Genshin Impact Update 1.30 – Patch Notes on February 3

has released a new update for Genshin Impact today. We have the complete patch notes for the 3rd release. February.

The Genshin 1.30 update (PS4 version) can be downloaded and installed. On PS4, the file size is 7.9 GB, depending on the platform.

Impact notes on Genshin 1.30

1. Reimbursement of maintenance costs : Primogems ×300
(60 primogems for every hour of server use)

2. Error correction : Primogems ×300
(see relevant indemnification letter for more details)

Compensation for service 〓Applicability〓 : All travelers who achieve an adventure grade 5 or higher before 2021/02/03 06:00:00(UTC+8) must be compensated before the end of version 1.3.
Error Compensation : All travelers who have reached an adventure rank of 5 or higher by 02/03/2021 06:00:00(UTC+8)
must submit an in-game claim by mail no later than 02/06/2021 11:00:00(UTC+8)
. Our developers will send compensation to in-game travelers by email within 5 hours of the update maintenance being completed. The mail expires in 30 days, so make sure you request the attached refund on time.

〓Update Schedule〓
The update will begin on 2021/02/03 06:00:00(UTC+8) and is expected to take 5 hours.
(Please note that the exact time is subject to change. Players may also experience downtime outside of this period).

〓So update the game client〓
PC : Close the game, open the Genshin Impact Launcher, and click Update.
iOS : Open the App Store and click Update.
Android: Open the game and follow the instructions on the screen. (You can also open Google Play and click Update)
PS4 : Select Genshin Impact from the PS4 home screen and press OPTION > Check for Update.
Do not hesitate to contact customer service if you encounter problems during the installation of the new version. We will do our utmost to solve this problem as soon as possible.

〓Update Details〓
(All values below are based on server time).

I. New character
5 star Yaksha Xiao (Anemo)
◇ Vision : Anemo
◇ Weapons : Staff Weapon
◇ Yaksha Adeptus protects Leah. The winner of the demon and the vigilant Yaksha were also announced.
Cycle elemental skills on the wing of Lemniskat: Xiao immediately launches and lures DMG out at the enemies in his path. This maneuver can also be performed in the air.
The elemental eruption of all Bane’s evil: Xiao wears the Mask of Yakshi, which gives her more abilities but weakens her health: He sells increased DMG, his attacks are converted to DMG Anemo, and his jumping ability is greatly increased.

During the Invitation to Earth Life event, from version 1.3 to 2021/02/17 15:59:59, the exclusive 5-star Vigilant character Yaksha Xiao (Anemo) and the 4-star characters Heretic Cocktail Dion (Cryo), Undrowned Ocean Lord Beidou (Electro) and Blazing Reef Xinyang (Pyro) will drastically increase the wish fulfillment rate!

II. Custom characters
5-Star character Thunder riding Kekin (Electro)
◇ Vision : Electro◇ weapons : Sword
◇ Yuheng by Liyue Qixing. Keking has something to say about Rex Lapis’ one-sided approach to Liyue’s policies – but in fact, the gods admire skeptics like her.

During the Wish Lantern Dance event, from 17/02/2202 at 18:00:00 – 03/02/2202 at 15:59:59, the wish prices for the 5-star character Thunderclap Keqing (Electro) and the 4-star characters Eclipse Star Ninguan (Geo), Trial by Fire Bennett (Pyro), and Shining Idol Barbara (Hydro) will be significantly increased!

More character events will follow in version 1.3.

III. New Equipment
◇ A primal jade sword (5-star sword)
◇ A masterfully carved ceremonial sword of pure jade. It’s like hearing a sigh in the wind when you wave it around.

*After updating version 1.3 to 2021/02/23 15:59:59, the wish reduction for the initial 5-star jade slashing sword and the power of the initial 5-star jade winged arrow will be significantly increased!

◇ Staff-Homa (5 Star Polearm)
◇ A wooden stick once used in ancient and long forgotten rituals.

◇ Lithic spear (4-Star Polearm)
◇ A spear forged in the rocks of the Gyun Stone Forest. His tenacity knows no comparison.

Lithic Blade (4-Star Claymore)
◇ Sculpted and chiseled into the rock of the great sword of Liyue.

*Staff Homa (Poer), Lytic Spiro (Poer), and Lytic Blade (Claymore) will appear in future event requests.

IV. New Events
Enter the flagship 1.3 event, Lantern Rite, for a chance to win a free 4-star Liyue character of your choice!
Duration of the game : 2021/02/10 10:00:00 – 2021/02/28 03:59:59
◆ Competition Rules : The original resin is not needed. During the event, travelers can claim a 4-star Liyue character of their choice at Stand by Me. Try your hand at the mechanics of the theater to obtain peace talismans, which can be spent in the Xiao Marketplace for rewards such as the Crown of Insight and the new Celebration Name Card style : Lantern light.

Lantern Rite Questline〓
Duration :
The origin of lanterns: 2021/02/10 10:00:00 – 2021/02/28 03:59:59
Current at depth under fire : 2021/02/14 04:00:00 – 2021/02/28 03:59:59
Light at Sea : 2021/02/18 04:00:00 – 2021/02/28 03:59:59

Lantern Rite of Tales〓
Criteria for unlocking :
Tales from the Lantern Ritual I : Complete the origin of the lights to unlock the feature.
Tales of Ritual Lanterns II : Reach the Holiday Fever level Guests are blocked from afar, complete the series of Deep Current Quests under the lanterns and complete all missions in Lantern Rituals I to unblock them.
Tales of ritual lanterns III : Reach the Holiday Fever level of Shining a Thousand Lanterns, complete the Light on the Sea quest, and complete all missions in Rite Tales of Lanterns II to unlock them.
Complete quests in the Tales of Lantern Rites to earn Primos and increase holiday fever. Raise the party fever to keep the lantern ritual going.
※ After the end of the event 2021/02/28 03:59:59, applications are no longer available for completion.

〓Theater Mechanicus〓
Release criteria :
Complete the Lantern Origins and Liyu quests: The theatrical mechanics to be unlocked

Each attempt by the theater technician costs 1 Xiao lantern (whether the attempt succeeds or not). Xiao lanterns can be made at the Shipbuilding Bank, and the necessary materials can be obtained by collecting plants and ore or by defeating certain enemies.
As you complete the Holiday Fever stages, you unlock new maps, new mechanics, higher upgrade levels, and a higher difficulty level.
Going through the stages of Celebration Fever opens up new challenges for Theatre Mechanics. Complete them to win the Mascots of the World.
Mechanical tasks in the theater can only be performed in single-player mode or in a two-player co-op session.

〓Xiao Market〓
Duration :
Step one: 2021/02/10 10:00:00 – 2021/03/07 03:59:59
Phase II : 2021/02/14 04:00:00 – 2021/03/07 03:59:59
Phase III: 2021/02/18 04:00:00 – 2021/03/07 03:59:59
●Use Peace Stallions at the Xiao Market to purchase items such as Heroic Skill, Mystical Enrichment Ore, Character Alignment Materials, Talent Alignment Materials, Insight Crown and Plate Style Celebration : Lantern light.

Stand by Me〓
Duration : 2021/02/10 10:00:00 – 2021/03/07 03:59:59
● Reach the level of Thousand Lanterns Fever and pass 1000 mascots of the world in Stand by Me to win one of the following 4-star characters: Exquisite Delicacy Xinlin (Pyro), Flaming Reef Xinyang (Pyro), Undaunted Lord of the Ocean Beidou (Electro), Black Star Ningguan (Geo), Young Gallant Xinqiu (Hydro), or Frozen Fervor Chongyun (Krio). So you can only claim one character.

Sign up for a chance to find you: Login 7 days, get Entangled Destiny ×10
◆ Event duration : 2021/02/11 04:00:00 – 2021/02/26 03:59:59
◆ Sign in for a total of 7 days during the event to receive Intertwined Fate ×10 and other prizes!

Five Flush of Fortune
◆ Event Duration : After the upgrade to version 1.3 on 2021/02/10 03:59:59 (Note that this event starts on 2020/02/03 04:00:00 on Euro and America servers).
Travelers can purchase a Kurious camera from Ji Tong during the event. Equip your camera and take pictures of specific targets for different colors. Collect pictures of five different colors and trade them for Primogems, Heroic Spirit, Mystic Enhancement Ore and other rewards!

More events will take place during version 1.3.

V. New numbers
1. New History Quests
Xiao Alatus’ Chapter History Quest will be available after the 1.3 update.

◆ More story quests are in the works, so stay tuned!

2. New
-World Quests ◆ There are a total of 26 global holiday quests available during the Rite of Lanterns event, available in the Rite of Stories section of the Events menu.
More from World Quest Bough Keeper : The Dainsleif is also added.

VI. Other new content
– Gameplay
1. New samples: Geovishap, Primo Geovishap2. New gadgets:
Parametric Transformer
Complete the journey from the Tianqiu treasure world of Lan to the port of Liyue to obtain a parametric transformer. Enhanced materials can be converted into EXP materials for characters, character level materials, and weapon expansion materials by placing them in a parametric transformer to undergo transmutation.
3. A new consumable: Nitrogen can change the elemental type of Ascending Symbols.
4. New transmutation nuclide
5. New recipes:
Honeymoon Egg at Full Moon Kiosk
Wangshu Inn Vegetarian Abalone
Luli Pavilion Stone Harbour Delicatessen

– System
1. Addendum to archives : Creatures
Records information about defeated enemies and captured or discovered creatures. Travelers can see how many times they have defeated various enemies in the Living Creatures section of the Archives, and view tutorials for specific enemies.
2. A new remodeling option on the do-it-yourself bench:
If you combine certain character development materials with nitrogen dust at crafting mode, you can change their elemental type.
3. Travelers’ profile pages now include progress on achievements and character views.
4. Added controller support for devices running iOS 14 and above. The following controllers are currently supported: Xbox wireless controller (Bluetooth version), Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller, PlayStation DualShock 4 wireless controller, some other Bluetooth wireless controllers designed for iOS.
5. In the Weapon Expansion screen, holding down the key lets you quickly add the selected material.
6. A quick delete function has been added to the mailbox. Do not delete unread e-mails or e-mails with unsolicited attachments.
7. Added a new photo method for the PS4 version. Take a snapshot and save it for action on your local PS4 storage.

VII. Settings and optimizations
– Symbols
1. In accordance with Zhongli:
1) Adjusts the retention effect of the elementary skill of Zhongli, Dominus Lapidis:
◇ Original effect :
Causes an explosion of geo-energy in the area, resulting in the following effects:
-Make a jade shield. The absorption scale of the DMG shield is based on Zhongli’s Max HP and absorbs Geo DMG 250% more efficiently.
-AoE Geo DMG effects.
-It shoots a large amount of geo-elements from up to two such targets. This effect does not cause DMG.
After Adjustment Effect :
Causes an explosion of geo-energy in the area, resulting in the following effects:
-If their maximum number is not reached, a stone style is created.
-Make a jade shield. The absorption scale of the DMG shield is based on Zhongli’s Max HP. Has an absorption of 150% DMG against all elemental and physical DMG.
-Symbols protected by the jade shield reduce the enemy’s elemental and physical AoE by 20%. This effect cannot be cumulative.
-AoE Geo DMG effects.
-It shoots a large amount of geo-elements from up to two such targets. This effect does not cause DMG.

2) Adjusts the effect of the second talent of Zhongli’s Ascendant, mastery over the Earth:
◇ Original effect :
The planet’s infestation results in an additional reduction in DMG equal to 33% of Zhongli’s HP Max.
After Adjustment Effect :
Zhongli does DMG bonus business based on his Max HP:
-The DMG’s normal attack, charge attack, and dive attack increased by 1.39% of its maximum HP.
-Lapidis stone stele, resonance and GMD retention increased by 1.9% from peak HP.
-Infestation of the planet increases DMG by 33% of Max HP.

2. Optimizes Mona’s talent within the Illusory Stream: When Mona strikes, she can use Illusory Torrent faster, as she does when sprinting for other characters.
3. Added a new slow-motion animation for Kaya.
4. Optimization of Zhongli’s animation in the Weapons section of the character’s screen.
5. Resolves problems related to the way characters aim with arcs when there are obstacles nearby, e.g. B. Character shakes and off-center shots.
6. Optimizes accuracy when shooting at moving targets.
7. Resolves clothing and movement issues when certain characters perform actions such as walking, attacking, throwing, and sitting.

– Monster
1. Adjusts combat logic for dendro-slimming: If the Slime Dendro is hiding relatively far from your location, you will not be put into combat mode.

– System
1. Spiral Abyss
Monster alignment at level 12 adjusted. The floor of the spiral chasm.
Imbalances in the boundary lines are reported in the 12. Installed floor :
– Only for this phase the flow of the leyline will be normal
– No disturbance of the leyline
From the first moon phase update after the update of version 1.3, the three moon phases will be as follows :
Phase I:
If the character is less than 70% active, the FTC is increased by 20% and the PDS’s FTC is increased by 15%.
If the active HP character has less than 35% and is under shield protection, the CRIT rate increases by 20% and the DMG CRIT rate increases by 40%.
Phase II:
The charge builds up every 10 seconds, with a maximum of three charges at a time. If the active character’s HP is less than 50%, he consumes a charge when he hits the enemy to create an unstable energy ball at the enemy’s position. This sphere explodes in 1s, and only one can be made per 2s.
Phase III:
If the active character’s HP is less than 50%, he gets a 2% bonus of DMG for 10 seconds after hitting the enemy. This effect can be stacked up to 10 times, and each character in the party has their own stack and duration. Every time the battery counter or time is reset, there is a 50% chance of causing an energy explosion. An energy explosion can be caused once every 10 seconds.

2. Deleted cats are not displayed in the cat list.
3. Optimizes the display order of the chat columns : After entering command mode in cooperative mode, the chat column automatically switches to the command column.
4. Optimizes the display hierarchy when different symbols overlap on the map.
5. Optimizes the transparency of the user interface on mobile devices when entering the target mode in Spiral Chasm.
6. Optimizes the gadget camera for the PS4 version: If equipped, the camera takes a screenshot directly, hiding the user interface in local memory.
7. Starting with version 1.3, additional rewards for brittle resins will be added to the BP system:
Out of five. BP levels, Sojourner’s Battle Pass and Gnostic Hymn grant a brittle resin × 1 every 10 BP levels. The initial rewards for upgrading mystic ore granted at these BP levels are added to the rewards granted at other BP levels, and the total amount of mystic ore that can be upgraded through the BP system remains unchanged.
8. Removes the Delete button from the open Portable Waypoint world chart interface.
9. Optimizes the size of the wind controller on the locker room display for certain characters.
10. Using the controller improves the refresh rate when switching from one tab to another in the Paimon income section of the store.
11. Optimizes the experience of reticle shift in low-frame directional mode.

– Audio
1. Language optimization:
a. Adds a reverb effect to the internal voice-over monologue in quests.
b. A character’s fighting voice can interrupt a blank voice.
2. The Chinese language interpretation for Amber will be changed, and this setting will take effect in version 1.4.
3. Adds Chinese voice for some characters.
4. Adds a Japanese voice for some characters.
5. Adjusts audio effects for some speech effects on mobile and computer versions.

– Other
1. Geo-elemental resonance tuning unbreakable rock:
◇ Original effect :
Increases resistance to interruptions. If he is armored, the DMG’s attack is increased by 15%.

After Adjustment Effect :
Increases shield strength by 15%. In addition, the symbols protected by the shield have the following special properties : DMG chords are increased by 15%, and DMG chords with enemies reduce their Geo-RES by 20% in 15 seconds.

2. Adjusts the balance of the geo screen:
The Geo shields are adjustable from 250% DMG Geo absorption to 150% DMG physical and elemental DMG absorption.
This setting affects the following items:
– Geological Shield created by Joonlee Elemental Ability – Geological Shield created by Noel Elemental Ability – Geological Shield created by picking up a crystal deposited by Geovishap Hatchling.

3. Changes the tab for the default roving invitation. *All the tabs have changed. Content and rules Wishes remain unchanged.
4. Optimizes item descriptions for ragweed pollen, ragweed and ragweed fluff.
5. Configures the descriptions of Fragile Bone Flakes, Robust Bone Flakes and Petrified Bone Flakes and adds their sources.
6. Added a description of the rules for dropping elemental spheres in the Test Run event (the actual mechanics of the game are not affected by this change).
*Note* To allow travelers to use elemental splashes faster and give a more effective testing experience, enemies will release additional elemental orbs during testing phases. However, due to our oversight, this effect was not mentioned separately in the event details, causing some travelers to misjudge the characters based on their performance on the rehearsal stage. Our sincere apologies for the confusion this has caused. After this update, the event information is updated with the appropriate rules. We will continue to optimize the testing experience in future versions.
7. Set the main event of the meeting as follows:
a. Adjusts the order in which past awards are received (the total amount of awards received remains unchanged).
b. Reduces the number of points required to obtain the prototype of the Sword of Rancur on the way back. The number of points required has been reduced from 700 to 500.
Extent of the impact : Travelers who activate the Starburst event after upgrading to version 1.3.

〓Bug Fixes〓
– Quests
1. Fixed an issue with the PS4 version where Stanley’s moves during the story’s quest Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land were incorrect.
2. Correction to the question of the appearance of two Liu Sus tea masters under certain circumstances.
3. Fixed an issue in the Story Quest travel observation report that caused some of Paimon’s speech lines to be missing.
4. Fixes an issue with the Archonta Longshot quest where there is a small chance of triggering a drop attack in an air-to-air battle with Stormterror.

– Domains
1. Fixed a bug that allowed the seven statues, when temporarily exiting the Spiral Abyss challenge, to revive characters stuck in the Abyss.

– JLLC1. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where, during the second phase of boss Childe’s fight, part of his DMG demilitarization team could be assigned to the wrong location.
2. Fixes an issue in Co-Op mode where there is a small chance that the Anemo statue and the Geo statue cannot be defeated.
3. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where ice crystals formed after Frost Arm Lowhourl sprints would not display correctly.
4. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where the ability of certain character skills to pierce monster shields is no longer compatible with single-player mode when another traveler joins the world.
5. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where some Ruin Hunter attacks would not hit the ground when another traveler joins the world.
6. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where some Wreck Hunter skills were not displaying correctly when you entered another traveler’s world.
7. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where when another traveler joins the world, interacting with the Statue of Seven and accepting the Domain Challenge causes the game to freeze.
8. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where the blocking effect of the Vanguards anemoboxer would not display correctly.
9. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where the voice output on the character profile screen was not displayed correctly when another traveler left the world.
10. Fixed an issue in Co-Op mode where drawings of other Journey characters would not disappear after disconnecting and reconnecting the host.

– Monster
1. Fixed an issue in Childe boss fights where Childe attacks could not apply the Riptide effect to the character during the second phase of the fight.
2. Fixed an issue where if the skill Butterfly Wing is dropped and the character is hit in the air, the character could get stuck in the air when falling back down.
3. Solves the problem of geo-ipostasis, where basalt columns can be displaced by character geoconstructions, causing them to disappear.
4. Fixed an issue with geo-hypostasis summoning where, after destroying an energy cube and forming a shield, swapping characters in the shield area can cause the DMG character to suffer.
5. Fixes a problem in Anemo-Ipostase and Geo-Ipostase battles where the effects of Barbara’s Elemental Way, Tsitsi’s Elemental Way, and Clover’s Elemental Splash can disappear unexpectedly.
6. Fixed a bug that prevented the Mitachurl Ice Shieldwall from blocking attacks normally when buffered by a base node.
7. Fixed an issue where a DMG was still needed after a big slime jump if the place you jumped from was attacked.
8. Resolves the problem of Hilichurl Guardians of Rock Shields and Hilichurl Guardians of Ice Shields resisting holding shields.

– Weapon 1. Fixed an issue with Deathmatch weapons where a weapon called Gladiator was miscounting nearby animals when calculating the number of enemies.
2. Fixed an issue where when a character gets a shield, the ATK augmentation effect of the weapons Vortex Vanquisher, Summit Shaper, Unformed, and Memory Dust could have a short delay.
3. Fixed an issue with the Raven Bow weapon where the weapon icon and model were not consistent after the weapon was raised.

– Symbols
1. Solves a problem with Kaia in which throwing his elemental power Frost into a body of water will cause him to be submerged under a layer of ice under certain circumstances.
2. Fixed a bug that could cause some characters to be case sensitive when sitting.
3. Fixed an issue where some effects were affecting the CD Reduction attribute incorrectly. Affected effects : Barbara Lev. 6 Constellation Consecration of all things to Thee; Lev. 6 Rite of installation of the resurrection; Lev. 4 Constellation Frozen Kiss; Noel’s passive talent; Fishel’s dedication and ability to summon Oz to his side with his elemental ability while already on the field.
* The lowering of the CD may only affect the CD of elemental skills and elemental bursts.
4. Fixes an issue in Co-Op mode where the effect of Jean Lv. 6 Constellation Lionfang, Mondstadt’s legitimate defender, may not have the right effect on his teammates.
5. Fixed bugs that can occur with the Tartaglia occlusion effect.
6. Fixed an issue with Tartaglia where her melee position had an error with her Foul Legacy’s CD elemental skill after a continuous enemy attack: Intense activity following his return to the ranks.
7. Fixes a problem with Zhongli when, after activating his Lv. 1 The Constellation Rock, the top of the Earth, losing its elemental capacity, can erroneously remove stones from the board if the maximum number of stones has not been reached.
8. Fixed bug that could prevent the display of the Zhongli weapon model during submarine attacks.
9. Corrects a problem where Zhongli’s Jade Shield effect is triggered too often when he takes hits (the effect of his passive talent Resonance Waves is not affected by this declination).
10. Fixed an issue with Zhongli where, when the jade shield is active, the DMG AoE geo with Dominus Lapidi’s elemental skill save cannot trigger an increase in the elemental resonance effect of the DMG of the Indestructible Rock.
11. Fixed an issue where if Zhongli jumps while performing a normal attack, subsequent attacks may not infect.
12. Fixed an issue where, after Fischl used his elemental Night Rider ability to change Oz’s location, his passive Unmake talent would not activate correctly.
13. Fixes an issue where Kaya’s passive talent, Glacial Heart, is not displayed properly.
14. Fixed an issue with Razorback causing a flash in his Lv. 6 The constellation of Lupus Fulguris and the casting of its elemental skill in a short time span causes an error in the number of electrocutions received.
15. Fixed a bug that prevented the generation of elemental particles when a traveler (Anemo) jumps or sprints immediately after using the Palm Vortex elemental ability.
16. Fixed an issue with Diona where the character and weapon model are cut off in the Weapons section of the character screen.
17. Fixed a bug where the main effect did not work correctly when reconnecting to the server after Lisa used her Lightning Rose elemental skill.
18. Fixes the problem with Barbara’s lion. 6 Consecration of all things to Thee and to the lion. 6 Constellation Rite of Resurrection, although the effect discs of these constellations are not reset when Abyss of the Spiral is launched.
20. Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, a poorly rendered armed robbery on Clover resulted in DMG numbers.
21. Fixed a bug with Clover where reconnecting to the server after launching his Elemental Strike caused errors in the duration of his lv effects. 4 Constellation Brilliant Explosion.
22. Fixes an issue where the effects of the pyronado are not displayed correctly during Xiangling teleports or stepping on a crystalline platform generated by Solar Isotoma when using his Pyronado Elemental Blast.
23. Fixed an issue with Ganyu when disconnected in-game and reconnected while using her elemental skill, or if the connection is bad when switching to another character immediately after Ganyu uses her elemental skill, the number of times her life value is reached. 6 The constellation element kicks in incorrectly.
24. Fixed an issue where when a crystal platform made by Solar Isotoma lifted a character, certain actions caused the character to rise very high.
25. Fixed an issue where, after Diona used her Icefoot basic skill, a quick character change resulted in the elemental pieces not being recalled.
26. Solves the problem that in some situations the number of bricks present at the same time can exceed the maximum number of bricks.

– System
1. Fixed bug in the character screen where character expressions could be displayed incorrectly.
2. Fixed an issue in the premium section of the city’s summoning system where some 5-star targets in the Ruin Hunter were missing a description of weaknesses.
3. Resolves an issue where obsolete artifacts are not displayed correctly on the artifact filter screen.
4. Corrects an issue when using the controller in the batch setup screen where the first line of symbols may not be fully displayed when characters are changed.
5. Fixed problems in the Travel Journal section of the archive where text was missing or did not match the audio.
6. Fixed an issue where the tooltip window was not displaying correctly when attempting to use a recovery item when recovery items were in restart mode.
7. Fixed an issue where, after changing the function navigation button in Settings > Button Map (PC) or Settings > Controller Configuration (PS4) in the screen guide, the game’s user interface always points to the default button.
8. Fixed an issue where a character’s voice didn’t work when the request was made.
9. Fixed a bug that prevented controller users from skipping the Battle Pass animation.

– Audio
1. Fixed some problems with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English voices.
2. Fixes problems with certain character and environment sound effects.
3. Fixed an issue for controller users where some interface sound effects were not working properly.

– Other
1. Fixed an issue on iOS devices where some Dragonspine environments were not displaying correctly.
2. Fixed an issue where Atack Dive was not working properly in some conditions.
3. Fixes the problem that the camera angle is not correct under certain conditions.
4. Fixed some bugs in the environment models.
5. Fixed bug where some recovery items could not be added to the NRE gadget (menu 30).
6. Fixed bug that could cause weather-related errors when casting some characters.
7. Correction of spelling errors in some descriptions.
8. Fixes the problem of a character model falling after being teleported.
9. Fixes a problem where, after the shards made by Crystallize disappear, their visual effects remain visible for a while.
10. Eliminates the problem of wooden boxes near the tip of the dragon, when they disappear by burning, still being reduced to VERY cold.
11. Fixed an issue where some character change effects would not be triggered correctly by actions such as teleporting and entering a domain. (Example: effects caused by the catalyst in Spectacular Dragonslayer Stories)
13. Error in the description of the food product Tianshu Meat suspect fixed (the actual effects of this product in the game are not affected by this change).
14. Resolves a problem where clues to Bounty were hanging in the air.
15. Fixed a bug where unlocked teleport points were briefly displayed in red when loading.
16. Fixed a bug that allowed characters to soar into the air in certain situations.
17. Eliminates the problem that under certain circumstances a basic response cannot be triggered even if the target is still affected by one of the elements. This correction applies to all units (characters and monsters).
* Example : A sample affected by the corresponding element is geologically attacked and triggers a crystallization reaction. As of version 1.3, if the monster is still affected by the corresponding element (i.e. the effect has not disappeared), additional elemental responses can be triggered by attacking the monster with the appropriate elemental attacks. (In previous versions, additional elemental responses sometimes could not be generated after the first response).
18. Corrects text errors and display problems in certain languages and optimizes text localization. Note to self: The features of the game have not changed. (Travelers can see the changes in different languages by going to Peimon > Settings > Language and changing the language of the game).
English text corrections and optimizations include :
◆ The name of NPC Troubled Lillian has been changed to Troubled Lianne.
◆ The names of the gunsmiths Prototype Northlander Sword, Prototype Northlander Bow, Prototype Northlander Claymore, Prototype Northlander Catalyst, and Prototype Northlander Poolearm are each changed to Prototype Northlander Swordslinger, Northlander Onion Harvester, Northlander Claymore Harvester, Northlander Catalyst, and Northlander Prototype Poolearm.
◆ The name of the Dirty Mask character level material has been changed to Stained Mask.
Correction in the weapon description of the Celestial Piercing Fang affix, which belongs to the Celestial Blade sword. The original description reads as follows: …increases the DMG of normal and charged attacks by XX% in 12 seconds. The revised description reads as follows: …regular, paid strikes make an additional 20 percent DMG deal ATK. The number of skypers can be up to 12.
◆ Correction of the elementary formulation reaction of the handbook : Superconductor. The original wording is as follows: The superconductor provides a cryo DMG of the AoE and significantly reduces the DEF of the affected creature. The revised wording reads as follows: The superconductor provides a cryo DMG of the AoE and significantly reduces the physical RES for the affected creature.
◆ Corrects the wording of Lv. Diluka. 4 Constellation fleeing the flame. The original description reads as follows: Murder with arson in the series significantly increases the damage done. Within two seconds of using Searing Rush, the next throw of Searing Rush into the suit causes an additional 40% DMG. This effect lasts for the next 2 seconds. The revised description reads as follows: Igniting the casting in rhythm significantly increases the damage inflicted. 2s after calling out the Searing Rush, calling out the next Searing Rush in combination causes 40% more DMG. This effect lasts for 2s.

Source: mihoyo

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