Git Client : Tower 4 Easily Undoes All Your Mistakes


The ability to undo an action is common in computing and the shortcut ⌘Z of macOS is used just about everywhere, from word processing to an image editor, even through the Finder1. The Git Tower client has adopted it in its latest version for the same reasons: in case of an error, cancel the last operation with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Example of the cancellation of a current operation allowed by a keyboard shortcut in Tower 4: here, a commit made with two files by mistake. Cancellation returns the project to the state it was in just before the operation.

If you’ve ever used the Git versioning system, you probably know that all operations can always be undone, but it’s often difficult to get the right result. The very principle of such a system is to save all changes made to files and eventually go back. But the procedure for undoing an operation is not the same depending on whether it is a commit or a pushed change on the server, whether it is to restore a file deleted by mistake or to undo the creation of a branch.

Tower 4 simplifies all this by offering to do everything with the keyboard shortcut ⌘Z or via the “Undo” command in the “Edit” menu. Depending on the context, the app will handle the undo differently, either to revert a commit and put back in place what was modified, or to restore the branch deleted by mistake, or even to undo the publication of a change on a remote server. The promise is to manage everything with this single command well known to macOS users and at first glance, it is well kept.

In addition to the menu command and keyboard shortcut, Tower 4 also includes an undo button in its notifications. If you notice your error at that time, you can cancel it directly, without even having to display the app. The list of main tasks that can be easily cancelled is proposed in this blog post There may be some rarer Git commands missing, but the most common ones are there.

Tower 4 requires macOS 10.11 as a minimum and the app is only available in English. After the 30-day free trial, its use is associated with a subscription charged €59 per year for a single user and basic functions.

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