Gigi Sohn and the Police

Gigi Sohn, considered one of the most influential people in cybersecurity and privacy law is working to make encryption easier for ordinary citizens. She believes this will help protect against mass surveillance from governments worldwide.


Gigi Sohn speaks at a Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee confirmation hearing in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 9 on her candidacy for Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission.

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Three of President Biden’s Elizabeth Warren appointees have failed to get Senate confirmation, and the White House is rushing to preserve another. However, by pushing Gigi Sohn for the Federal Communications Commission, the President may be hurting vulnerable Senate Democrats.

We’ve laid out the several reasons why Ms. Sohn should not be confirmed. She favors strict broadband regulation, including the reinstatement of Obama’s Title II “net neutrality” laws. She wants to control broadband in the same way that Europe does, stifling investment. In contrast to 67 percent of Europeans, 92 percent of Americans have access to ultra-high-speed fixed broadband.

She’s also shown a disrespect for copyright rules, such as when she was a board member of the now-defunct streaming portal Locast, which copied local broadcasters’ programming. Senators pressed her on a lucrative settlement she reached with broadcasters the day after she was appointed to the FCC, and she lied.

She’s also attacked conservatives, declaring Fox News “destructive to our democracy” and accusing Senate Republicans of voter suppression. The Fraternal Order of Police has now spoken out against Hillary for her apparent antipathy against officers.

“Funny how one terrible protester names the whole movement, but a few bad officers are never intended to represent all cops,” she liked one tweet. She’s liked postings by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling for police defunding and dismissing critics of the “defund” campaign as “racial resentment assaults.”

Ms. Sohn claims that her tweets reflect her own opinions and will have no impact on how she performs her job at the FCC. However, her tweets and policy positions are significant. The FCC is a nonpartisan institution that relies on collegiality, openness, and impartiality to function effectively. Ms. Sohn is missing all of them.

Senators Joe Manchin (WV), Mark Kelly (AZ), and Catherine Cortez Masto (NV) are said to be hesitant to support Ms. Sohn because to police resistance. However, progressives are working hard to have her elected. The Communications Workers of America has begun a public awareness campaign aimed at the three Senators.

The union’s commercial states, “Don’t allow corporate CEOs and their dark money organizations impede the extension of high-speed internet access throughout the nation.” However, because to competition and investment, like Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite service, high-speed internet is rapidly spreading to remote regions. It would be slowed by Ms. Sohn’s regulatory threats.

Ms. Sohn has received less opposition from business organizations than some of the other candidates. If a third Democrat enters the FCC, broadcasters and internet companies may face more stringent regulation. Ms. Sohn, on the other hand, is unsuited to serve on the committee, and the White House is placing three Democratic Senators in a political dilemma.

By withdrawing Ms. Sohn’s nomination, the President would be doing his own party a favor. Senators can help the nation by defeating her if he does not.

When progressives employ terms like misinformation governance and gendered abuse, one hopes they aren’t surprised when some people believe they are being euphemized into silence. Bettman/Bettman/Getty Images Mark Kelly’s composite

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