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One in all my PHP and bash scripts relies upon upon much less command to show the assistance system to different customers. However, each time they run much less on a selected model of CentOS or RHEL cloud server, they get an error that reads as: “bash: much less: command not discovered.” How do I set up much less utility on CentOS or RHEL (Pink Hat Enterprise Linux)/Fedora Linux server? How can I configure Linux containers similar to Docker or Podman to put in much less mechanically?

Much less is a command for Linux and Unix-like methods. It’s just like extra command however comes with many options and choices. For instance, much less doesn’t should learn the entire enter earlier than beginning, so with a big enter file, it begins quicker than a typical textual content editor. Much less might not be put in on cloud photographs, particularly Linux containers, to save lots of disk and picture measurement. This web page explains set up much less on a CentOS or RHEL model 6/7/8.



Trying to find much less bundle

Open the terminal utility or ssh session after which kind the next dnf command/yum command to seek out out much less bundle identify in your model of CentOS or RHEL system:
$ sudo yum whatprovides ‘*bin/much less’

Final metadata expiration examine: 1:25:50 in the past on Solar Aug 23 10:15:44 2020.
less-530-1.el8.x86_64 : A textual content file browser just like extra, however higher
Repo : BaseOS
Matched from:
Different : *bin/much less

Getting details about much less bundle on RHEL or CentOS

Once more use the next command:
$ sudo yum data much less

Final metadata expiration examine: 1:27:35 in the past on Solar Aug 23 10:15:44 2020.
Accessible Packages
Title : much less
Model : 530
Launch : 1.el8
Structure : x86_64
Measurement : 164 okay
Supply : less-530-1.el8.src.rpm
Repository : BaseOS
Abstract : A textual content file browser just like extra, however higher
URL : less/
License : GPLv3+ or BSD
Description : The much less utility is a textual content file browser that resembles extra, however has
: extra capabilities. Much less permits you to transfer backwards within the file as
: properly as forwards. Since much less does not should learn your complete enter file
: earlier than it begins, much less begins up extra shortly than textual content editors (for
: instance, vi).
: It’s best to set up much less as a result of it’s a primary utility for viewing textual content
: information, and you will use it regularly.

Putting in much less on CentOS / RHEL

Thus far, we figured bundle identify that may set up much less utility on our CentOS or RHEL cloud server. Now all it’s important to do is kind the next command to put in the identical:
$ sudo yum replace
$ sudo yum set up much less

How to install less on CentOS or RHEL Linux cloud server using yum

A observe about Fedora Linux cloud consumer

Use the dnf command as follows:
$ sudo dnf replace
$ sudo dnf set up much less

Set up much less with Docker or Podman container

Create mission dir utilizing the mkdir command and cd into it utilizing the cd command:
$ mkdir apache2
$ cd apache2
$ echo ‘Podman/Docker apache2 demo by nixCraft’ > index.html
$ vim Dockerfile
Here’s a pattern Dockerfile:

FROM centos:8

LABEL Remarks=”CentOS Eight check picture for putting in much less together with Apache2″

# Set up apache2 with much less
RUN yum -y replace &&
yum -y set up httpd much less &&
yum clear all

# Pattern index.html for check
COPY index.html /var/www/html/index.html

# Port and set entry level for container

Construct it as follows both utilizing the podman command/docker command:
$ sudo docker construct –tag centos:apache2 -f ./Dockerfile
## OR use podman ##
$ sudo podman construct –tag centos:apache2 -f ./Dockerfile
Build Docker or Podman Linux container for CentOS 8 and install lessLinux container putting in much less utility
Checklist photographs and run it:
$ sudo docker photographs
$ sudo docker run -d -p 8888:80 –name nixcraft-apache2 –rm centos:apache2
$ sudo docker ps
$ sudo docker port nixcraft-apache2
$ curl
Docker podman test on CentOS 8 or RHEL 8Check our container
For distant entry to our container open TCP port 8888 utilizing the firewall-cmd command:
$ sudo firewall-cmd –add-port 8888/tcp
See “RHEL Eight FirewallD” or “CentOS Eight FirewallD” tutorial about opening ports.


And there you could have it, and also you discovered set up much less on CentOS or RHEL 7 or Eight together with Fedora Linux utilizing CLI and Docker/Podman Linux container.

Posted by: Vivek Gite

The creator is the creator of nixCraft and a seasoned sysadmin, DevOps Engineer and a coach for the Linux working system/Unix shell scripting. Get the newest tutorials on SysAdmin, Linux/Unix and open supply matters through RSS/XML feed or weekly e mail publication.


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