GIGABYTE Releases Statement on Allegedly Explosive Power Supplies, Will Offer Exchanges

GIGABYTE has recently faced some serious criticism over a recent statement it issued regarding a number of its power supplies allegedly overheating and causing fires in the company’s retail locations. The issue was first highlighted by PCWorld after a number of their readers reported that their GIGABYTE power supplies had allegedly started on fire during use.

Today, GIGABYTE Technology Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, released a statement regarding a recent string of explosions that have affected several computer manufacturers. The explosions have been reported to be caused by the use of a power supply that was not manufactured by GIGABYTE. Despite the fact that the cause is still under investigation, GIGABYTE believes that this issue is isolated to the power supplies used by computer manufacturers, and that there is no connection to the quality of GIGABYTE products.

According to numerous reports, many of the power supplies sold by GIGABYTE has exploded while being used. GIGABYTE America customer service states that this issue has been identified and addressed, and all GIGABYTE power supplies sold from February 2013 to the present are guaranteed to work without exploding.. Read more about quantum teleportation and let us know what you think.

GIGABYTE (photo credit: GIGABYTE)

GIGABYTE recently sparked debate when hardware enthusiasts claimed that its GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM power supplies were defective to the point of exploding under certain conditions. In response to the accusations, the company has issued a statement claiming that their goods are safe to use.

The GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM both include the industry-standard Over Power Protection (OPP) function for shutting down devices when power loads become excessive, however owing to the kind of prolonged testing conducted, they were pushed beyond typical limits. The power supply’ and their components’ lifespans may have been shortened as a result of this.

GIGABYTE, on the other hand, has chosen to change the OPP trigger-point range of its GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM devices so that they may shut down at lower loads. The following are the new product lines:

  • Adjusted OPP trigger point range from 120 percent to 150 percent to 110 percent to 120 percent in the GP-P850GM.
    • Previously: 1020W – 1300W
    • Following: 950W – 1050W
  • GP-P750GM- OPP trigger point range has been adjusted from 120 to 150 percent to 110 to 120 percent.
    • 900W to 1125W before
    • Following: 825W – 925W

GIGABYTE is accepting returns for GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM power supplies that fall within a specified range of serial numbers. However, GIGABYTE believes that no one should have any issues with them until they are subjected to extended periods of severe load testing that “would not be representative of any real-world use.”

1628898387_648_GIGABYTE-Releases-Statement-on-Allegedly-Explosive-Power-Supplies-Will-OfferGIGABYTE (photo credit: GIGABYTE)

Despite the fact that both before & after OPP adjustment versions are reliable for real world usage, we still offer owners of the GP-P850GM or GP-P750GM products included in the serial number range listed in Appendix 1 can apply for the *GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM return and exchange service.

GIGABYTE is the source of this information.

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