Get The Huge Fortnite Update 1.10 Patch Notes In Your Face

Enjoying Fortnite? Then you definitely’ll need to know what the newest patch does and it does so much. These patch notes are huge. Actually huge. You simply gained’t consider how vastly massively mindbogglingly huge they’re. I imply chances are you’ll assume it’s a great distance down the street to the chemist’s, however that’s simply peanuts in comparison with these patch notes.


  • Decreased probability of getting Bandages from Treasure Chests and Provide Drops by 35%.
  • Lowered goal help on controllers.
    • This could make it simpler to steer targets with Sniper Rifles.
    • The up to date goal help system permits us to iterate simply. Tell us the way you assume we will enhance goal help.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved community precedence for doorways, which reduces the probability of seeing gamers run via a closed door.
  • Improved community precedence for chests, which reduces the probability of them showing to stay closed for a short while after opening them.
  • Gamers will not fall via the world if they’re eradicated whereas leaping.
  • Gliders will not deploy if a participant makes use of a Launch Pad within the DBNO state.
  • Participant will not jitter whereas falling and skydiving.
  • Dancing not goes on cooldown if it fails to play.
  • Chests in attics no will longer spawn loot on roofs or outdoors partitions.
  • Fastened a problem which brought about gamers to typically survive deadly fall injury with 1 HP.
  • Fastened a problem inflicting teammates names to jitter.
  • Fastened an error message that gamers would typically obtain when being invited to a BR match once they hadn’t accomplished the Save the World tutorial mission but.


  • Eliminated tracers from the silenced SMG.
  • Sniper Rifles not reload whereas in scoped view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fastened a problem which prevented grenades from exploding.
  • Fastened a problem which brought about crosshairs to vanish if a Sniper Rifle was fired proper earlier than the Battle Bus took off.
  • Fastened a number of points with the Smoke Grenade impact:
    • Smoke results now seem the identical out and in of the Storm.
    • Gamers can not see via smoke results when utilizing a scope from inside the smoke.
    • Gamers will not expertise a “flash” impact when a number of smoke grenades go off directly.


  • Decreased quantity for ambient lure sounds, and made them much less frequent.
  • Added a brand new warning sound that prompts when a participant approaches a ceiling or wall lure.
  • Teammate footsteps now sound quieter than enemies.
  • In case you are spectating a participant, their footsteps are quieter.
  • Added totally different footstep sounds for wooden, stone, metallic, and filth/grass surfaces.
  • It’s now simpler to listen to footsteps by means of partitions.
  • Added “terminal velocity” wind sound when falling from giant heights, and impression/ache sounds for when taking injury from falling.
  • Elevated the audio vary for the sniper gunshot from 180m to 250m.
  • Lowered gunshot sound quantity for tactical shotguns. (Doesn’t have an effect on audio vary)
  • Lowered quantity of revolver equip/reload/hearth sounds.
  • New sounds for Medkit, Defend Potion, and Slurp Juice consumables.
  • It’s now simpler to listen to the sound of an one other participant gliding in the direction of you after utilizing a Launch Pad.
  • All audio for the dance emote is now adjusted with the SFX slider as an alternative of Music.
  • Wind quantity reacts extra dynamically whereas skydiving or utilizing a glider/umbrella.
  • Eliminated low-frequency content material within the “ticking clock” sound that performs previous to the storm eye shrinking.
    • These frequencies might have beforehand been mistaken for footsteps whereas operating.


  • Improved common framerate when a number of characters are close by.
  • Improved server efficiency by decreasing the variety of redundant motion occasions despatched from shoppers.
  • Improved Xbox One rendering by decreasing CPU stalls.
  • Improved efficiency when rendering lighting and shadows.
  • Improved efficiency when rendering bushes and different muddle objects.
  • Improved recreation thread efficiency by changing extra recreation logic BPs to C++.
  • Improved UI efficiency.
  • Improved PhysX efficiency.
  • Improved CPU efficiency on Xbox One and Home windows by tweaking thread priorities.
  • Improved efficiency of particle techniques by including batching.
  • Improved efficiency of animation path results and particles.
  • Improved efficiency when utilizing the glider.
  • Optimized particles related to gamers/weapons.
  • Optimized audio for the protected zone indicator.
  • Tweaked how typically animations replace and optimized many different animation methods.
  • Lowered basic hitching by optimizing rubbish assortment of objects loaded inside reminiscence.
  • Decreased community bandwidth used when spawning gamers in a squad match.
  • Fastened a server efficiency concern brought on by constructing actors that moved each body.
  • Fastened a server efficiency challenge the place rubber banding could possibly be brought on when leaping out of the Battle Bus.
  • Fastened numerous hitches that would happen throughout gameplay.


  • Now you can view your private stats and XP gained on the finish of a match or when spectating.
  • Now you can select to desert certainly one of your Every day Challenges every day.
  • Added “Net Debug Stats” panel to the Battle Royale UI.
    • This may be enabled by going to Settings > Recreation > HUD > Internet Debug Stats
    • This setting shows ping, bandwidth, packets per second, and packet loss for each importing and downloading.
    • In the event you haven’t acquired a packet from the server in additional than 1 second, the UI may even show a “Connection Lost” warning.
    • Presently that is solely obtainable on Home windows and Mac platforms, however we hope to allow it on consoles in a future replace!
  • Added the choice to ship a good friend invite to squadmates on the Spectator and Victory screens (PC/Mac solely.)
  • Added some look-and-feel polish to the matchmaking buttons.
  • Added a warning message that prompts when gamers try and disguise themselves as a bush whereas already disguised.
  • Changed the 60-second heat up timer with “Waiting for Players”
  • Elevated the dimensions of the massive map so it takes up extra display area when open.
  • The revive timer now exhibits the revive progress for each keyboard and controller gamers

Bug Fixes

  • Sensitivity sliders for the mouse and gamepad will now cease at zero.1 as an alternative of
  • Disconnected squadmates will now stay on the HUD and might be listed as “Disconnected.”
  • Character fashions inspected in Save the World will not be displayed within the Locker tab.
  • The Up button on the D-Pad not closes the stock tab whereas utilizing the Professional Controller format.
  • Settings will now correctly save when gamers apply them and again out of the settings menu shortly.
  • Added descriptions to outfitted gadgets within the Locker tab.
  • Storm zone graphics will not flicker when the storm begins to shut in.
  • Now you can report gamers which have unicode and Chinese language characters of their names.
  • Fastened the timers on the International Wins leaderboard.
  • When knocked down by the storm, the elimination message will now correctly learn:
    • [PLAYER] was knocked down by the storm.


Bug Fixes

  • Smoke grenade results at the moment are seen to spectators when watching a participant inside the smoke.
  • Fastened bug the place teammates could possibly be invisible whereas spectating them.
  • Scope visuals will not be caught on display whereas switching between gamers in spectate mode.


  • Fastened a uncommon crash that would happen when backing out to the Essential Menu.


  • Xbox One Unique Heroes
    • Xbox Unique heros are granted to all gamers who’ve bought a Founders Pack on Xbox.
    • Gamers will obtain all four unique heroes after finishing the search “Loot Llamas”. This is identical level most different Founders gadgets are granted.
    • Gamers who’ve already accomplished the search will obtain every heroes as they login.
  • Heroes:
    • Soldier: Commando Renegade
    • Constructor: Guardian Knox
    • Ninja: Jade Murderer Sarah
    • Outlander: Trailblazer Jess


  • Elevated efficient vary of the Vindertech Scoped Handcannon from 7.5 to eight tiles, decreased injury from 62 to 56 and influence from 100 to 90 to rebalance accordingly.
  • The “Head Explosion” alteration now scales up with the participant’s Tech attribute and Hero Degree, moderately than dealing a flat proportion of the participant’s weapon injury.

Bug Fixes

  • Utilizing the wrong useful resource sort when making an attempt to construct a blueprint (similar to “Build the Radar Towers”) will now correctly present as purple as an alternative of blue.
  • Vindertech weapons will use Crystal Power and Ore Power recipes as meant within the Crafting Recipes sheet.
  • All recycled world gadgets will now be eliminated out of your stock earlier than the ensuing gadgets are added, decreasing the prospect of overflow dropping gadgets on the bottom.
  • Tracks in “Deliver the Bomb” can now be positioned the place quest props or Outlander Fragments are.
    • The cart will now cross by way of quest props and Outlander fragments in order that they gained’t block gamers from utilizing extra direct routes.
  • Added the lacking quest replace from a Durrrburger restaurant within the metropolis.
  • Choosing up a number of gadgets directly will not trigger gadgets to stretch into the participant’s backpack and hold round for lengthy durations.
  • Vindertech weapons not give Blast Powder when disassembled.
  • Legendary Hydraulic Hammers and Spears now appropriately use Legendary degree crafting necessities as an alternative of Epic degree crafting necessities.
  • Fastened a problem which prompted gadgets which are picked as much as fall off the map and be destroyed.
    • As an alternative of being destroyed, they are going to be transported to their proprietor (if there’s one) or to the closest participant.
  • Fastened a problem which induced Flooring Therapeutic Traps to not take up stock area.
  • Fastened a problem which resulted in transformation keys turning into a special merchandise than meant.
  • Fastened a problem which brought about some containers to grow to be completely highlighted.
  • Fastened a problem which induced the Head Clipper Spear to have an incorrect tier 1 energy score.


  • Added 5 new every day discovery quests. Discover the zones to seek out particular places.
  • Drone Salvage exercise now auto begins after 20 seconds if no one begins it earlier.
    • Gamers can now construct across the crash website earlier than it lands. The buildings will take injury, so plan correctly.
  • New map icons have been added for all secondary actions to make it simpler to find the actions you need to play.
  • You now solely want to seek out lacking modules throughout “Repair the Shelter” missions.
  • Mutant Storm Mission Alerts not unfold. As an alternative, the variety of Mission Alerts obtainable at a time are set to a hard and fast goal quantity.
    • Stonewood: 5
    • Plankerton: 15
    • Canny Valley: 15
    • Twine Peaks: 15
  • Mutant Storm Mission Alert quota stays unchanged at 10 per day.

Bug Fixes

  • The Epic Troll Stash quest now completes upon opening the chest.


Bug Fixes

  • Fastened a uncommon crash on shutdown associated to on-line cleanup.
  • Fastened Xbox One Wealthy-Presence textual content not updating within the Celebration Finder window.
  • Fastened a problem which induced an error to seem when accepting invitations from a suspended state on Xbox One.


  • Added an choice to logout from the Essential Menu on PC and Mac.
  • When evaluating gadgets, stat rows at the moment are coloured inexperienced or pink based mostly on which merchandise’s stats are higher.
  • When upgrading gadgets, the stat change arrows are oriented based mostly on whether or not the stats are larger, however the arrow colours are nonetheless based mostly on whether or not stats are higher.

Bug Fixes

  • Clarified the pickup work together failure purpose for M80s and bottle rockets, that are restricted to a single stack within the backpack.
  • Improved good friend invite menu movement when in recreation.
  • Bigger stacks of things which are in any other case equivalent will now persistently type earlier than smaller stacks.
  • Rescued survivors will not seem as gadgets within the backpack throughout play.
  • Fastened the bug the place the merchandise pickup notification may present the wrong rely.
  • Schematic craftability is now correctly refreshed after any change to backpack area.
  • The Expertise web page alert will not seem for talent nodes that can’t be bought.
  • The Pickaxe Injury stat now appropriately shows the consequences of the “Work, Work” help perk.
  • Corrected the interplay indicator HUD visibility toggle to regulate the right HUD factor.
  • Fastened a number of graphical points that occurred when choosing a mission area.
  • Fastened a problem which triggered consumer choices wouldn’t be saved.
  • Fastened some textual content that was minimize off within the menus.
  • Fastened headshot injury show within the detailed stats menu.


  • Up to date artwork for the SEE-Bot and Hidden module present in Restore the Shelter missions to match the brand new fashions and animation.
  • Up to date artwork for the Med-Bot module present in Wounded Survivor missions to match the brand new fashions and animation.


  • A number of-in-one Improve Llamas now promote 25% off!
  • Up to date quest titles for the Stonewood Storm Defend Defenses 1 by way of 10.

The notes under are already stay, and will have been included in earlier notes. They’re listed under to verify any undocumented modifications. Shoutout to the r/FORTnITE for catching these!

Bug Fixes

  • Scavenger Assault Rifle – Base injury decreased from 33 to 28, and influence from 87 to 73
  • Buzzcut – Base injury decreased from 36 to 30, and influence from 95 to 80
  • Scavenger Semi-Auto Shotgun – Base injury lowered from 149 to 124, and impression from 528 to 440
  • Husk Buster – Base injury decreased from 162 to 135, and influence from 576 to 480
  • Epic Halloween heroes now have epic stats as an alternative of legendary stats.
  • Traps not set off propane tanks. This enables gamers extra management over when the propane tank explodes and can forestall the explosion from damaging the gamers personal traps.
  • Fastened a problem that brought about Aspect+Affliction weapon perks to show as a standard “gray” rarity perk. The colour now displays the right rarity of the perk.  This was purely a visible change and had no impact on the prospect of the bonus being rolled.


We’ve been exploring the right way to scale back the dimensions of patches for Xbox. We discovered an answer, however meaning this specific replace is bigger than standard. (It’s about ~10 GB.)


We’re conscious of a problem that happens to some gamers the place downloads are prolonged in period and customers might consider that a “hang” has occurred.  Our investigation tells us that the obtain is NOT hanging, however the course of is taking longer than it ought to to finish.  In the meantime, please proceed to let the obtain and set up course of full naturally.  We’re partnering with SIE to deal with this situation as shortly as potential.

Supply: Epic

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