Get into the mud: on Earth Day, grow plants indoors while in quarantine-more lifestyle.

As the constipation progresses, many hobbyists have taken up gardening, which not only prevents them from leaving, but also helps to furnish the house. However, there are always doubts that can prevent the cultivation of this custom. Contrary to popular belief, Smith Shirodkar, founder of Earthoholics, an initiative of city farmers, says that gardening is one of the easiest things to do without green fingers. It has been proven that nature has a relaxing and therapeutic effect on the mind, so plants in or around our house help us stay calm, she says.

How can we play with the earth, the plants and the water? One of the most important aspects of horticulture, Shaan Lalvani, municipal gardener and founder of Vriksha Nursery, says that before you get your hands dirty, you need to know how much sun you have and which plants you want to grow. He adds that people can grow food from certain parts of the kitchen, such as chilli, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes, making it super tasty homemade food. Smith, who also believes in the full use of the kitchen, says micro vegetables such as fenugreek (Metis), coriander and mustard are easy to grow because they can be found in every household in their kitchen cabinets and can be harvested in 15 days. Smith adds that even herbal plants such as mint, basil and aloe vera can easily be planted by simply using the leaves of existing plants.

Herbal plants such as mint, basil, aloe vera can also be easily planted by simply using the leaves of existing plants, which can help you get started.

When newcomers feel safe and want to take a step forward, they can grow them in terrariums (transparent planters). Right now, a package, shoebox or bottle for pets can make it easier to keep plants at home. If it is a large pot or glass container, you can choose medium or proportional pot plants. If you have a small container that you want to use, choose miniature varieties of houseplants – reports Shirodkar. However, there are a number of problems that need to be kept out of sight, such as excessive sunlight and rotting roots that can affect the plants. It is therefore important to keep them moist or in places with indirect sunlight. Although it seems simple, watering can also be a problem – not knowing what is too much or too little can be a nightmare, so getting a watering stick can help people take their first steps into the garden.

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