Genshin Impact: Energy Amplifier Fruition Deceitful Domains – Where Bloodhounds Gather guide

Genshin Impact is a browser game in which players hunt down domain names that have been used to host malicious software. Focusing on security, blockchain integration and real-time interactions, Genshins creators hope it will become the standard for future Interactive Entertainment experiences.

The “domain of blessing: unyielding iv enemies” is a guide that shows players how to use Genshin Impact’s new features.

The Deceitful Domains are a new tough encounter that players may try out as part of the new Energy Amplifier Fruition event in Genshin Impact This domain lets you to combat a wave of attackers while adjusting the fight’s severity. The more difficult the battle, the more points you earn that you may redeem for prizes.

You must first complete Act 2 of the Energy Amplifier Fruition event in order to access the second half of Deceitful Domains. When you complete the event, the Deceitful Domains’ Where Bloodhounds Gather section will automatically activate.

Each Deceitful Domain will have a Leyline Disorder that benefits and debuffs the combat. The Where Bloodhounds Gather Domain’s Leyline Disorder and enemy list are shown below.

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To add Fruit Cores and Fruit Splinters, click the Energy Amplifier button on the bottom left before entering a domain. These ores will offer you with passive bonuses throughout all domains. Each ore consumes a certain amount of Motive Force, limiting the number of ores you may equip at once.

Each domain also has a 60 Primogem first-time clear bonus. This can be claimed on any difficulty level, so don’t worry if you don’t want the larger prizes for completing the task on Expert mode; you’ll still receive the Primogems.

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All of your characters’ HP will be restored to 100% at the start of each battle, and your Elemental Bursts will be completely refilled. To completely replenish your Elemental Burst and HP, stand motionless. (For some reason, approaching the key may prevent your Bursts from recharging.)

To obtain all of the available awards, you must have at least 4,000 points per domain. Only take part in the challenge on the hardest difficulty level; otherwise, it’s pointless.

Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert are the four levels of difficulty that may enhance the number of points you get. You may also earn additional points by giving your characters debuffs, which make the combat more difficult.

Here are all of today’s domain’s debuffs:

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With just seven foes to face, this domain combat is a bit shorter than the previous. Despite the fact that there are less opponents, this battle might be just as difficult, if not more difficult, than the previous one. Thundercraven Rifthounds and Thunder Craven Rifthound Whelps will spawn in the initial wave.

After that, the second wave will produce Rifthound Whelps, as well as Thundercraven and Rockfond Rifthounds. With the opponent’s ability to add stacks of bleed, this implies there will be a lot of health deterioration. You will be plagued with an affliction that drains your HP over time if you are struck by any assault, whether you are protected or not.

When striking, try to preserve your distance from the adversaries, since one stroke from any of these foes might be lethal on higher levels. Bringing a good healer, such as Kokomi, Qiqi, or Jean, is an excellent idea. Healers like Bennett and Diona, on the other hand, should suffice.

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Characters to Look For

  • This is an excellent opportunity to summon Arataki Itto and his Geo gang (Geo characters like Zhongli, Albedo, Gorou, Ningguang, Geo MC). Rockfond Rifthounds and Whelps absorb additional Geo damage, thus this team’s AoE and CC may be quite useful. If you don’t have C4 Gorou, you may substitute one of these troops with a specialized healer if you’re having trouble keeping your squad alive.
  • If you require a powerful source of healing, bring a Kokomi, Barbara, or Qiqi. The Rifthounds will do all they can to sap your health, so you’ll need a healer to battle the bleed these creatures inflict.

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