / where is [information]
  • OK Google, find / where is the nearest [information]
  • Example : OK Google, where is the nearest bar

Follow the weather

You can follow any time zone and know the weather from anywhere in the world by simply saying a sentence:

  • What time is it [where]?
  • What is the weather like [where] [when]?
  • Example : What time is it in Caracas?


That’s a little hot. © ANDROIDPIT

Other useful information

In Google Assistant, there is Google (yes, yes, I assure you), so all the power of the Search Engine can be used. That said, in addition to all the questions about general culture (for example, the age of death of Henry IV), you can also access many services such as translation, calculation, definition research, currency conversion and much more. 

  • OK Google, what does [word] mean?
  • OK Google, share price of [what]]
  • OK Google, square root of [number].
  • OK Google, how much is [number] in [currency] in [currency 2]?

Note that you can also get information from specialized sites, for example to find out which films are currently being shown in cinemas (as well as many other information about the film). Many themes can be covered: music (information on author/interpreter/songwriter…), sports (information on match/club/league championship…), celebrities and many more.


Everyone should know this. © ANDROIDPIT

Enjoy the Wizard in your free time

There are so many orders that we can’t fit them all into one item. Among the many features available, there are also features for multimedia management.

Manage Music

Use the controls to launch a song, to identify a song that’s playing on the radio (which puts him as a rival to Shazam), and much more. It’s not always easy with MP3s, but with Google Play Music and Spotify it’s more efficient. Here are several examples of commands you can use :

  • Plays [song]
  • What is this song?
  • Plays music

Find the images you are interested in

Looking for a picture? You can find her very easily, just ask her.

  • OK Google, show me a picture of [what]


The Marsupilami is yellow and black, right? © ANDROIDPIT

Summary table

Here is a summary of the possible functionalities.

  • People

    Ex: Who invented the cell phone?

  • Now

    Ex: What time does the sun rise in Hong Kong

  • Weather

    Ex : Will I need an umbrella on Sunday?

  • Conversion

    Ex : How much is 5.5 inches in cm?

  • Mathematics

    Ex : How much is 90% of 200 euros?

  • Application monitoring

    Ex : Send a message to WhatsApp / Launch TuneIn / Disable Bluetooth

  • Definitions and culture G

    Ex : Defining private law

  • Alarms, Events and Recalls

    Ex : Set the alarm clock for 6:00 a.m. tomorrow

  • Communication

    Ex : Send a text message to mum / Call mum

  • Rental

    Ex : Where’s the Coliseum?

  • Sport

    Ex : Who won: Paris or Madrid?

  • Flights and Travel

    Ex : Flight FR 5203

  • Navigation

    Ex : Open

  • Films and series

    Ex : What are the best films of 2017

  • Music

    Ex : Play we are the champions

Google Assistant: always more efficient

Remember that Google Assistant is certainly smart, but sometimes you have to be patient and avoid making sentences/communications that are too long. Also, he seems to have some difficulties with the southern accent (or just with me), but all this should improve with time. 

Do you use Google Assistant? If so, on a smartphone or on a connected speakerphone?

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