Gmail on Android : All Tips and Tricks Master Tutorial

The Gmail app on Android is getting more and more complete and offers many different options. Some are obvious, others a little less and we propose you here to (re)discover them all. In other words, here are some tips on how to use Gmail on Android.

Gmail is a mastodon among the most popular mail clients on Android, if only because it is installed by default on all versions of the operating system certified by Google. It’s very simple to use, but there are a few tricks that can help you become more productive or better manage your precious emails in general.

Managing your Gmail account

Enable synchronization to your Gmail account

Email synchronization may not work when you link your Google Account to your phone. To fix this, go to your phone settings and open the Accountstab. Once you’re on this menu, select your Google account from the list displayed. Then pressSynchronize Account and verify that SSynchronize Gmail is enabled.

Alternatively, go to your mailbox settings, scroll down to lineSynchronize Gmail and check the corresponding box. If you want to deactivate the synchronization, you can of course also use this menu.

You can also choose the synchronization delay of your emails, to choose the number of days. To do this, a quick look at the Gmail settings, then “number of days to synchronize“.

Connect multiple Gmail accounts on your phone

To access multiple Gmail accounts on the app – your home and work addresses, for example – simply link multiple Google Accounts to your smartphone and enable synchronization. Note that you can add an account directly from the Gmail application.

Once the addition has been completed, a small bubble appears in the top left corner of the context menu allowing you to switch between the different accounts.

Personally, I preferred to keep the synchronization on my personal mailbox, but I update my professional address by hand. Finally, you can also access all your mailboxes, thanks to the option “All inboxes“, which is very useful to have a global view of your mailbox.

Mastering the interface

Archive your emails with a swipe of your finger

To quickly archive your email in the Gmail application, simply slide your finger to the right or left of the screen to send the message to the archive box. Google offers the possibility to cancel the archiving in case of an error.


You can also select several messages at once, by pressing and holding down and choosing the different messages to be processed. It is possible to modify the action of this gesture in the application parameters.

To make searching easier, Google allows you to integrate filters when you search for mail on Gmail. For example, to retrieve all the messages sent by a particular person, a simple ” from:nameofthesoneperson ” will allow you to display all his messages. There are a multitude of filters, available at the following address.


Set up a customised notification by wording

There is also a handy option that allows you to assign a personalized notification to each of its labels (social networks professional, forums, notifications, etc). To do this, go to your account settings and click on Managelabels. There, you have a global view of all your labels, allowing you to modify the notifications for each of them.

Note that creating or deleting labels is not possible on the Gmail Android application

Delete profile pictures

Thanks to Google + profiles, it is possible to add a photo as a profile picture, which is a very practical feature that allows you to strengthen human contact a little. Only it can quickly become a mess. In addition, for contacts who do not have an avatar, colored bubbles are automatically added with the initial letter of their name in the middle. It’s not necessarily to everyone’s taste.

To disable this option, simply go to General Settings and uncheck the Sender Image option.

Manage your emails

Put your messages on hold

Sometimes, we can be a little overwhelmed by the accumulation of emails received and some hellish days don’t leave us the time to read them all. To make sure you don’t miss any of these emails, you can push back a few of them so that they reappear later, at a more convenient time. Specifically, if you spot an important message, keep pressing it until the three-point menu appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Unwind it and pressStandby.

Apop-up window will then open and allow you to select the most convenient time before the selected mail reappears at the top of the list. You have several options such as End of the day, Tomorrow, Next week… It is also possible to choose the date and time of this ascent.

Cancel sending an email

Who hasn’t sent e-mails to the wrong person or incomplete ones? When this happens, it is usually necessary to send a second message to apologize for the inconvenience and to digest this little moment of loneliness that is a bit embarrassing. Fortunately, on Gmail, it’s possible to cancel an email sent a few seconds after pressing the send button. In fact, a few seconds after this operation, a banner appears at the bottom of the screen with aCancelbutton that cannot be missed.

Take advantage of this short delay to fix your mistake!

Program mail self-destruction

As if you were a secret agent, you can program the self-destruction of the emails you send. When you are writing a message, press the three dot icon in the top right corner of the screen and selectConfidential Mode. This option takes you to an interface that prompts you to set an expiration time for your email. Depending on your choice, it will disappear from your recipient’s inbox after a day, a week, 3 months or even 5 years!

The person to whom you send this top secret message will also receive a code by email or SMS to access the protected content. The expiration date is displayed at the bottom of the email.

Answer faster

Gmail takes advantage of all Google’s know-how to automate certain tasks. For example, for some conversations, it may be convenient to simply press a button that is already ready. Gmail offers this option: depending on the context and when it can, the application suggests three suitable responses. Simply click on the proposal that suits you best, add a few lines of text to your message if necessary, and send it.

To take advantage of this option, go to your account settings and check the boxSuggested Answer.

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