Germany May Ban Sales of Games with Loot Boxes to Minors


Minors will no longer be allowed to buy Loot Box games in Germany. This potential restriction was brought to Game World Observer’s attention by a report in Der Spiegel that the German government is planning a ten-year reform of its youth protection law, which could involve reclassifying games with gambling-like mechanisms as 18+ games. This will effectively prevent minors from buying predatory games, should they exist.

This could have far-reaching implications for video game developers, Spiegel said. Because with the reform, the so-called loot boxes are in the sights of the youth protection authorities, i.e. paid content in games that you can use to unlock, for example, clothing, weapons and virtual equipment. The law talks about the risks of gambling mechanisms. Therefore, these purchase options can be classified as harmful to the development of children and adolescents – affecting the age classification.

Online games or other apps that use loot boxes or similar in-game offerings will likely be classified as 18 and older, according to attorney Julia Maris. We need clear symbols that point out risks such as violence or usury, added Social Democratic Family Affairs Minister Francisca Giffey.

One of the games that could be affected by these possible changes in the law in Germany is EA’s popular FIFA series, which lives off of lottery mechanisms and brings the publishing giant huge additional revenue. In the FIFA Ultimate Team Points Collection mode, players are encouraged to spend money in FIFA Points to buy packages of more effective virtual football players. This feature has been criticized by some as a win-win.

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In which countries is armed robbery illegal?

Lootbox microtransaction games

are the loot boxes from Haram?

Information for the user: Cruller_Zero. In Islam, gambling is considered haram and is forbidden by Allah. Would it be haram for a Muslim player to buy and/or use loot boxes in games, since you may be playing for content? No, because you always get something from the Lootbox.

What’s up with the Lootbox controversy?

Lootboxes allow players to spend real money to unlock special characters, gear or skins in the game. The reason they are sometimes accused of gambling is that buying a box is no guarantee of anything good or valuable – there is an element of chance, like a lucky dip.


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