Genshin Impact Red Creature Locations: How to Get Red Creatures Photo With Kurious Kamera?

the Fortune Flushes you have to take pictures of creatures, and today you could be looking for the locations of the red creatures of Genshin Impact because you have to take pictures of red creatures. So we have all the places where you can find the red creatures and take a picture of them, check it out.

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Finding red creatures in Genshin Impact can be a little more difficult than blue creatures, but with this guide, you don’t have to find red creatures to take a picture. You can only take 10 photos a day, and taking 10 photos of red creatures is a little harder, but if you know the exact location of the creatures, you can easily take 10 photos of red creatures. There are 1 or 2 areas where you can easily find these red creatures.

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the creation of All Impact Red Genshin is featured at the Five Flashes of Fortune event.

There are many places in Genshin Impact where you can find red creatures, but you have to explore many things to get there, and in the end you may not even find what you are looking for, so the best thing you can do is to take the help of this guide, because in this guide we will share 2 places in Genshin Impact Red Creatures where you can easily find red creatures, and you can easily accomplish this task, and here are the places.

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There are many red creatures at Genshin Impact throughout the Liyue area, such as red foxes, red lizards and a few other red creatures that you can easily find in these places. You should also make sure that the red creature you want to photograph meets the requirements for the photo.

So now let’s visit the red creature habitat “Genshin Impact”, and for that let’s go north, up the hill, to the small camp of Hilichurl. There you will find 2 Pyro Slimes and 2 Pyro Hilichurls. So you can easily get 4 pictures, we need 6 more now.

Then you should go to the Tianqiu Valley in the Liyue region and near the Pyro Regiswin Caves. There are many red lizards and foxes running around in this area. You will also see an arrow of Pyro Fatui down by the ruins, as well as Pyro Chilichurls circling above the hills. Next to the Regiswin Caves, you can easily see some pyro flowers, and lizards are red critters that cannot be photographed because of the tall grass, but don’t worry, you will see many red critters along the roads of Tianqiu Valley.

It only takes 10 minutes to take the 10 photos of the red creature for the Five Lucky Tides event. Once you have collected all 10 photos, return to Liyu Harbour and register with Gee Tong to receive your Lucky Chest reward. Here are the locations of the Genshin Impact Red Creatures.

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I hope you’ll enjoy our approach to the locations of the red creatures in Genshin Impact How to Photograph the Red Creatures with the Kurious Camera.

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