Genshin Impact Poetry Exchange Quest Guide

poetry at the Genshin Impact is one of the interesting and confusing daily tasks, including choosing the right hilicurian dialogue. If you don’t understand what all this means, read our guide on the Genshin Impact Poetry Exchange Commission.

Unblocking the commission for the poetry fair

You can unlock daily commissions by completing each day’s World Quest and reaching Adventure Rank 12.

Daily commissions are reset every day at 4 am based on your server’s time zone, as shown below:

Server Time zone
North America UTC-5
Europe UTC+1
Asia UTC+8

Daily committees are generally divided into two categories: Basic committees and AFN committees. You will receive 4 daily commissions. Normally you get 3 main commands and 1 command managed by the NPC. So maybe it’s time to get a poetry swap committee. How the Poetry Fair is an NSC, run by the Daily Committee.

How to exchange poems when Henshin meets

To find out how to do the poetry exchange at the Genshin Impact click here :

  • The poetry fair is at Sterntaler in Mondstadt.
  • To begin your search, speak to Ella Musk. She is the elder sister of Dr. Edith and studies Hilihurli. It is the language of the humanoid monsters of Teyvat Hilikurl.
  • She asks for your help in deciphering a few lines of a hilihurli poem. She wants you to check the value with Hillicools.
  • You must recite the lines of the verse at Healyherl.
  • Since Hilicherls is not interested in speech, you will have to guess what he is saying based on his body language
  • If they like the text you read to them, they will dance for joy. Otherwise they will attack you.
  • You can avoid this argument by looking in the endnotes for hilicurian terms. These sketches of hilihurian poems by Ella will help you.

Draft poem Contents of Hilichurlian poetry

  • Tseli dada, Mimi nununu! : Nunu seems to be a common greeting…. There is no malice in this formulation.
  • Muhae yeah! Those two words seem to indicate some kind of… positive excitement.
  • Yé dada! Very direct praise. There are probably no negative associations.
  • I-I-I-I-I-I! It seems to be a negative term that expresses the disapproval of the listener.
  • Nini zido! This term is a very bad omen.

Genshin Impact Yo gave? Power

Wondering how you can act without fighting Genshin’s impact poetry, accomplish the task and reap both rewards and successes? Here’s a simple two-step guide:

  1. Read Tseli dada, Mimi nununu!, Muhe ye! and Ye-dada! in no particular order. These are the lines that evoke positive emotions and you can avoid the struggle.
  2. Do not recite the lines Yaika! or nini zido! because those are negative and threatening terms that will incite Hilikurl to attack.

If you take the first step from the top, do you get a yo dala? Performance. If you read a line that contains negative words, a fight is provoked and you lose the achievement, but the reward for completing the task is the same in both situations.

Here’s a post from Reddit with a video showing everything we explained above:

How to submit a poetry request to swap poems with Ella Mask of Genshin_Impact.

Here’s everything you need to know about filling out the Poetry Exchange Day committee at Genshin Impact While you’re here, check out other Genshin Impact guides that might be useful to you.

frequently asked questions

How do I get a poem exchange in Genshin?

The Poetry Fair is a daily assignment of Genshin Impact located at Star Valley in Moon City. Daily commissions can be earned once you turn 12. You have reached the rank of adventure and you are embarking on the global quest for a new adventure every day.

How does genshin affect language exchanges?

What about Hillicurl?

Not surprisingly, the use of negative phrases is not appropriate for Hilichurl. Basically, you should say hello to them, tell them you’re glad to meet them, and then congratulate them. Again, this is done by saying: Richt dada, mimi nununu! Then muhae ye! Then yes-dada!

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