Get the Uchigatana Early Game

In this guide, we will discuss the best way to obtain an early-game Uchigatana. It can be gotten by defeating the last boss of a DLC called “Oboro’s Ascension” (which is available through pre-order) or it can be bought from amazon for $19.99!

The “where to get the uchigatana in elden ring ” is a question that has been asked many times before. The Uchigatana can be found in Elden Ring which is an early game area.

You may aid various spirits throughout the game by summoning them via spirit summoning. They might be the warrior or animal spirits who can aid you in boss battles or enemy encounters. The NPC Roderika gives you the first spirit in Elden Ring at the very beginning of the game. She will provide you with a spirit calling bell and wolf ashes that you may use to call spirits with the bell. The primary objective of this tutorial is to show you how to improve your spirits and ashes of war. You will acquire a lot of spirits while playing the game.

Spirit Tuning Unlocked

With order to assist Roderika at her questline, you must first meet her in Stormhill Shack. She needs your assistance in determining her purpose, which is really the Spirit tuning. You should locate Chrysalid’s souvenir from the Stormhill castle and present it to her there. Read this guide for a comprehensive explanation of how to accomplish Roderika’s questline.

Then, at Roundtable Hold, you will discover Roderika. You must speak with her on Hewg, an NPC who is a Smith. You may then use Roderika as the Spirit Tuner.

Improvements to Spirit Summoning

Once reaching Roderika, you’ve unlocked the Spirit Tuning. You must now track down the materials required to enhance your Spirit Summoning. The Funeral Glovewort and the spectral glovewort are these.

spectral glovewort

For getting the first spectral glovewort, You need to have defeated the Caelid story boss Radan. Which is in the Eternal city of Nokron and will unlock this underground map including the city of Nokron. For a complete guide on how to defeat Radahn you can follow this guide.

Once, you’ve reached the Nokron, Eternal city, You need to go out of the main door to the main courtyard there is a small structure in the middle where you’ll find a dead body. You need to pick up the item from the dead body and you’ll receive the first spectral glovewort.

spectral glovewort

For the second spectral glovewort, you need to progress further west to Nokstella Waterfall Basin and then furthermore east to the main city of Nokstella. You need to give to the Nokstella, Eternal city at the given location on the map.

spirit tuning

Once, you’ve reached there you need to go up the main staircase, there is one enemy and a lot of Slime enemies. It’s up to you if you want to kill them or move ahead to get the main item that is spectral glovewort. You need to go up the Staircase and take an immediate left to an open room there and there are a lot of slimes and a chest at the end of the room you need to open the chest and pick the items and you’ll get the second spectral glovewort.

spectral glovewort

Handing over and buying spectral glovewort

After you’ve gotten the two spectral glovewort, you need to go to Roundtable hold and turn these two spectral glovewort to the Twin Maiden Husks

Handing over and buying spectral glovewort

After you’ve offered them the Two spectral glovewort, you’ll then be able to purchase the 6 spectral glovewort which means that you can upgrade your spirit summon up to level 6 by going to the Roderika Spirit Tuning.

Funeral Glovewort

For the Funeral Glovewort, you need to the Wyndham Ruins which are to the west of the Caelid map.

Funeral Glovewort

You must go there and ascend the ruins until you reach the catacombs. There, within the catacombs, is a door that you must activate in order to teleport to the boss battle known as Endtree Burial Watchdog.

Endtree Burial Watchdog

You need to defeat the Endtree Burial Watchdog and you will receive the reward of the first Funeral Glovewort.

Now, once you’ve acquired the first Funeral Glovewort you need to go back to the Roundtable Hold and offer the Funeral Glovewort to the Twin Maiden Husks. You can then purchase 3 Funeral Glovewort from the Twin Maiden Husks which means it will upgrade your ashes to the level

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