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The failure of the third season puts the world “back on track” and leads to the final end of the resurrection story. There are several spoilers in front of us. You’ve been warned.
Some of the characters that were important at the beginning of the seasons leave us.

Elisa (Genevieve O’Reilly) and Dr. Hazen (Pernilla August) have disappeared. The conversations with them about stem cells and sound frequencies that somehow explained the rebels of the previous seasons have disappeared.

The newly risen

The newly risen

The mockery of the frequencies at the end of the second season gave rise to two new ascending characters. Chi Wai (Harry Teng) died in an uprising in a Chinese labour camp in the 1800s. He was killed by none other than a young Paddy (Rhys Mitchell – surprisingly similar to Ned Dennehy). Having Chi as an actor helped investigate racism against Chinese immigrants in Australia.

Another new hieroglyph is Belle (Jessica Faulkner). Her parents were religious fanatics who murdered their own daughter because she was an independent thinker. Her parents were still alive. And they were still terrible.

Chi and Belle introduced into history conversations about prophets, angels, and the gates of heaven, which thematically took things out of neutrality.

Thematic statements about the resurrected and the resurrected but scattered law enforcement officers who tried to kill them turned to religion and spirituality. At the end of the season, the idea was more and more openly expressed that one is born, lives and dies in this order. When the natural order of the universe is disrupted, as in the case of Glitch, global chaos and the end of time arise.

The discussion about the disruption of the natural order was very similar to the explanation of a climate catastrophe and the question of how mankind should make decisions to save the world. I wondered if Glitch had been talking about climate change all along, and I was too stupid to understand.

In my opinion, Glitch lost track when they moved from science fiction to a spiritual sphere. But maybe they had been doing that all along, because that’s where the explanation reigned. The science-fiction explanation is still the weak point of this story.

The action of the third season

The excitement and the action revolved around the efforts of the evil Noregard to exploit what crazy science explains to the rebels, the rebels’ struggle to escape the rapists, and the widespread chaos caused by the imbalance of the universe with itself.

Law enforcers such as Phil (Rob Collins) and Sarah (Emily Barclay) were there to restore order. They were determined to do this throughout the resurrection. More and more people are dying and becoming like Phil and Sarah. Then Phil dies again and ceases to be a performer. Suddenly he’s a good guy.

Some of the resurrected die and become law enforcers. And some of the people who never died before die and become lawmen. Spoiler alert, the hero of the James series (Patrick Bramall) was one of the changelings. But don’t worry, a hero has always been a hero. Even William (Roger Corser) went back and forth.

Phil (Rob Collins) and Kate (Emma Booth) just want to save people.

Phil (Rob Collins) and Kate (Emma Booth) just want to save people.

The many changes from good guys to bad guys and vice versa have made things amazing. My favorite among them was Rob Collins, who immediately went from a great bear to a cute bear.

Owen had something up his sleeve after all.

Owen had something up his sleeve.

The line that was maintained in all progressions has become much wider in season three. Owen (Luke Arnold) and Kate went to Adelaide together. For Kate it wasn’t as expected.
Kirsty (Hannah Monson) and Charlie (Sean Keenan) left for Melbourne. The first night Kirsty got drunk in a gay bar and met Charlie Raf (Jackson Gallagher). Raf was asleep when Charlie spied on him for the first time. He was beautiful, handsome and sexy and I immediately fell in love with him (wait, I mean Charlie fell in love with him). Raf landed with Charlie in Yuran before the end of the story.

In the third season some very interesting things happened with his assistant Chris (John Leary). He was one of the few people who could still tell the story. I liked his role at the very end. It allowed me to calm down from all the fear and tension.

Since Emma Freeman directed most of the third season and most of the scripts by Tony Eyres, Louise Fox and Adam Hill, I felt the presence of a female look behind the camera in Glitch. From the sex scene to the fight scene, there was never anything pro bono.
All in all, I think Season Three maintains the level of excitement and sensation and closes the series perfectly.

How do you know when someone goes from one type of death to another? Their eyes are shaking. It’s a frequency pattern.

Are you a fan of this series? Were you happy with the way it worked out?

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