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Mini Bosses are creatures in God of War who’re rather more highly effective than the common grunts however usually are not as highly effective because the precise gods. They depend on their brute power slightly than any complicated strikes or talents, so this God of War Mini Bosses Guide is important if you wish to discover ways to counter them.

Our God of War Mini Bosses Guide will inform you all about learn how to face and defeat and each one of the Mini Bosses in God of War. The whole lot from their particulars to how one can defeat them can be talked about on this information.

God of War Mini Bosses

Mini Bosses shouldn’t be that tough to cope with in principle. These creatures are extraordinarily sluggish and have large tells of when they’re about to assault. Nevertheless, they’re much harder to cope with in actuality as they’re actually, actually robust and may deal tons of injury.

Mini Bosses may give you many differing kinds of rewards relying on whether or not they’re Ancients, Ogres, or Trolls. Allow us to go forward and take an in-depth take a look at every of the Mini Bosses in God of War.


There are a number of Valkyries that you will discover and defeat in God of War adopted by the Valkyrie Queen. Every of these Valkyries convey one thing new to the desk and are to not be taken frivolously.

You possibly can take a look at our detailed Valkyries Guide by heading over to the hyperlink the place we’ve detailed the whole lot you have to find out about discovering these Valkyries, defeating them, and attending to the Valkyrie Queen.


Ancients don’t take injury from most of your assaults. Whenever you see the weak half of an Historic’s chest, you’ll be able to hit it to get chunks that can be utilized to wreck them. Ancients often have 4 totally different assaults starting from three totally different AoE assaults and a beam.

Amassing their Hearts and Rubbles is beneficial as Brok or Sindri can get you Legendary Gear should you ship them the aforementioned gadgets.

Keep in mind that Ancients are all of the Primordial Faction and are resistant to all Burn, Shock, Frost, and Weaken results. Nevertheless, they’re vulnerable to Spartan Rage and do take injury when hit within the core. Energy Degree Progress of Ancients gives a better resistance to the ‘Stun’ impact.

Hearth Historic
Head to the southwest of Lake of 9 and cease by on the seashore of Iron Cove on its southeastern edge. The Hearth Historic may be seen close to a coffin beside so much of rocks. You possibly can both detonate the explosive jars close to it or hit it instantly to start the struggle.

Forest Historic
The Frost Historic may be discovered within the forest close to Fafnir’s Storeroom. It should seem in the course of the Favor generally known as ‘Fafnir’s Hoard’. Beware of its numerous totally different beams and blast that tends to deal injury in a big radius.

Stone Historic
Go to the Alfheim Trench and reactivate the Ringed Temple Bridge. Once you defeat the ambush of the Darkish Elves, the Stone Historic will come out and you’ll have to struggle it there after which.

Lava Historic
After the second dropping of the water, go to Veithurgard Move and you will see the Lava Historic together with many Draugr alongside it. Defeat all of the minions earlier than you flip to the Historic. Keep in mind to make use of the boulders for canopy as they will block the plethora of missiles and mortars coming your approach.

Ice Historic
Go to the Frozen Lake and discover the Ice Historic close to Thamur’s Corpse. It must be someplace close to the Shatter Crystal Dispenser. Keep in mind that all of its assaults trigger Frost and may sluggish you down.

Don’t miss this Historic, as you will be unable to return when you exit the area. For those who did miss the Historic, then one other one may seem on the Northern Dock.

Soul Eater
This Historic is present in Volunder Mines and might be accessed by way of the ‘Second Hand Soul’ Favor. It’s just like the Hearth Historic besides the truth that it’s going to assault you as quickly as you see it. The River Move may have a Soul Eater in the direction of the top of the sport.

Frost Historic II
This Historic is discovered inside The Mountain. You’ll simply be capable of discover it if you come to the area after your first go to. Its AOE talents provide the Frost impact and its beams provide the slowed impact. One other Frost Historic might be discovered close to the Northern Dock.

Soul Devourer
The Soul Devourer is ready to use all 4 assaults. It has an AOE blast, a beam, missiles, and mortars. You will discover it in Ruins of the Historic, Konunsgard Stronghold if you do the ‘Hail to the King’ Favor and Niflheim. Aside from the elevated quantity of assaults, it’s just like the Soul Eater.


Ogres are Beasts which are very robust towards Frosts, Burns, Axes, and Spartan Rage. They don’t have any weaknesses particularly and their Energy Degree Progress will increase injury and resistances. Along with this, they’ve a Distinctive Elite Enhancement that will increase their injury, protection, aggressiveness, and resistance.

The primary ogre is discovered through the ‘Path of the Mountain’ quest. It’s fairly overpowered however the assaults are very sluggish and straightforward to dodge. Keep in mind to avoid it as its melee assaults have an extended vary on account of its lengthy arms.

Keep in mind to make use of your stun seize and have Atreus stun the beast together with his arrows so as to simply deal injury. Keep in mind that you could additionally use its large arms to deal injury to different enemies by guiding the Ogre in the direction of them.

Fierce Ogre
The primary distinction between the Fierce Ogre and the Regular Ogre is the truth that the Fierce Ogre can leap ahead and slam down on you.

Aside from that, it will probably fling a boulder that it picks up from the bottom at you. If it hits you, then you’ll be dazed and confused for a number of seconds. For those who get a pink flash, it means you’re about to be grabbed and you want to instantly roll away.

Keep in mind to struggle the Fierce Ogre from a distance or it should defeat you simply. Attempt to use your Runic Assaults and your Rage Mode as a lot as you possibly can. Keep in mind that you could mount each of these Ogres as soon as they’re surprised and use them to assault different enemies.


Trolls deal quite a bit of injury, however very slowly. You’ll be able to dodge their assaults after which unleash hell on all of them of a sudden. They’re of the Trolls Faction and have a really excessive resistance generally. Some of them are particularly resistance to Frost and Burn. They don’t have so much of weaknesses usually however a pair of them are weak towards Atreus’ arrows.

Daudi Hamarr
This Hearth Troll is discovered within the Wildwoods very near your house. Defeating this troll shouldn’t be that troublesome. Keep in mind that Daudi could be very weak towards Atreus’ arrows so attempt to use them as a lot as attainable as he’s very resistant towards virtually the whole lot else.

Brenna Daudi
You’ll battle Brenna Daudi if you end up searching a boar in The River Move. The beast has lava and may burn you, so be extraordinarily cautious of its assault. Frost and Burn are ineffective towards it and it has no specific weak spot so tread calmly if you struggle towards it, as you’ll want to kill it slowly and methodically.

Grendel Stone Trolls
These two come alive once you swipe the fallacious merchandise in Tyr’s Vault. Grendel of the Ashes is weak to your Leviathan Axe and resistant to Blades whereas Grendel of the Frost is weak to Blades and resistant to Axe.

Keep in mind to make use of the suitable weapon when preventing towards them and attempt to use Hearth on Frost as a lot as potential as he’s weak to it. The Blades of Chaos will work completely towards Frost.

Keep in mind that each of these Trolls can create totally different rock formations and blind all targets close by. For that cause, attempt to avoid them as a lot as you possibly can and use your alternatives to go in and deal bursts of injury.

Jarn Fotr
This Ice Troll is ready for you as you search round The Mountain to seek out an entrance to the cave shaft that towers above you. The Trolls that you’ve fought at The River Cross and the Wildwoods will probably be just like this one.

His assaults will sluggish you down and deal large injury, so beware and dodge in time. He could be discovered utilizing the ‘Inside the Mountain’ chapter throughout ‘The Journey’.

Stonebeard King
This Ice Troll might be fought should you mix a Shatter Crystal and Shock Arrow after which use them to free this. The assaults of this troll are the identical as Jarn Fotr, so you need to have a reasonably good concept of what to anticipate.

Interact a battle with this troll by going via ‘The Magic Chisel’ chapter when you’re enjoying by way of ‘The Journey’.

These are all of the God of War Mini Bosses that yow will discover and defeat within the recreation. Tell us if we missed one thing or for those who discovered one thing complicated utilizing the feedback part under!

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