Good Mobile Bundle Plan: the Best Offers Without Obligation

Good Mobile Bundle Plan: the Best Offers Without Obligation

Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free Mobile, MVNO: which is the cheapest rate plan?

In France, the mobile telephony market is structured around four operators: Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR-Altice. In addition to these operators, which have their own networks, there are some 40 small operators known as MVNOs, which offer packages on the networks of the four operators mentioned above. Among the best known are NRJ Mobile, Virgin Mobile and La Poste. Recently, they have also been competing with submarines from major operators such as Sosh, RED by SFR, B&You, etc.

These sub-brands often offer non-binding offers that are significantly cheaper than the packages normally found with operators. They sometimes rely on a subscription only through the Internet. But to really find the cheapest package, you often have to turn to flash sales, promotions, coupon codes, sales, or private sales sites. Even the cheapest packages can be taken out with additional discounts!

In addition, Free Mobile regularly offers flash sales on the website with offers that defy all competition.

Cheap mobile plans: how to change operator to get the best deals?

In any case, before changing operator, contact your customer service to request the RIO number that is essential for the portability of your phone number. In other words, the number to be transmitted to your new operator and which will allow you to still use the same phone number when the portability is effective. The other problem is the cancellation fees that some operators may charge, not to mention the remaining months of your commitment period if you are in this case.

Some operators offer a partial refund of these termination fees to their new customers. But it is not always possible to take advantage of it. As a general rule, bargain hunters on the lookout for the best deals will prefer to opt for a non-binding offer with separate purchase of a smartphone. The price of total freedom! It is also possible to opt for two lines, one of which is used only for the use of flat-rate packages at the best prices, within the limits of the conditions of use, which are, of course, laid down by the operators.

Of course, whatever your decision, choosing a mobile operator means understanding the realities of their network. This is particularly the case with Free Mobile’s own network, whose coverage may still be incomplete depending on the area. But SFR, Orange and Bouygues customers may encounter exactly the same problem in certain regions of France. So, which Orange, SFR-Altice, Bouygues or Free Mobile operator will you choose?

Consult here all the best deals of the moment to choose the best mobile plan at the lowest price!

Auchan télécom : 30Go flat rate without commitment at 3.99 € / month for 6 months

At the beginning of this month, Auchan Telecom is launching a limited edition offer until February 13, 2020. This is a mobile package without commitment including 30 GB of internet, offered to all those who want to…

Mobile package 07/02/2020

Cdiscount Mobile: Unlimited package + 60 GB Internet without commitment at 8.99 € / month during 1 year

Cdiscount mobile offers a new offer valid until Thursday 13 February 2020. The 60 GB mobile package limited edition is €8.99 per month for 12 months. A good plan…

Mobile package 05/02/2020

Red by SFR: extends its 60 GB package to €12

For the umpteenth time, SFR is offering its Red by SFR 60 GB package for €12 per month for life with no commitment. An offer that would run at the base until the third…

RED SFR 05/02/2020

NRJ Mobile: Unlimited package + 50 GB Internet without commitment at 5.99 € / month for 6 months

If you wish to change your mobile package, you should know that MNVO NRJ Mobile is offering a promotional offer on its 50 GB package until 9 February 2020. He’s, uh…

Mobile package 03/02/2020

Best Mobile Plan 2020: Comparison of January offers

What are the best mobile plans in 2020? Offers and promotions are commonplace, as are packages without obligation. Read this file to help you…

Mobile package 03/02/2020

Cdiscount Mobile: the 100Gb plan is 9.99€ per month for 1 year without commitment

Until 4 February 2020 inclusive, you can subscribe to the Cdiscount Mobile 100 GB bundle at €9.99 per month for 1 year. An interesting offer for people with a high level of…

Mobile package 31/01/2020

Sosh is selling its 50 GB package at €9.99 per month for one year!

Sosh is back with a promotion for its 50 GB package at €9.99 per month for one year. Those wishing to subscribe have until the 17th…

Sosh 27/01/2020

The Sosh package with 20 GB of internet usable in France and Europe is 11.99 €

During the winter sales, Sosh offers a promotion on its 20 GB package. Until 27 January 2020, you can subscribe to this package for €11.99 per month for 1 month….

Sosh 23/01/2020

NRJ Mobile: 30Gb package with no commitment at €4.99 per month for 6 months

For the New Year, if you want to switch from your current package to a cheaper no-commitment package, the following good plan might appeal to you. NRJ Mobile offers…

Mobile package 22/01/2020

New 60Gb mobile plan at 11.99€: the best B&You plan of the moment!

During this winter sales period, B&You is launching a new mobile offer: the B&You 60 GB package at €11.99 per month is available until 4 February 2020. He, uh…

B&You 20/01/2020

Cdiscount Mobile 30 GB flat rate at €2.99 per month with no commitment for 6 months

If you are looking for a cheap, no obligation mobile package for a short period of time? Cdiscount offers until 21 January 2020 inclusive a mobile offer including 30…

Mobile package 14/01/2020

Free Mobile Plan 50 GB at €9.99 per month for 1 year

The Free operator is extending its offer on its 60 GB package: the price remains the same compared to the previous operation: €9.99 per month for one month….

Free Mobile 14/01/2020

50 GB at €2.99: the cheap mobile package of Cdiscount

During this winter sales period, Cdiscount offers its mobile package with 50 GB data at only 2.99 euros per month for 6 months. This is a promotional offer that…

Mobile package 09/01/2020

Low-price mobile package: 40 GB at only €3.99 thanks to Cdiscount

Last day to subscribe to the Cdiscount Mobile 40Go no-commitment package at only €3.99 per month for 6 months. A good and interesting plan for those who are looking for…

Mobile package 02/01/2020

Cheaper Mobile Plan: B&You offers you 100 GB for 14,99€

Bouygues Télécom offers its B&You 100 GB package for 14.99 euros per month with no commitment. This offer runs until December 23, 2019 and is likely to be of interest to those wishing to subscribe …

Mobile package 19/12/2019

Cheap mobile package: the best offers as Christmas approaches, not to be missed!

For a few more days, French telephone operators are offering interesting promotions on their mobile packages. The opportunity for people who want to subscribe to one of them or change them …

Mobile package 13/12/2019

The Cdiscount Mobile 50 GB “must-have” bundle is €4.99 per month for 6 months

Just a few days before Christmas, Cdiscount offers an unmissable mobile offer. The Cdiscount Mobile 50 GB bundle is €4.99 per month for 6 months (then €15.99 per month for 6 months)….

Mobile package 13/12/2019

Free Mobile: 100 GB plan on private sale at €19.99 per month + Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T offered

Once is not customary, Free, in this month of December 2019 launches a new private sale on the site With Christmas approaching, the operator is offering a package that will allow…

Free Mobile 09/12/2019

Cheap B&You Mobile Plans: 60GB at 11.99€ or 100GB at 19.99€

The operator Bouygues Télécom is offering three B&You mobile offers until 4 February 2020! So you have the choice to have -0 GB at 11.99 € or 100 GB at a price of…

B&You 05/12/2019

Good price for the Sosh 50 GB package: it’s 9.99 € per month without commitment for 1 year

The Sosh 50 GB package is subject to a discount of 15 €. This brings it to €9.99 per month for 1 year. It’s non-binding. A reserved offer…

Sosh 04/12/2019

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