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God of War Bosses Guide – Attacks, Patterns, How To Defeat, Boss …


Boss fights are often an important and probably the most troublesome half of any recreation. God of War is not any totally different. There are a complete of seven totally different bosses that you’ll have to face throughout your time within the recreation, and this God of War Bosses Guide will probably be your one-cease companion to defeating all of them.

Our God of War Bosses Guide will inform you what all of the bosses discovered within the recreation are succesful of and how are you going to defeat them simply. Nevertheless, do notice that our God of War Bosses Guide incorporates potential spoilers so learn at your personal discretion.

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God of War Bosses

The bosses are by far probably the most troublesome enemies to cope with in God of War four.

They’re often invulnerable to your assaults most of the time and their assaults can crush you in mere seconds. Coping with bosses is crucial via the story as every narrative hyperlink is capped by defeating one of them.

The bosses may have a number of totally different phases and you will want to struggle them by means of all of them with a purpose to defeat them. Don’t worry although, as each single half of the struggle is talked about in our God of War Bosses Guide.

  • The Stranger
  • Gullveig
  • Hraezlyr
  • Magni and Modi
  • Mattugr Helson
  • Darkish Elf King

Allow us to go forward and see learn how to tackle all of the bosses in God of War.

The Stranger

Baldur is the son of Odin and also you first see him seem generally known as ‘The Stranger’ within the Wildwoods. His curse is that he can’t really feel any ache and thus he won’t relent, as he can’t really feel something whenever you deal injury.

He has no weaknesses to talk off and also you face off towards him quite a few occasions within the recreation. The primary of these might be at your house as The Stranger, so allow us to go forward and see the best way to beat him there.

The Stranger Boss Battle
Within the yard, The Stranger will repeat the identical strikes and blend them up in several patterns. Attempt to predict his assaults and dodge them as a lot as potential. You possibly can block the sprint-punch and dodge the shockwave.

After that, use counterattacks to deal injury and whittle his well being right down to half.

When his well being drops to half, you may be knocked to the highest of the home. Repeatedly press R1 right here to empty The Stranger’s well being till you each fall to the bottom.

Right here, a cutscene will set off which can improve the well being of The Stranger to 100%. If you end up trapped within the rocks after that, Press L3 and R3 collectively to enter Spartan Rage mode.

As soon as you’re in Rage Mode, you’re invulnerable and have extra power and velocity for the period of the craze. The meter will begin to deplete slowly and you may fill it up by inflicting or taking injury. Whenever you pile-drive The Stranger with a log, carry on punching The Stranger till your fury is gone.

After that, your enemy will revert to the identical sample that he had initially of the struggle. Carry on attacking the Stranger till he’s seemingly lifeless.

In the long run, he’ll stand up another time and you’ll need to battle The Stranger till he flees the struggle. Don’t worry although, as you will notice him once more.


Gullveig seems after you gather three bones of her and return them to the spirit. She is a Revenant who’s invincible to virtually all assaults of Kratos. Nevertheless, she continues to be weak towards Atreus’ arrows and Spartan Rage.

She additionally has a Distinctive Elite Enhancement that provides her an enormous improve in injury and standing energy. Allow us to go forward and see learn how to defeat Gullveig throughout God of War.

Gullveig Boss Battle
With a purpose to battle Gullveig, you’ll want to discover three totally different bones of her and return them to the Spirit. The best hand could be discovered on the seashore to the left of Alfheim Realm Tower. It’s on a cliff close to the seashore and you may climb the cliff through the use of a Shock Arrow on the Shatter Crystal that blocks your path.

The left hand might be discovered on the northeast shore of Ruins of the Historic. Go over the pillar and transfer previous the rocks in your left-hand aspect to get the hand.

The third and ultimate piece, the cranium, is discovered in the direction of the west aspect of Lake of 9. Get to the shore on a ship close to Svartalfheim Realm Tower and carry on shifting inward till you see the three wolves.

Right here, go east and climb up the wall. After that, carry on shifting forward till the trail finishes and it is possible for you to to select up the Cranium from the bottom. After you have it, take all x3 Armor Items to the spirit to start the struggle with Gullveig.

Gullveig assaults you as quickly as she has been reanimated. Kill her Nightmares first as they are often simply handled through the use of Atreus’ arrows and axe throws. Gullveig is a revenant, and thus she must be handled like one.

Carry on hitting her with arrows in order that her shroud is gone. As soon as that occurs, unleash hell on her with Leviathan Axe. Keep in mind that she will simply evade your assaults and has quite a bit of well being so taking her down might take a bit longer than different Revenants.

Keep away from her poison assaults in any respect prices as they will simply drain your well being with out you even realizing it.


Hraezlyr is a beast that’s resistant to Shock, Burn, Stun, Weaken, and Frost. Nevertheless, he does have a specific weak spot and that’s to Shatter Crystal explosions. You’ll battle Hraezlyr as you ascend The Mountain.

You’ll have a pair of small encounters adopted by the precise foremost encounter at his area. Keep in mind to make use of the Shatter Crystals as a lot as you’ll be able to to be able to stun it and keep away from its claw because it swipes throughout the horizon.

Hraezlyr Boss Battle
Keep in mind that his primary assaults can deal so much of injury in itself and he can inhale to convey you nearer to himself. His claw swipe has a big space of impact and have to be prevented by dodging backward.

When you handle to dodge the swipe, you possibly can assault its claw for a number of seconds, as it’ll have been left weak earlier than it’s pulled again.

Hraezlyr also can do a stomp wave that may be blocked by your Guardian Defend. Keep in mind to place your defend up as quickly as you see the dragon rises into the air. After that, the claws shall be weak on the bottom so assault them as a lot as potential.

Keep in mind that when you see Hraezlyr begin to electrify, you possibly can decide up the Shatter Crystals and toss them at him so as to deal rather a lot of injury and stun your goal.

The stun often happens after the second Shatter Crystal detonates. Keep in mind to hurry over to Hraezlyr and deal injury on the purple spot on his head with a view to deal lots of injury. Carry on attacking that space till the dragon is up once more.

Carry on repeating this course of for so long as you need to till you get the choice to make use of Atreus’ arrows to drop the claw from Hraezlyr himself. When this occurs, a cutscene will start to play which can present Kratos utilizing Hraezlyr’s personal claws to be able to end him as soon as and for all.

When that cutscene occurs, you might have efficiently defeated the Hraezlyr and may transfer on together with your ascension onto the highest of the summit.

Magni and Modi

Magni and Modi are there for only one purpose, and that’s to cease Kratos whichever approach they will. Magni has a big sword whereas Modi has a mace together with a defend. Kratos has to face off towards Kratos and Modi fights Atreus.

Nevertheless, the opponents are all the time switching and anybody can kidnap Atreus, so you might want to free him up as quickly as attainable to ensure that him to have the ability to struggle once more.

Magni and Modi Boss Battle
Each of the heroes have six segmented well being items that must be emptied.

Magni needs to be your focus in the course of the earlier elements of the battle. It is rather straightforward to anticipate all of his assaults and all you could do is to roll away when he’s getting ready his assaults. After that, you possibly can counterattack the enemy.

Carry on repeating till the primary phase of the well being bar is gone. As soon as he has been surprised, flip your consideration to Modi and deal as a lot injury as you possibly can to him.

For Modi, you need to use your personal defend to interrupt her defend utilizing the Block Break. It must be straightforward to deal injury to Modi and to whittle his well being right down to the identical level as Magni. This can start the second part of the struggle.

Through the second part, it is advisable to solely dodge. Keep in mind to remain vigilant and hold your eyes on the orange directional pointer to dodge the assaults. Rotate Kratos to the course of the assault and block it once you see a determine within the fog.

Do that 3 times to make the fog disappear. After that, repeat the sample initially of the battle and proceed to take their well being down for so long as you possibly can.

Magni may even have a brand new sprint assault which you can counter by urgent ‘Square’. Should you fail, you’ll be the sufferer of a strong headbutt. Ultimately, you’ll have to face one other sample of assaults.

Right here, one man will feint whereas the second man assaults. For this assault, you could be able to rotate as quickly as you see the second orange pointer pop up and use your defend to dam the assault. Ultimately, you’ll have dealt each of them sufficient injury to defeat them as soon as and for all and proceed on together with your journey.

Mattugr Helson

This boss defends the Bridge of the Damned. He’s weak to your Blades of Chaos however utterly resistant to axes of every kind. He may also create magical orbs that monitor you down and detonate upon collision.

Lastly, he can summon a Hel-Brood to battle you and transfer across the area.

Mattugr Helson Boss Battle
In the course of the starting, Mattugr will teleport in the direction of you so keep in mind to maintain on rolling to the aspect to dodge all of these assaults. Aside from that, it is extremely necessary to take out all of the orbs which might be shot in the direction of you.

Press L2 to purpose at them after which R1 to destroy them. Keep in mind to remain inside the vary of your Blades of Chaos and to deal injury every time potential – avoiding assaults at different occasions.

After Mattugr is completed together with his combo, he’ll kneel on his pillar to relaxation and that’s when he’s weak. Use your Blades of Chaos to deal as a lot injury as you possibly can earlier than he teleports to a different place after which repeat. In case your well being will get actually low, it’s best to unleash your Spartan Rage as that can be fairly efficient towards Mattugr.

Keep in mind that it is advisable to carry on shifting and deal injury to the troll by getting behind him as that may deal much more injury than its entrance. In case you nonetheless discover your well being being a problem, attempt to acquire the inexperienced orbs scattered concerning the map to be able to replenish it.

Lastly, once you stun the boss and get the R3 immediate to complete the man, do it, after which repeatedly press R1 if you find yourself requested to take action to be able to save your son.

Darkish Elf King

The Darkish Elf King is the king of the Darkish Elves (unsurprisingly). It’s resistant to most results together with Shock, Weaken, Stun, Frost, and Burn. It’s also fairly robust towards Spartan Rage and thus, it’s a very troublesome struggle once you do find yourself dealing with this boss in Alfheim trench.

Darkish Elf King Boss Battle
At first, you should keep away from the only swing of his employees and the double swing. The double swing has one other spin in it that may be fairly shocking and catch many gamers off guard.

He additionally has a lethal sprint assault that has a small inform. Everytime you see the Darkish Elf King rise and flash, you want to dodge as in any other case he’ll hit you and blind you.

Quickly, he’ll add explosives to his arsenal. They arrive out of his employees and go in three instructions. Don’t step on them and keep away from them in any respect prices as they can’t be blocked by Kratos.

They will additionally blind you, however Darkish Elf King’s employees glows blue earlier than he fires them, so hold an eye fixed out. Afterward, you’ll have to face an uppercut and a dive assault as his well being begins to dwindle down and he struggles to discover a solution to beat you.

Keep in mind to remain cellular, as you’ll in all probability be blinded over half of the time in any other case. It is extremely essential to make use of Atreus to weaken the enemy and land in combos everytime you dodge one of his assaults. Keep in mind to collect the pickups after defeating the Darkish Elf King.

That’s all we have now for our God of War four Bosses Guide. Tell us if we missed one thing utilizing the feedback part under!

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