GGWP: New AI-Powered Platform to Combat Toxicity and Disruptive Behavior in Video Games

A new platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to combat toxicity and disruptive behavior in video games
“Fortnite,” “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” “Call of Duty black ops 4″—the list goes on an on illustrating how gaming is becoming a space rife with social, political, and ethical issues.
Enter GGWP, a decentralized ecosystem dedicated to improving player experiences through AI-powered tools designed by developers and players alike.

The “n3twork” is a new AI-powered platform to combat toxicity and disruptive behavior in video games It has been designed with the aim of preventing bad players from ruining the experience for everyone else.

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Are you sick of being yelled at by 14-year-olds in the new Call of Duty game? GGWP, an artificial intelligence-powered moderation platform being built by a group of IT experts with the goal of combating toxicity in Video games and promoting more positive play, might put an end to that. The platform, which takes its name from the slogan “good game Well Played,” received a $12 million seed financing from Bitkraft Ventures. Publishers may utilize GGWP to create a bespoke moderation system that will capture, evaluate, and react to reported events, while a report management system will offer context for occurrences, assess their severity, and display historical player statistics.

In a statement, Dennis Fong, CEO of GGWP, stated, “There’s a lot of evidence that demonstrates negative conduct is terrible for business.” “Due to toxicity, 22% of gamers have stopped playing a game.” We’re upgrading game moderation using GGWP. We can drastically enhance gaming experiences and, as a result, game companies, if we have the capacity to adapt at scale.”

Jens Hilger of Bitkraft Ventures noted, “GGWP offers an effective and easy-to-use platform driven by highly advanced technology.” “The games industry urgently need GGWP’s AI-based moderation, and given that we are all increasingly living online, Social Media and other online spaces will require toxicity solutions in our digital societies.”

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GGWP (Engadget) is an AI system that monitors and combats in-game toxicity (via The Hollywood Reporter)

The report button often seems to send concerns straight to a trash bin, which is then set on fire quarterly by the one-person moderation staff. Many AAA studios, according to veteran Quake and Doom esports pro Dennis Fong (better known as Thresh), aren’t far from the reality.

GGWP, an AI-powered system that gathers and organizes player-behavior data in any game, was introduced this week, enabling creators to respond to every incoming complaint with a combination of automatic answers and real-person evaluations. The GGWP API aggregates player data to generate a community health score and break down the types of toxicity common to that title once it’s added to a game — “Literally it’s like a line of code,” Fong said — after which it generates a community health score and breaks down the types of toxicity common to that title. After all, when it comes to in-game chat harassment, every game is a unique snowflake.

Based on an AI-led study of recorded matches and a comprehensive grasp of each game’s culture, the system may also issue reputation ratings to individual players. Developers may then attach reactions to certain reputation scores and even specific behaviors, either alerting players about a drop in their ratings or just banning them. Because the framework is totally customisable, games like Call of Duty Warzone might have different rules than Roblox, for example.

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GGWP is a new AI-Powered Platform to Combat Toxicity and Disruptive Behavior in video games It will be able to identify toxic behavior, and then provide tools that can help players deal with it. Reference: games with theorycrafting .

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