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God of War Inside the Mountain quest: Deer Head Statue, Heart of …

God of War Inside the Mountain quest: Deer Head Statue, Heart of ...

Inside the Mountain is an extended and arduous quest, taking many twists and turns as Kratos and Atreus attempt to make their option to the summit. Alongside the approach there are lots of lethal traps and ferocious enemies, in addition to a couple of brainteasers. Right here’s learn how to full the Inside the Mount quest in God of War, full with options for the Deer Head statue puzzle and Claw puzzle.

God of War Inside the Mountain quest information:

After they’ve collected the mild of Alfheim to gasoline the Bifrost and return to Midgard, Kratos and Atreus strategy the mountain and attempt to dispel the Black Breath. They succeed, and the quest begins.

Stroll via the Breath utilizing the Bifrost as your mild, and climb the craggy rock face. If you’re at the prime, press Circle to make use of the Bifrost once more and dispel the darkness.

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You’ll come to a door bearing the emblem of Jotunheim – open it and undergo.

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Deer Head Statue puzzle:

You’ll now be confronted by the first main puzzle on this quest, the Deer Head Statue.

To get began, ask Atreus to learn the sand bowl in the center of the room by urgent Sq..

Then flip to the left and enter to open room there. Kill any Draugr that stand in your approach, earlier than turning round to look above you. Over the door the place you got here in is one other crystal, goal it with Atreus’ arrows and hearth. It will trigger it to fall down so you’ll be able to decide it up.

Take the fallen crystal again to the centre room and place it in the glowing empty slot in the flooring by urgent circle close to it. Then hearth Atreus’ bow at each of the slotted crystals and pull the lever behind them.

The Statue will open up a door to your proper, so push on via. It’s darkish in these subsequent rooms, so everytime you see one, hearth Atreus’ bow at crystals lodged in the partitions. These will mild your method.

Discover the darkish tunnels:

Subsequent, bounce down the gap and hop the ledge, following the tunnel and lighting crystals as you go. Once you attain a small crevice, crawl by way of it.

On the different aspect, take a left up the stairs to gather a chest earlier than returning to the backside and lifting the damaged pillar to progress. Kill the enemies that seem and push ahead.

Depart the Nornir rune for now and climb the ledge, then kill the Draugr in entrance of you. Should you look down and to the proper if you’ve scaled the ledge, you’ll see a big crystal. Shoot at it, then cross the bridge it creates to gather one other chest.

Then head over to the left and break the boards in entrance of the crystal on the wall. Shoot it, then stroll up the mild bridge. That is the place the Nornir chest is. Shoot the crystal subsequent to it and also you’ll see that you should use runes that seem like a B, N and R to open it.

Return down the mild bridge and also you’ll see a rune to the proper. Hit this spinner as soon as on the proper to show it into an R.

Head again up the bridge and take a left. You need to now be on a bridge will a view of the spinner you noticed earlier and one other excessive on the proper of the path. Depart the one you noticed earlier alone, it ought to already seem like an N. Hit the excessive spinner as soon as on the proper and it ought to flip right into a B. Return to the chest and open it.

Now go to the different aspect of the room by heading again down the mild bridge and bearing left. Once you’re over there, crawl by means of the small tunnel. This can result in the different aspect of the room you entered in – subsequent to the Deer Headed statue. You’ll want to head round the entrance and seize the chest that’s been tantalising you since the starting.

Heart of the Mountain Claw Puzzle

Open the door past the statue and kill the Draugr. Comply with the tunnel till you attain a lifeless finish. Climb the rocky wall till you attain the prime, then flip the nook and stroll alongside the illuminated path.

Open the door with the wheel and enter the giant cavern.

When the dialogue ends and also you regain management, bear proper and switch the giant wheel on the flooring.

Kill the Draugr that seem, then enter the gap they arrive out of.

Climb up the ledge subsequent to Brok and break the bins on the left. Crawl via the revealed gap and acquire the chests on the different aspect.

Leap right down to the place you possibly can see a hall full of spikes and throw your axe at the spinning panel three to 4 occasions above and to the proper of the spiked hall to disengage the lure. Run by way of, the second set of spikes will open as the first closes. Then once you’re out the different aspect, throw your axe at the prime proper of the wall to progress.

You’ll come out in a big room full of ropes, pulleys and mining gear. Kill the enemies that assault you, paying particular consideration to the fiery lizard that’s all the approach on the proper hand aspect of the room. It’s troublesome to hit, so have your axe able to bash it as quickly because it surfaces, however when it’s lifeless it’ll drop some good loot.

Return to the centre of the room and push the giant block which you can see on the tracks. When it gained’t transfer, break the chain together with your axe. Then push it once more till the prime of it strains up with the white marks on the raised walkway.

Pushing the block additionally reveals a secret room with an artefact inside.

Climb up on the block and proceed onto the walkway. Turning round right here and throwing your axe at the ropes holding the bridge in place opens up the different aspect of the walkway right here, which nets you a number of gadgets, Hacksilver and a few armour, in addition to a shot at one of Odin’s Ravens.

Nevertheless to progress, stroll ahead and smash the boards in the tunnel, then comply with the path round. Carry the boulder, pull the giant chain in entrance of you, then open the shortcut gate in your left.

Return to the block you pushed earlier than and push it additional – till it strains up with the white marks on the ledge to your left.

Climb up once more, then bounce throughout the hole to the platform.

Struggle the enemies in your means, open the seen chest and drop the chain to allow quick access, earlier than making your method over to the big rock and trapped rope at the finish of the platform.

Once you’re there, mash Circle to raise the weight.

Troll Mini boss – Jarn Fotr:

If you’ve freed the rope, a troll will emerge and assault. Fortunately he’s not too robust, simply hold your distance and use your axe throw.

The Precision Throw Combo means is admittedly helpful right here, since the troll has a big head to purpose for and the following ice explosion interrupts his assaults.

Defeating him will internet you a Frozen Flame to improve your axe – good!

As soon as the troll’s finished for, return to the wheel you spun to start out the entire puzzle off.

When this doesn’t work, return to the block you pushed from the different room and transfer it a remaining time in order that it’s beneath the claw.

Return to the wheel, spin it down, then freeze the gears subsequent to you with an R2 throw of your axe.

Climb up on the block, then name your axe again. It will increase you up and completes the Inside the Mountain Claw puzzle.

Get previous the traps:

Once you attain the prime of the carry, bounce off and comply with the path off.

The flames are fairly straightforward to keep away from, simply wait till the second they shut off and transfer then – this provides you the most time earlier than they begin up once more.

If you get to the second flame lure, place your self in between two jets and stroll round. Use the pillars for canopy once you’re attacked, then repeat.

Comply with the path till you attain one other mining carry. Press Circle to maneuver the weight on the proper to get shifting. Then if you get caught, smash the cart in entrance of the second giant weight and transfer that too.

Kill the enemies that drop down, and mash circle if you get caught, you’ll ultimately attain the place you’re meant to go. When the ogre enters the fray, focus your assault on it. As soon as it’s surprised, you’ll be able to press R3 to mount it and cope with the relaxation of the enemies.

Lightning Dragon Hraezlyr boss battle:

As the raise rises, you’ll be beset by the lightning dragon Hraezlyr.

Part 1:

Keep on with the proper of the platform to attempt to dodge its biting and swiping assaults, elevating your defend with L1 whenever you seen an assault coming in.

Get in shut and rain as many blows as you’ll be able to on the dragon’s hand. After a small quantity of injury, you’ll should free the platform once more by urgent Circle. Repeat the course of in the second stage.

If you’re again on strong floor, comply with the path round and transfer via the World Tree sap through the use of the Shatter crystals you decide up on the aspect of the path. The primary crystal in on the proper earlier than the Sap, the second is on the left after you’ve shimmied throughout the ledge.

Once you’re previous the Sap, comply with the tunnel round and formulate your plan with Atreus.

As soon as the cutscene is over, run over to the left and press circle at the finish of the ledge to mount Hraezlyr.

Mash R1 and R2 to deal injury to Hraezlyr’s tongue when you have the probability.

Part 2:

If you’re on the floor, Hraezlyr will assault you with lightning. Use double faucet X dodges to keep away from the electrified spots on the floor and make your means over to the again proper of the area. There’s a cache of Shatter Crystals right here, so seize one.

It is advisable to throw them at Hraezlyr when it’s electrified. That’s when you possibly can see the lightning crackling round its physique. The timing could be a little tough, the greatest time to throw is both throughout its assault – which isn’t all the time potential – or instantly afterward. A technique is to expire of the approach simply as Hraezlyr launches an assault, then throw the crystal because it finishes.

When you’ve hit it with two explosions, the dragon will fall. Run as much as it and spam assaults at the glowing spot on its head.

Part three:

Hraezlyr will then swap sides, so now the best cache of crystals in now in your left.

The dragon will begin to change up its assaults too. When it slams the floor with two claws, maintain L1 to dam, then when the wave has handed, rush in and hit its arms together with your axe.

When Hraezlyr assaults with one slamming claw, double faucet X to dodge out of the approach, then dive in and hit it together with your axe once more.

After you’ve dealt some injury, the dragon will begin to breathe electrical energy in a beam throughout the floor.

Utilizing an identical technique to the first part, seize a shatter crystal, dodge out of the line of the assault simply because it begins, then throw the crystal whereas Hraezlyr continues to be crackling with electrical energy.

After one other couple of explosions, the dragon will fall once more so bounce in and spam assaults.

Hraezlyr will swap sides once more after that, however proceed the similar assaults, so repeat the course of.

After one other couple of explosions, the dragon will fall for a 3rd time – which can set off a cutscene.

Part four:

Hraezlyr will begin once more will the claw assaults, however now provides in the occasional chew assault too. Dodge or block the claws in the similar means you have got earlier than, and dodge roll backwards to keep away from the chew.

After you’ve dealt some injury, the electrical assaults will begin once more. However now Hraezlyr will use each beam assaults and ones that spotlight spots on the floor. Dodge every of these in the similar approach you’ve gotten in the earlier phases, seize crystals and throw them at the creature when it’s surrounded by electrical energy – you realize the drill.

When it’s dropped after two explosions, press Sq. subsequent to the dragon to place your plan into movement.

Mash Circle and luxuriate in as carnage ensues.

Ending the quest:

Following the cutscene with Sindri, stroll over to the dragon and gather the tooth and hearth your new shock arrows at the Sap blocking the method.

Proceed by means of the tunnel and climb up the wall at the finish.

Kill the Nightmare infused Draugr at the prime, then shoot your shock arrow at the sap at the base of the wall in entrance of you.

Then roll the wheel to your proper and unfastened one other shock arrow at the crystal. Kill the Nightmares that seem, then climb up the opening you created.

Comply with the tunnel round, killing the enemies on the means. Then take care of the enemies praying to the Nornir chest.

To open the chest, seize a Shatter Crystal from the cache subsequent to the bridge, flip round and throw it at the sap in the hall you used to enter the room. Shoot a shock arrow at the sap and also you open up a room that incorporates a seal and a lore shrine.

Return to the bridge and use Shatter Crystals and shock arrows to take away the sap at each ends of the bridge. Stroll up it, in your proper is the second seal.

Kill the enemies at the prime, then flip round. Roll the wheel in your proper, then freeze the gears together with your axe to carry it in place. Run up the bridge and the third seal is at the prime.

Whenever you’re executed, proceed by way of the tunnel and climb the wall at the finish, then open to door in entrance of you.

You’ve lastly reached the summit!

Battle your approach alongside the path, earlier than climbing up the mountain face as the story continues.

When you’ve reached the prime, speak to the man in the tree and the quest is full.


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