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God of War Treasure Maps Guide – Find 12 Treasure Maps, Where To …


With the assistance of our God of War Treasure Maps Places Guide, it is possible for you to to seek out all 12 Treasure Maps present in God of War four. Along with telling you concerning the places of Treasure Maps, we’ve got additionally detailed the place every of the Treasures lie so as to get to them shortly.

On this God of War Treasure Maps Places Guide, we’ve listed the places of all Treasure Maps which might be scattered round on the earth of Midgard in God of War four. These are half of totally different collectibles that you simply ought to seek out and gather in God of War PS4.

The God of War Treasure Maps inform you the Location of Hidden Treasures buried deep on the planet. Upon getting discovered a map, you’ll need to comply with the clues in it to seek out the Treasure.

God of War Treasure Maps Places

The maps are in a overseas language so Atreus will show you how to decipher them. As soon as he deciphers a map, the scroll’s description is added in your objectives tab, which you need to remedy to seek out the precise location of the treasure.

Nevertheless, you possibly can merely comply with our God of War Treasure Maps Guide to simply discover the places of the maps and the treasures simply with none hassle.

There are twelve God of War Treasure Maps that you have to discover and acquire. You can’t instantly purpose for the treasure, you need to first discover the God of War Treasure Maps, decipher it, and have it added it to your Objectives earlier than you can begin attempting to find treasure. You can’t immediately go for the treasure even when you realize the situation.

Under you will see that the situation of all 12 God of War four Treasure Maps in addition to their respective Treasures.

Treasure Map #1 – Kneel Earlier than Thor!
This treasure map is accessible after second water drop and you’ll find the map in Landsuther Mines. Within the space, you should head to the carry.

Take into account that this can’t be accessed from the primary flooring so you’ll have to climb down within the gap after which take the carry to rise up to the place the place the map is situated. The map is discovered proper subsequent to the coffin contained in the carry.

Upon getting collected the God of War Treasure Maps and Atreus has deciphered it, your subsequent location is Lookout Tower the place the treasure is situated.

You’ll need to climb to the highest of the Lookout Tower and entry the hidden seashore behind the statue of Thor. Use the rope to slip down there. The treasure is sitting on the correct aspect of the Kotnar Shrine and Thor’s foot.

Treasure Map #2 – Don’t Blink
You will get this treasure map upon getting returned to ‘black breath’ with Alfheim mild. Head to Fafnir’s Storeroom and head to the world the place you want to insert the Key Orb. The map is mendacity close to this place.

This map is best to gather when you are on the ‘Sindri’s Fafnir’s Hoard’ favor. Acquire the map and have Atreus decipher it.

The situation of treasure for this map is Foothills so your subsequent vacation spot is the Foothills. As soon as there, begin climbing the mountain till you could have reached the doorway of Peak Cross.

Proper outdoors the doorway, search for a mound of dust close to the sting of the cliff. That is the situation of the treasure. Work together with the mound to gather the treasure.

Treasure Map #three – Finder’s Charge
This treasure could be obtained through the ‘Family Business’ favor. For the map, you have to head to Forgotten Caverns. In the course of the mission, if you arrive on the seashore, dock your boat on the west aspect of Lake of 9. Get off your bat and head in the direction of the situation the place some wolves are consuming a corpse.

It’s proper previous the mystic gate. Kill the wolves and head to the situation the place the gear that opens the gate to King’s Hole is current.

Find the map proper subsequent to a chest close to the damaged gear. As soon as Atreus deciphers it, you’ll get to know that the situation of the treasure is Northri Stronghold.

Through the ‘Family Business’ favor, you’ll be required to activate the waterwheel right here after which open some gates. After you have got opened the primary set of gates, you need to climb the perch above the dock to find the treasure.

Treasure Map #four – Njord’s Oarsmen
This map may be collected after the second water drop. You’ll be able to gather the map for this treasure in Northri Stronghold. As soon as you’re accomplished with Sindri’s first favor, begin the second favor ‘Family Business’ and proceed following the mission till the purpose on which you will need to defeat the traveler on the ship.

On this ship, you must destroy a weak level within the decrease deck of the ship. This weak spot may be discovered on the northwest aspect of the ship. Right here you will see the map.

Have Atreus decipher the map and you’ll get the situation of Njord’s Oarsmen for the treasure. Head to the situation and get to Mason’s Channel. To entry the situation the place the treasure is situated, it is advisable to head to Sindri’s store and climb the cliff close to it. As soon as you’re up, head proper and you’ll attain the situation.

Treasure Map #5 – The Turtle’s Tribute
After you have acquired the Mimir’s head, return to the Witch’s Basement to seek out the treasure map. The treasure map is situated within the small japanese room outdoors the Hidden Chamber of Odin.

Create some mild bridges with the assistance of Atreus after which a shock arrow on the finish will help you entry this small room.

Amassing the map and deciphering the map will reveal the situation to be River Move. It seems that this time; the treasure just isn’t too removed from the map’s location.

Get out of the basement and make your means in the direction of the turtle. On this path, you will discover a mound of dust on the fitting aspect close to some big stones. That is your treasure location. Gather the treasure.

Treasure Map #6 – Hunter’s Kingdom
This treasure might be collected after the primary water drop. You will discover the map within the Lookout Tower. You’ll be able to gather the map proper earlier than the second water drop. You’ll be able to both enter the Lookout Tower from Vanaheim Tower or just use a ship to get to the dock and park your boat there.

You will discover the map sitting on the proper aspect of the dock.

Let Atreus decipher it and your subsequent vacation spot is revealed. The treasure for this map is situated in Veithurgard. The simplest option to gather this treasure is through the ‘The Imprisonment of Otr’ favor.

Arrive on the fort entrance and search for the treasure within the center of the gate and the lore marker close to it.

Treasure Map #7 – Creation Island
This treasure may be obtained after the second water drop. The situation for the map you search is Iron Cove. You’ll have to use a ship for this map.

Get in your boat and attain the southern seashore of Iron Cove. As soon as there, search for some crates and barrels there. The map is situated right here.

Upon deciphering, your subsequent vacation spot is Buri’s Storeroom. Get again in your boat and arrive on Buri’s Storeroom. This would be the east aspect of Lake of 9.

Find the unfastened boards right here and head west of them to find the treasure. You’ll have to cope with a Draugr earlier than accumulating the treasure.

Treasure Map #eight – Lifeless and Bloated
This treasure is obtainable after the primary water drop for assortment. To acquire the map, you have to first head to Volunder Mines. Though you possibly can acquire the map at your will, we advocate that you simply acquire the map whereas finishing the ‘Second Hand Soul’ favor for Brok.

Throughout this favor, upon getting defeated the Revenant, discover the trail on the fitting and go alongside it to seek out the map.

The situation of the treasure if Cliffs of the Raven. As soon as there, you’ll have reached the seashore on the bottom of these cliffs. There you can find a troll’s corpse. Look on its proper aspect for the buried treasure.

Treasure Map #9 – Island of Mild
You possibly can gather this treasure after the second water drop. To acquire the map, it’s essential to head to Helheim Tower Seashore. The map is pretty straightforward to seek out. Search for it within the center of the Helheim Tower and Njord’s Oarsmen. Whenever you dock your boat right here, look on the left aspect.

Your subsequent vacation spot is Mild Elf Outpost for the treasure. As soon as there, you will need to make your approach round on the surface of the island.

Find the trail that cuts beneath the excessive-water dock. Hold heading down this path and switch left till you come to a sequence main down. Go down and look in your proper aspect to seek out the treasure.

Treasure Map #10 – The Boat Captain’s Key
You’ll be able to acquire this treasure after the primary water drop. Head to Stone Falls to gather the map. Arrive on the higher seashore and get off your boat. Head to the suitable aspect of the seashore and climb some ledges after the second water drop to gather the map.

To discover the treasure, you need to now head to the Isle of Dying. Climb the dock there earlier than the second water drop. As soon as the water has lowered, head in the direction of the very best level of the island. You’ll come to a ship wreckage. The treasure is situated inside this wreck. The mound of dust marks the situation of the treasure.

Treasure Map #11 – The Final Place They’d Look
The treasure is collectible after the second water drop. Head to Mountain Summit as soon as extra. While you’re on the primary path by means of the tunnel, search for it sitting within the center simply earlier than the Frost Historic. Gather the map and let Atreus decipher it.

This time, your vacation spot is Council of Valkyries. Head to the seashore situated within the middle of Helheim Tower and Njord’s Oarsmen. To attain the door, you’ll have to climb and shimmy throughout the ledge earlier than climbing some extra cliffs.

Go contained in the door of Council of Valkyries and head to the world inside. You will notice some thrones sitting inside. Your treasure is situated between the second and third seats situated on the left aspect.

Treasure Map #12 – Historian
This treasure is collectible after the second water drop. Head to Ruins of Historic and dock your boat on the northeast nook of Lake of 9. From right here you possibly can entry Ruins of the Historic’s principal space.

On the seashore, look on the best aspect the place a Soul Devourer can also be roaming. You’ll be able to select between preventing it and ignoring it. The map is sitting on the identical proper aspect of the map.

As soon as the map is collected and deciphered, the trace for the situation of the treasure is proven. You should head to Fafnir’s Storeroom to gather this treasure.

For making the treasure hunt straightforward, acquire it throughout Sindri’s ‘Fafnir’s Hoard’ favor. Clear the forest and head in the direction of the sealed storeroom door on the south aspect. You can find the treasure buried proper in entrance of this door.

This concludes our God of War Treasure Maps Guide. If you wish to add something to this information, be happy to make use of the feedback part under!

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